How to Install a Decorative Wood Wall For Less than $200 | basement wall decor ideas |

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How to Install a Decorative Wood Wall For Less than $200

How to Install a Decorative Wood Wall For Less than $200 | basement wall decor ideas |

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In this video, you’ll learn how to install a decorative wood plank wall in any room – Master bedroom, nursery, or even your living room.

This will look just like a shiplap wall or a slatwall.

If you’ve been thinking about installing wood panels or planks, this is the easiest, best, and cheapest option available.

You’ll learn:

How to stain your wood planks before installing them on your wall.
What kind of clear coat to use to protect your wood and keep it looking fresh.
And, finally, how to install the wood planks using basic tools.
You’ll also learn how to cut the wood for outlets.

…all for under $200!

This video features a step-by-step tutorial and walks you through the entire process. It even features a time-lapse of the wall plank installation.

You’ll even learn where to find affordable – but high quality – wood planks or paneling.

Enjoy the video, and if you want to learn how to turn your handyman skills into a profitable business, be sure to visit:

basement wall decor ideas



  1. If I am installing the planks on 3 out of the 4 walls in a small bathroom, should I do the middle first and then the two outer or vice versa? Thank you for any assistance you can offer!

  2. Geena Dee says:

    I was like… "naughty pine??" 🙂

  3. Thanks it helps a lot

  4. Wood is MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE now

  5. There's no way this was less than 200 bucks. 1.42 sq ft x 8 ft boards = 11.36 per board. At that cost you could only buy 17 boards before you spend 200 bucks. There's atleast 25-30 boards there. Not to mention the coat of brushes, stain and the polyurethane.

  6. harry clod says:

    You can find similar projects on the Woodglut website.

  7. How to install purchased wood slatwall on a wood framed wall

  8. Shuaizu says:

    This shit would cost like $400-500 here.

  9. I need this for my bar wall.

  10. Only make your joints tight if you want it to look like a DIY project or you make them look more natural and have some open seams like a side of a barn I mean that's the goal isn't it

  11. Ivan Bacon says:

    Check every 8th or 10th board with a level as you can get off over the coarse of the install. Make sure your nails are long enough to go thru the board and dry wall and into the stud, i think 1 1/4" should be good for the 1/4" boards.

  12. I started with Woodglut plans.

  13. I really like the Woodglut plans.

  14. Yura Kovalec says:

    There are many similar projects in Woodglut's plans.

  15. John Helton says:

    There is something for everyone on Woodglut website.

  16. Just go to the Woodglut website if you want to do it yourself.

  17. Cody McCall says:

    Great video. I love your presentation. Keep sharing videos! (Try mixing the sound where ambient is not covering voice)

  18. Hi. I think you need to take some time and take a quick tour of Stodoys website to find out how to do this.

  19. Stupid question, but would I have to remove the baseboard? Or is just preference?

  20. Ayevt says:

    Looks beautiful! I hate drywall – any touch makes scratch. So, this design can prevent any scratches, repairs and paints. However, can this design stimulate mold growing between drywall and wooden wall?

  21. How did you bring the outlet out enough to cover the distance of the board? 2" brad nails?

  22. If you're putting this on the ceiling or walls that doesn't have drywall (only studs)..what type of sub-support is necessary? I see drywall is common although concerned about moisture/condensation getting drywall wet for the application/area I'm using.
    Can you use another type of backing to cover studs..and/or is it possible to just nail into the studs?

    Lastly for moisture/waterproof, how about tung or linseed oil instead of polyurethane?


  23. Nice and simple. Thanks!

  24. donna wo says:

    why didnt u use any glue?

  25. Vinh Le says:

    Your wood planks are nice. The pine planks I bought from Lowes, their tongues and grooves are cracked, broken.

  26. Rita Rosado says:

    That's fucking awesome 👍🔥🔥🔥🔥 any of you guys single? I know how to cook. 😂😂😂

  27. Tony Skulitz says:

    where did you get your wood for the wall from

  28. DeeJay says:

    How big was the nails?

  29. Very good video thanks for sharing. I’m going to use either this or a wood look paneling for my grampy shed

  30. Kale jt says:

    200$ for a shit timber feature that will barely stay on for 2years.. Amateur… you need to use an adhesive pins are just meant to fix it temporarily so the adhesive can dry, timber expands and contracts during seasons.

    If timber isn't "direct stick" (glued down) you need to leave a 10mm gap between walls or expansion will put pressure on the walls causing the centre to buckle out..
    .. what kind of carpenter doesn't know the fundamentals of… the only material they use…… maaaybe try doing a carpentry job for more than 6weeks before deciding to make an installation video?..

  31. That looks great! However did you put a box extender on the electrical box? To meet code it must remain flush with the surface of the wall on combustible material such as wood. Correct?

  32. Q Audio says:

    does it need adhesive on wood?

  33. Many says:

    What about using cheap nice looking floor vinyl or. Laminate. Ive seen some for $1 to $2 a square foot.

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  39. fallenSlave says:


  40. Can I use screws or nails instead of Nail Gun

  41. This was incredibly helpful!

  42. Very nicely done (wall and video), thank you!

  43. wood prix has very useful instructions with all details I need

  44. I really enjoy plans from wood prix.

  45. Michael says:

    noticed you started from the floor up .. is that recommended ? or ceiling down? what the general rule?

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