5 THINGS "AESTHETIC" builders do THAT ANNOY ME.. || Bloxburg | basement wall decor ideas | 55designers.com

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July 28, 2022
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5 THINGS "AESTHETIC" builders do THAT ANNOY ME.. || Bloxburg

5 THINGS "AESTHETIC" builders do THAT ANNOY ME.. || Bloxburg | basement wall decor ideas | 55designers.com


#quotAESTHETICquot #builders #ANNOY #Bloxburg
these are 5 things “aesthetic” builders do that annoy me… enjoy!

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just want to clarify that this video is 100% satire and should not
be taken seriously!
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hi! im Strawbelle and I am a bloxburg builder! I make a lot of roblox videos ! I try and post once a week! I make videos with my friends, tutorials, speedbuilds, challenges, and a lot more! I hope you all enjoy my videos!
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  1. Strawbelle says:


  2. Tranqelz says:


  3. Dark Caca says:

    “mMmMmMm, I lOvE tAsTiNg ThE fLoOr”

  4. Cloudy_girl says:

    How the heck do you change the color of the build thingys (idk what they are called 👁👄👁💧) also the “MMMMMMH I AM READY FOR SOME ELECTROCUTION 💅💅”is Iconic 😂😂 (to me ._.)

  5. One time my sis and me were gonna build on my plot and then she built grandmas house and then i was the child and i was gonna take a bath and it was made out of…..gRaSs

  6. abi ⚢ says:

    girl i've never seen a single aesthetic builder do any of these..

  7. swag says:

    I don't use that but I am an aesthetic builder I'm much more like blush kinda type I do use linen but my color sceam is like
    Lilly white, sage green, pastel orange,gold for like mansions and stuff I usually use like pastel yellow uhm and like stuff like that and I use wooden bath tubs bc it's a original thing in Japan and it's very very cute! I'm my opinion at least

  8. kskes says:

    EXACTLYYY for the ladders i use them in more modern builds because it gives that kinda vibe BUT NOT EVERYWHERE 😭😭

  9. I cant- 😂😂😂 GIRL— YOU MAKE ME LAUGH SO MUCH 😂 LOLOLOL YOUR EXACTLY LIKE ME The beginning of the vid

  10. SwAgGy says:

    Like sage green and linen white and grey and oyster can be good colors for like the books the beds the tables and all that BUT NOT THE PLANTS

  11. Amma Nunez says:

    I used to add linen and white! But not anymore bc the flooring started looking weird with all linen and white!

  12. Penelopiii says:

    I have never seen any aesthetic builder do a wooden linen bathtub I feel like you might just be trying to show how much they excessively use linen?

  13. I’m a huge fan of desert houses so when I build, I use brown plants 😂

  14. not every aesthetic builder build like that or have that color like

  15. Misho games says:

    3:14 you have met "mmm bed cage" now meet "mmm bath cage"

  16. A good colour scheme is pastel colours like yellow and or blue (light colours)I normally add the colours opposite (if you wanna make plants more aesthetic then use like a sage green <3)don't get to angry it's my opinion its fine if you don't want to do this 🙂

  17. heartgrayson says:

    i overuse fairy lights and im PROUD!

  18. There is nothing wrong with being “aesthetic” and some people do take it to far but stawbelle was very understanding and yes the aesthetic players
    Can make everything white or linen and you may not like that neither do i that much but it’s what they like

  19. I’m sorry but I’ve NEVER seen this

  20. KoKo's Games says:

    You are not alone Strawbelle I agree with EVERYTHING your saying and The plants are probably dead ;-;

  21. Rami A. says:

    "You could do cloudy gray as the floor!" Continues to pull up hurricane gray (Not hating it was just kinda funny to me)

  22. Ilse Muis says:

    If someone puts lights on a bath tun you're official joyce (stranger things)

  23. I understand that this video is your opinion, but aesthetic is also an opinion. Aesthetic just means that something looks pleasing to your eyes. Someone could think that the ugliest house to you looks aesthetic. It's all a matter of opinion!

  24. 111baxter says:

    The ladder 🪜 is for aesthetic dividers I used it in my kitchen lol

  25. This is what unexperienced aesthetic builders do, I'm experienced and this is making me cringe. I hope you can afford my therapy. Thanks bye

  26. One day some aesthetic builder will make the entire house linen

  27. Not_Ayaku says:

    The ones you showed of what you get annoyed of aesthetic builders i got super angry and annoyed too 🥲

  28. Chris J says:

    Sometimes I do linen and white

  29. jaden31 says:

    i have the aesthetic style and stuff but i dont put 30000000000 plants in 1 room

  30. Jxmelx says:

    Omg I was laughing this whole video knowing literally every single bloxburg player is guilty of this 😭

  31. Jade Nohr says:

    I like the fairy light but I make sure I log put them in places that need more light but not to much

  32. Amy Campbell says:

    Okay girl you don't understand linen the litrel most estetic coler of course where going to use it every where

  33. BaeleighRae says:

    i absolutely despise “soft aesthetic” houses. i build modern realistic

  34. abi :] says:

    I feel like the ladder would be good as a towel hanger 🙂

  35. "I wanna know i wanna know"

  36. Jacob Culham says:

    but like also coloring things linen, is fine they’re just trying to make their house look good. Some things are true that you say, but sometimes it looks really nice that way. I think you should be more considerate of other builders, and their own style. that’s all /)

  37. Jacob Culham says:

    I feel like people should be able to build what they like 😕

  38. wally Wally says:

    Nvm it is ur opinion

  39. I’m a aesthetic builder not trying to offended anyone but why would you make linnen i MAKE THEN GREEN my opinion

  40. And I don’t build in straight lines most aesthetic builders don’t Soooo if this is your opinion go ahead but some feelings are getting hurt from this video just saying

  41. I’m not a hater but aesthetic builders are different so…

  42. 🍞Girl🍞 says:

    "pov : Things that i hate."🤔
    "1 : two much pink".🤔
    ".2 two much preppy".🤔
    "3 : they Are really 9 yr olds with roblox"
    "Perfectly done >:)🤪".

  43. I like that your tall

  44. Mr. egg says:

    Don’t judge me 😒 someone else built my house and I don’t wanna go broke changing the color

  45. cora reid says:

    Bro I get putting the ladder at the end of the bathtub like that can be decent looking BUT DONT TURN YOUR TUB INTO A CAGE

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