Landscaping along a fence//🍃🌳🌱Bobby K Designs | high ledge decorating ideas |

DIY Como TRANSFORMAR TU HABITACIÓN facil y barato. Transform your room cheap
DIY Como TRANSFORMAR TU HABITACIÓN facil y barato. Transform your room cheap | ideas para decorar habitacion de niña |
August 1, 2022
August 1, 2022
Landscaping along a fence//🍃🌳🌱Bobby K Designs

Landscaping along a fence//🍃🌳🌱Bobby K Designs | high ledge decorating ideas |

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you struggle with landscaping along a fence?

This YouTube video shows a landscape design solution for landscaping along a fence. Bobby K is a professional landscape designer from St. Louis, MO who takes on all types of projects providing solutions on HOW TO LANDSCAPE!

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This YouTube video shows a landscape design solution for landscaping along a fence.

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  1. How do you separate the rocks from the mulch?

  2. CHOBOYM1207 says:

    Thank you for this demonstration. Do you have any videos on laying weed barrier fabric. I want to use it between my patio and fence (roughly 1-2 feet deep) and then plant some soft scape that will break up the monotony of the white fence but unsure how to. Do you put the fabric down then cut into it to plant or do you weave it around the planted material. Thank you in advance.

  3. Deb Wooten says:

    Our problem is the dirt has eroded under the fence now we have like a 3-4 inch gap between the dirt and fence, how do I fix that? When I water plants the water just goes under the fence in the neighbors yard

  4. Why are people obsessed with mulch? I understand using it to keep down weeds around plantings, but why do people replace lawn or even, god forbid, native growth with a big sea of ground up, dyed wood shavings?

  5. C Bryce says:

    What a cool program you have!

  6. I have an aluminum fence for most of my back yard and a trex dex privacy fence for a section to divide our back yard from our nosey neighbors yard. It turned out beautiful and we never have to paint the slats, just the posts! Practically no maintenance, just hose with a sprayer, no need to pressure wash it at all, so hose it down as needed, about once a year or every other year. We love it! I just need to decide what to plant along the aluminum fence. I know what I’m doing along the privacy fence. We are getting skinny arborvitae and already have 3 medium large evergreens in a light blue green grey tone way in front of the privacy part of the fence and 4 more , ( but 1 died, so only have 3 now, no idea why) in the front yard on one side. We need low maintenance and if we plant trees, small, not as big as crepe myrtles, so what do you suggest? We can grow little gem magnolias, Or maybe some large tall blooming shrubs. What do you think? We are considering doing this, this fall to make that area lower mainentance, less mowing is what I’m saying. We plant green lope, possibly it’s monkey grass cuz it grows like crazy and can get sort of invasive fast. I don’t want. It growing in my walkways or regular grass. We do not use weed killers or anything chemical in our yards. We prefer natural ways to get rid of certain bad bugs and we pop up dandelions, wash them and eat them in salads, etc. very detoxing and healthy plant to eat too! We don’t eat the flower heads. The tuber is excellent to eat! Lots of weeds are healthy to eat too I found out! We want less lawn in the front yard, more edibles and prettier landscape. We have a sort of wide and pretty deep front yard and narrows a bit in back but still kind of deep for a neighborhood lot. I like your ideas. Hoping for more ideas soon! What about water features, something affordable and DIY super friendly? Thanks 😊

  7. mulch dips and doodles! LoL

  8. Sarah Jones says:

    Bahaha! Put an Afro on ya – Bob… pretty little trees… 🌲 🌳

  9. Marie Arce says:

    Another beautiful design. I've been binge watching.

  10. Joel Crafton says:

    Very interesting video you have I have a question in the city I live in the fence in your backyard cannot be any higher than 6 feet the fence is on a slope where the fence does not meet the ground so it is higher than 6 feet more like approximately 8 feet without going to the board and asking them to approve an extension to put on the fence my idea is fill in the space with dirt so therefore it will be on ground level without being in violation. think the term is Berms if you get my point.please message me if you can. sorry for the long comment.

  11. Mark Faust says:

    Good stuff, thumbs up.

  12. I would argue against making a paved path across a lawn to a tool shed. That path turns the shed into a focal point. It is not an attractive focal point. If there must be a path, have it lead to an inviting destination, a bench, a gazebo, or something of that sort. Put the shed out of sight, near a corner of the house or hide it behind a trellis and some shrubs.

  13. I have come to HATE landscape rock. It does look lovely for the first several years. Eventually it fills up with soil and organic debris. That packs into a dense hard mass that loves to grow weeds and is near impossible to keep clean. Give me shredded wood mulch. You do have to add more as it breaks down over time, but it keeps its appearance and remains forever easy to maintain.

  14. Maddy&Mikey says:

    Whats the name of the software??

  15. Beautiful. Thank you for posting. One question. What is a good way to landscape around fence, when 2-3 feet distance of the yard to the fence is slope ?
    tha you

  16. Come on! Do the full design! Please. Loved this presentation!

  17. PYY says:

    Hi we have wooden fence. Is there anything I can keep as barrier between the fence and soil? Fence has huge gaps underneath them. Soil and mulch may escape from it and also I want to protect wood from soil moist. Please suggest

  18. Dan Clifton says:

    What software do you use?

  19. What program do you use to design?

  20. Laura Haupt says:

    Are you familiar with Lancaster, PA plantings?

  21. Anne says:

    Hey Bobby thanks for your informative videos! Any recommendations on what I can plant along metal chain link fence block out neighbors? It’s rent house. Planted few elephant ears anything else you can think of grows quick this summer? 🙏lol

  22. Angela Slade says:

    Bobby we are buying a house that doesn't have windows in the front. can you offer some suggestions for how to landscape to keep you from noticing that we have a big stone wall with no windows!!

  23. 🙈 This fence needs to be black!
    This very rectangular backyard might be more suitable for a French style design than for an English style design with curves, but mixing both styles isn't forbidden! 🙈
    Also, i wouldn't recommend the use of that many Lilacs due to all the suckers/ root offsprings (even the new cultivars that aren't supposed to shoot, do shoot after a few years…)
    Lastly, in my opinion, (nobody asked for it, sorry! 🤪) because garden sheds are always ugly, they should melt in the landscape, and i wouldn't enhance it with a decorative pathway…
    This design is EXPENSIVE!
    But well answered question on how to keep the fence clean, since that was the point afterall! 🥳
    (I watched this video hoping you would change the fence color from white to black, create an illusion of depth 🕳️ although this garden is already huge)

  24. Is adding steel edging between both materials necessary? Customer is trying to stay within a budget but now I’m worried that without that clear separation the materials won’t look good and eventually will become a mess. Am I overthinking it or should I just bite the bullet and install the edging out of my pocket?

  25. Lois Demers says:

    Hi, how deep did you lay down that gravel? And are the mulched beds raised?

  26. when i built our shed i used a plan from WoodBlueprints. Com and it had all the blueprints, supplies, materials, and list well laid out for me.

  27. Nghiem Seitz says:

    Hi, I’m going to have new driveways and I’d like to have a planting box along the 4f fence to soften the ugly view of the the neighbor. What kind of plant best to put in the long box. What size of the box is suitable for plants? Thank you so much.

  28. Miz Owl says:

    that app is so cool !

  29. What would you charge to sketch something up for us? If I sent you a picture of the back? 🙂

  30. Sgt Serenity says:

    I have this same fence
    My problem is closing the gap at the bottom of the fence to keep pets in and neighbors pets out
    If you covering a large area then price comes into play !
    The materials you are suggesting will get very expensive for a DIY project

  31. What app are you using to create the landscape design in that backyard?

  32. Fascinating to watch the garden come together. We've just done some basic landscaping this summer since our back yard was a 'wreck'!

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