How to Apply Stone to a Concrete wall, Block wall, Houses, Etc Part 2 | basement wall decor ideas |

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How to Apply Stone to a Concrete wall, Block wall, Houses, Etc Part 2

How to Apply Stone to a Concrete wall, Block wall, Houses, Etc Part 2 | basement wall decor ideas |

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This is the part 2 video of us showing how to apply the stone ledgers under the cantilever ledge to give your walls, houses, block walls or whatever you want to it on, a nicer look! So if this video helps any of you out don’t forget to subscribe like and comment! We love to discuss our work with you out there and love the support! We got one more video coming to explain more in detail on how to form a cantilever edge so stay tuned!

basement wall decor ideas



  1. Should I stick with using a medium thin set if I'm installing in hot weather, like 100°?

  2. Your channel rocks. I’m doing a bunch of concrete work and I have learned so much from your videos. You are funny too. Great job!

  3. Thank you for the video, you should say we, because you don't do the job by yourself.

  4. d y says:

    Since I've started watching O'Dell I've stopped using lumber. Wood is easy, but replacing it every 5 years isn't sustainable. Thanks man!

  5. Mike Prior says:


  6. jerry waters says:

    When I was doing concrete we use diesel to spray our form boards with

  7. on the porch why did u not do the steps the sides??

  8. Top Tier says:

    Is a scratch coat necessary? I noticed you only back butter the stones. I have the same style ledges. Was hoping to just do what you did and back butter with type s motar. I see other videos with guys doing scratch coat. But i am apply to a block retaining wall as you

  9. Q O says:

    Can you do this with concrete blocks? Add the natural stone panels? Are there any extra steps besides adding thin set?

  10. karen fulton says:

    How long do you leave the concrete wall to dry?

  11. Larry Davis says:

    enjoyed your video. nice job. I've got a stucco wall on front exterior house would the install go pretty much the same or should i install cement board on top of painted stucco. and what about the vapor barrier? any help would be appreciated. thanks Larry

  12. These guys knows concrete the best in the West they are honest k .

  13. Jeff Barron says:

    very nice work, not many real craftsmen left

  14. Mr. E says:

    They say it’s better to butter the surface you’re fixing the stone veneer to as well as the stone itself before applying. Less chance of rain getting in behind and popping the stone off this way.

  15. Mark Magner says:

    whats the stone you used ?

  16. How much was cost of this job
    Just the vegetables bed

  17. james casey says:

    Forced adds are getting out of hand these days unfortunately but love the vid looks amazing

  18. ccgsales says:

    Have you ever had experience doing stamped concrete on vertical surfaces… like a brick wall or external walls of a house? I bet the 'Belgian slate' stamp would look great on the outside of a house.

  19. Kevin Le says:

    Beautiful flower bed.

  20. This is sooo cool!! I definitely want to get into doing projects like this. If I can only get my husband on board. Awesome job!!

  21. Joe L says:

    Great video! Could I do this in NH where it gets pretty cold? Thank you

  22. merc45 says:

    Looks good. We just did a vaneer mosaic over cmu. Now for the caps. I notice the cmu is not real flat (manufacturing bumps). We will use mortar to set the 4 ft long caps. How thick you think the mortar should be?

  23. Al Chile says:

    Why not add mortar 1st N do the notches with spatula?? Will they come off quicker like this???

  24. I'm thinking for my house the outer forms will be stacked 2×4 wood with more character to make it more rustic and easier to remove. Or maybe that stone!

  25. Tom says:

    did you need to grout the voids after?

  26. Bob D. says:

    That looks great. And doing the porch ties it all together nicely.

  27. JD Fisher says:

    Concerning the porch, will that stone have problems sticking to a painted surface down the road? I'm thinking of doing this myself, but everything I read says sandblast it or put up metal lathe.

  28. by John says:

    Hi Dave…Just wondering if you could/should apply grout between the stones?

  29. Hello, do you have to apply a bonding agent to get the quick-set/thin-set mortar mixture to adhere to the concrete?

  30. Great job. Can these be placed on an existing house wall that have been painted will they stick to the stucco.

  31. Jim says:

    Great vid Mr. Odell. I want to try something similar in my back yard, but no corners… Straight. Looks like it’s a job for a crew however. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Michael W says:

    Do you have to scrape stucco wall if you apply that stone design

  33. Darrellkh H. says:

    Just asking, cause everything I know says concrete doesn’t stick to paint 🤭
    Otherwise I appreciate the honest and easy video, straight forward 👍

  34. MrsJAZack says:

    Thanks for explaining this!!!! you were easy to listen to. Keep it up!

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