DIY: Transforming your staircase in 3 easy STEPS! | high ledge decorating ideas |

August 2, 2022
Decorar Frascos con Piedras para tu Baño, Terraza y Toda tu Casa
Decorar Frascos con Piedras para tu Baño, Terraza y Toda tu Casa | ideas para decorar banos |
August 2, 2022
DIY: Transforming your staircase in 3 easy STEPS!

DIY: Transforming your staircase in 3 easy STEPS! | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Looking to remodel your staircase without high prices or a contractor then look no further than patented Ole Iron Balusters. Carolina Stair Supply has developed a line of easily adjustable balusters that can be installed in just about any type of staircase, from straight or curvy to inside or outside stairways in your home. Updating your stairs can help improve the look, beauty and value of your home – transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary in practically no time at all. Watch this episode to discover how updating your balusters can be the perfect home improvement, easy-to-complete and do-it-yourself project. A Step in the Right Direction: Improvements to increase the beauty and value of your home!



high ledge decorating ideas



  1. It would have been nice to see him pull the old spindles out

  2. JEFF-QUICK says:

    These balusters come with a couple screws and a bolt. What is the bolt for?

  3. Kenai says:

    How can you buy it? The website doesn't state it.

  4. daisy ortiz says:

    what's the size of the allen wrench to adjust the height?

  5. I love it. They cut the rails and the next thing you know is they’re gone.
    Geez…..Some people just don’t have a clue on how to make an instructional video!

  6. Super Man says:

    How did you remove the wood handrails after cut?

  7. Casey Morton says:

    Um…You guys completely neglect the fact that the underside of the bannister has a bunch of unsightly holes!

  8. How to destroy the woodwork and reduce the value of your house in one easy and dumb step. This will not sell well.

  9. Gecko says:

    Yikes. What a waste. It was nice before.

  10. angela ps says:

    looked better before

  11. mufuliramark says:

    I think that without a solid spindle, the two part spindle is going to make this a shaky staircase

  12. No decorative "cup" that goes over where it's attached to hide the screws?

  13. 2:16 why is the new spindle not lining up with the original spindle that was removed. now you have exposed holes on the underside of the banister

  14. hpinuk says:

    Looked better before.

  15. Looked okay before. All it needed with that dark flooring on the stairs was a paint job in a deep taupe or black spindles.

  16. OSSEF9 says:

    “Really needs a makeover”? Looks fine to me

  17. Rick Cimino says:

    what about the old holes for the balusters? You can see after the first metal baluster went in that there were holes left from the wooden balusters. Easy to fix but I'm wondering why it was not shown.

  18. Golden Wave says:

    How it looks is pure opinion, I love it. What I don't know is how you removed the white spindles after you cut them?

  19. Bludika says:

    Looks like shit lol

  20. Melty Cube says:

    staircase was nicer at first , you just ruined it lol

  21. Todd H says:

    Looks nice, my only complaint is that it offers no support. The two pieces don't lock together anywhere. So it seems over time with kids playing on the stairs, normal rail usage of going up and down the stairs, etc. Seems like the hand rail would begin to sag. Needs a set screw or some other way to support the weight.

  22. DrQuadrivium says:

    This is a quick and easy way to ruin a good staircase.

    How long before the next owners of the house restore it to the way it was originally?

  23. Its Christmas! Stairs look great!

  24. Ardeshh LH says:

    Fucking project from hell it isn’t as easy as he’s making it 1st of all the basket balusters have to be cut the adjustment dnt go all the way through cause of the basket style so false advertisement

  25. Looks a lot better. But noticed some people saying it’s not “code compliant”… is that true? Is this going to be structurally safe?

  26. Why do all of the DIY only show staircases where the new iron balusters fit in exactly where the old wood ones were? There are many, MANY people who have much more complicated railing systems and things don't fit this perfectly. Would love to see a real life video of how to replace these.

  27. erik garcia says:

    But the main post remain antiquated should have changed for a more squares modern look the round spindled post are old news

  28. Get it plum not level

  29. Lee Curran says:

    How to ruin a staircase in 3 easy steps!

  30. Bigshows93 says:

    Imagine pulling a permit to do that, fuck outa here.

  31. hyperlexis says:

    The mounting lugs look awful. Would have been better to strip or repaint existing.

  32. I think it looks great.

  33. nomic50 says:

    It looked better before

  34. Jim K says:

    Not code compliant in most cases. If the old ones exactly met the 4” between balusters required, then these will fail since they are not as thick/wide and will end up as >4” spacing between.

  35. Sydney says:

    I would have liked to see the end result without decorations. Just hard to see it.

  36. it looked better before!

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