How To Design The Perfect Landscape | Landscape Design 101 | 3 tier stand decorating ideas |

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How To Design The Perfect Landscape | Landscape Design 101

How To Design The Perfect Landscape | Landscape Design 101 | 3 tier stand decorating ideas |

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Learn how to design the perfect landscape for your home. We will walk you through the basics of understanding your existing landscape and creating a plan to choosing plant types and hardscaping.

For more information:
– Designing Your Landscape:
– Annuals & Perennials – Selection & Care:
– How To Install Fencing:
– How To Build Retaining Walls and Use Pavers:
– Landscape Lighting Ideas:

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3 tier stand decorating ideas



  1. Smart Turf says:

    This is great inspiration.

  2. DPrime says:

    Mindfulness. 😇

  3. Impressive video .Thanks for your ideas,people will have a beautiful garden full of green accordingly, I like you video.

    Just for who need SEBOSS hardware cloth,1/2,1/4 opening ,19 GA, Hot dip galvanized after welding, double galvanized, strong and sturdy, delicate and beautiful, suitable as gopher wire, protect lawn/garden from all kinds of gophers.

  4. Metal fences with adequate climbers are much better aesthetics. The help other flora/fauna, reduce noise, allow wind flow and provide privacy without the intense hedge maintenance

  5. Doyle Moses says:

    It would be great if someone inboxed me now

  6. Beginner gardening tips – enjoy your garden

  7. It would be great if someone inboxed me now

  8. ColeWhite says:

    Bro this design looks like a BTD map

  9. Damian S says:

    This was not helpfull 🙁

  10. This can apply to video games too. Thanks a bunch.

  11. R Q says:

    Algun programa para diseñar jardines en 3D???

  12. A. H. says:

    Landscaper: What would you like?

    Me: This.

    Landscaper: This is a screenshot of a youtube video?

    Me: Yes. Yes it is.

  13. Cora I says:

    Please SKIP the landscape lighting. Light pollution is real and is bad for both humans and wildlife.

  14. Surprisingly good video that gives a lot of ideas on what to think about.

  15. It’s a very nice explanation, even my parents agree

  16. BeanTaz says:

    2:30 I mean, you could use corn. The odds the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson pops out of it at 3AM is trivial.

  17. MegaMissfitz says:

    Shut your hole, sweet dreams 😤😘😤

  18. caleb jaymes says:

    420 time I appreciate that.

  19. Stev Lopez says:

    If this is a app that they used to make the design in this video, someone please let me know as I need to make a backyard design for a job.

  20. rl_aero says:

    What app is thiss

  21. Richard Drum says:

    I know I’m a little late getting into this video, but here goes. As a licensed landscape architect with 44 years of practice, let me suggest a few things when getting started doing a landscape plan for your home. First, find a copy of your property plat map with the surveyed boundaries of your lot and use a copy of that (with a good scale) as your base plan. If you can’t find that, hike down to the county or municipal courthouse and get one from the tax folks, they have all of the property plat maps. Second, check with your utility people to see where all of your utilities enter your property and extend to your house, especially those underground (avoid those when digging). Third, either by sight, experience or by measurement, determine how water flows across your property during a heavy rainstorm, note where there are swales on your property or where water accumulated during a storm. Fourth, determine where the sun rises and sets during each season with respect to your house (which way does your house face? North, south, east, west?) and where large trees or hills might cast shadows on your property. Fifth, be aware of your neighbors’ landscape features, and adjoining streets, streams or public spaces. Now, start writing all of these details on and around your base plat map before starting your landscape design. Then begin to identify (just use blobs) the public, private, maintenance and other zones around your house and the connections between them (walkways, lawn areas, etc.) before you start locating plants and other landscape features (I.e. ponds, decks, patios, play courts, etc.). Then start doing what this video tells you about placing plants and beds. Remember, plants GROW and need some space if they are to reach their full potential, don’t try shearing a sequoia😀 good luck. Oh, if this is a bit too much effort, hire yourself a licensed landscape architect, he or she can do what you need.

  22. N Olafson says:

    I’m having trouble visualizing how I can use this information and after seeing the huge houses and layouts in this video. I’d have to use my yard and two neighbours’ yards or a local park.

  23. arobyte says:

    Me: so… copy and paste 😉

  24. Normally I'm "ok" at designing but for some reason I'm pretty nervous about the landscape of the front of the house. I have a clean slate with bricks in front and I'm just trying to get the height and placement together … while looking up perennials that do well in the sun/shade. I hope I don't plant anything that'll grow to block the window… trying to avoid that

  25. I'm just here to learn landscaping for my teapot in genshin.

  26. Rosie Jambo says:

    Hi, Whilst I am in a private nightmare(😞!) of 'planning' out my small garden; with ideas & the practicalities for privacy from close neighbours etc:~after waiting 34yrs & now a small Budget….. Your informative 'Vid' was very well received & brought me back to reality! 😁Thank you for sharing. Rosie 🦓
    (Stay🦋safe, Family, Friends & Loved ones)

  27. Mark Hughes says:

    Some like gardens some like salvage each there own.

  28. You make it sound so simple! Now to give it a try and put it into action! Thanks for the great tips!

  29. 3:36 night lights are not recommended for gardens based on resilient and biodiverse ecosystem as they mess up insects and birds

  30. theARCKISHA says:

    What app youreusing

  31. Using this to help with virtual design.

  32. FireIce2009 says:

    Sugoii nee!🤩🤩🤩

  33. Cam Anderson says:

    Great, I will be using this exact landscape design, as I am not creative enough to make my own😂

  34. Step 1: Get a house with a large backyard

  35. MrElemonator says:

    Sunflowers attract bees. Cannabis plants attract the police.

  36. I'm new to this, but at 1:25 what are those large stone tiles in the yard? Are they just stone tiles? Lol. I'm trying to find some to purchase, but don't know what to search for.

  37. Outdoor lighting is bad for insects, wildlife, and anything that grows. The only thing it's good for is Lowe's bottom line.

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