How to Build a Garden Pond (w/ Monica from The Weekender) | high ledge decorating ideas |

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August 1, 2022
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August 1, 2022
How to Build a Garden Pond (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

How to Build a Garden Pond (w/ Monica from The Weekender) | high ledge decorating ideas |

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A garden pond is the perfect way to add serenity and life to your outdoor space. Monica Mangin from “The Weekender” shows you how to plan your design, dig a hole for a rigid pond liner, build a waterfall with a flexible pond liner & install a water filter and pump. For more project details, visit:

00:15 Location planning
01:34 Dig hole for rigid liner
03:32 Level & fill in rigid liner
05:09 Install flex liner for waterfall
06:21 Install water pump & filter
07:41 Landscaping around pond

Pond liner –
Sand –
Pea gravel –
Egg rock –
Brown river rock –
Large black pebbles –
Marking paint –
Spray foam for pond & stone –
Flexible pond liner –
Pond tubing –
Pond filter –
Water pump –
Wheelbarrow –
Gold mulch –
Garden spade –
Digging shovel –
Mattock –


DURATION: 1-3 days

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  1. Money Maker says:

    No link to the flagstones is terrible since this look depends on them. Not happy about this. Rating from 9 goes to 1 just for that

  2. where the fishies…..?

  3. Thanks! Great job! I think it is my next project! 👍

  4. where does the water go when the tub is filled

  5. that was so cool I want to try that

  6. Chakka27 says:

    I suddenly need to pee.

  7. Sue Goetz says:

    you didn't link the flagstones.

  8. Small suggestion. Before adding the backfill sand, temporarily place some concrete block on the bottom of the liner. This will help prevent the liner from moving as you add the backfill.

  9. Land scaping ideas in 121 sqyds

  10. y. m. says:

    This design is not intelligent. Birds and small mammals are guaranteed to drown in your pond if you do not create easy exits from the water to the surface ground. I can't tell you how many people create "backyard ponds" and end up with the dead bodies of small birds and small mammals floating in them.

    Create a pebble hill along the outsides, or steps made of stone. There are many ways to prevent killing wildlife, and they need to be at the forefront of your design.

  11. Coco Drilo says:

    Thanks for the video! One tip I can add is I installed a metal screen mesh 1/2 inch below the water on mine and made sure some of the rocks extended into the water so any critters that fell in could walk back out.

  12. small pond with high budget

  13. Z Z says:

    Where can i get flats stone?

  14. PHOENIX FIRE says:

    While I like the pond idea to this house needed a covered patio or covered porch more. The covered patio or porch would have been low cost to do, low maintenance and added the property value in comparison to the in ground pond which would be high cost to install and maintain since you have to plug it it. It also takes away from the property value because of these factors. After extending the patio or adding a porch I would then consider a portable water feature for the porch or yard. A lot less cost and stress.

  15. Conni Hinkel says:

    I just feel like this doesn't look at all natural. The round, smooth, dark black/gray river rocks just don't go with the flat, rough, yellow/brown/red rocks at all. Looks contrived.

  16. It’s nice, but nothing natural looking about it

  17. Excellent video. Explained everything. Im gonna try it.

  18. Tessa White says:

    So the other hose from the filter used for the waterfall?

  19. All products linked below…where did you get the pond & stone foam, the rocks, the lilis?

  20. I love it.. I want to do this but still I need help so can I plz hire u guys to do this? I’m in Houston Texas

  21. Yusuf Kir says:

    This pond will never last

  22. Sigrid Vegas says:

    I start digging the spot fory little pond where is the option of pumps cuz I want a solar device ?I actually went to the store to get the liner.

  23. Thank you channel for sharing useful things.

  24. ProMontreal says:

    What happens when it rains though won’t your garden plus with the extra water?

  25. Jason F says:

    Get solar pump no need for plug-in

  26. Flat Top says:

    I’ve found that the filter when placed directly in the water like that Will absolutely plug, so your going to need a filter box with media or you’ll be miserable

  27. Eric Hollen says:

    Just got a free pond shell. Going to install it in my garden railroad this summer. Great video to find here.

  28. How much do all the supplies cost for this?

  29. Teri Novak says:

    I don't understand why they say to dig down 3inches deeper to 21 then fill again the 3 inches in sand for level but then say the pond should be above the ground level. Ok it makes sense to have the pond a bit above ground level for keeping dirt etc out, however why then dig down the extra 3? If so just for cushion etc and leveling purposes then you really need to add more than 3 inches to get the pond 2 inches above ground level. I must missing something but now I have dug down 21 and will need to fill up more than 3 inches to get above level ground. Yes Dawn this is very involved project. It's been years since I had done this and now I'm older and it is much harder so I hired out some one to do the digging. !!!!

  30. Marathon says:

    Funny how Monica is always saying the We word but the guy is doing all the work, i guess that is why she is a plus size.

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