How To Make Toaster Strudel | Bake It Up a Notch with Erin McDowell | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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How To Make Toaster Strudel | Bake It Up a Notch with Erin McDowell

How To Make Toaster Strudel | Bake It Up a Notch with Erin McDowell | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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Join Food52’s Resident Baking BFF Erin McDowell as she whips up pastries she’s dreamt of since childhood: toaster strudel! Learn to make 3 versions as she fills them with chocolate hazelnut spread, jam, and cream cheese with brown sugar. These are definitely not your typical frozen pastry!

Recipes featured in this video
Chocolate-Hazelnut Non-Toaster Un-Strudel:
Jam Toaster Strudel:
Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Toaster Strudel:

Also mentioned/featured in this video
How to Make The Best Strudel:
How to Make Puff Pastry:
Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor:
Five Two Adjustable Rolling Pin with Measuring Rings:
Five Two Bench Scraper:
GreenPan Reserve Nonstick Skillet with Glass Lid:
10-Piece Stackable Glass Bowl Set:
Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Baking Sheets:

Looking for something specific?
00:00:00 Intro
00:02:41 Is est strudel?
00:05:09 Your strudel equiptment
00:05:56 Know the dough
00:10:09 Know your consistency
00:11:31 To fold or not to fold
00:21:34 Let’s fry
00:23:22 Das icing
00:25:13 Mistakes happen
00:29:43 To flake or not to flake
00:32:27 Icing auf dem strudel


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  1. Food52 says:

    Check out all of the recipes for this video:

    Chocolate-Hazelnut Non-Toaster Un-Strudel:
    Jam Toaster Strudel:
    Brown Sugar Cream Cheese Toaster Strudel:

  2. What kind of butter are you working with?

  3. sandra stitt says:

    I need to tell what the ingredients measurements R. It is very hard to jump around looking for your recipes & ingredients! Sorry

  4. Gail Roscoe says:

    And another one! 💃 Happy Dance!

  5. Smithy Smith says:

    Think I might use that to make my Jamaican Patties

  6. Fy Gomes says:

    【p】【r】【o】【m】【o】【s】【m】 😅

  7. Joan Deni says:

    this just made me HAPPY! Erin, you are so cute and funny AND informative – love it and canNOT wait to make these. "STROOO-duhl – zoon toassssted?!"

  8. Can we please acknowledge and appreciate Erin’s PRACTICAL hair solution?! She’s rocking it in all her videos and I love her for that.

    It’s such a huge pet peeve to see folks out here cooking/baking with long hair hanging down unrestrained. No one wants to eat your lovely locks, and if you don’t tame those tresses they will end up in your food. THANK YOU Erin for repping a responsible approach to follicle management in the kitchen <3

  9. You need your own YouTube channel.

  10. I still love toaster strudels. Yummy! Have you ever made homemade amish/friendship bread??

  11. Emily Briggs says:

    Erin is SO CUTE and SO GOOD at what she does, I appreciate her videos SO MUCH!

  12. Can you make it without using egg? Or any substitute for it??

  13. Once again you cease to amaze me & bake a pastry that I always loved !! I'm going to make them with a thicker lemon curd /lemon glaze & then a cinnamon filling / espresso flavored glaze, endless options for sure. As usual I love what your doing with that oven !!!

  14. OMG! two of my favorite delights in the world, Erin j. McDowell and toaster strudels!! God does bake! I JUST made hand pies as my first recipe from your AMAZING pie book today and I Swear I just said, hm, this comes close to a toaster strudel. THANK YOU ERIN J McDOWELL!! I love you!!!

  15. Kaihe Red says:

    I would want an apple pie filling with caramel 😋🤤

  16. How can you be so cute, so skilled, such a great teacher … and infuse so much joy into every single one of your videos. Love it! Love you!!❤️❤️❤️

  17. These look so great, I should try to make these.

    Also, Erin is my favorite person.

  18. song lyon says:

    I actually love toaster strudel so much! I only buy them like once every 2 years , but I look at them EVERY time I grocery shop. lol

  19. Janice K says:

    Great childhood memory

  20. Nancy Bowen says:

    Hey Erin❣️I love this…would you ever do Pop Tarts- using a more traditional pie dough w/folds and baking them vs. fried? I would love it sooo much if you would. Thanks for your videos!!!

  21. Find yourself a partner that looks at you the way Erin looks at Flakes.

  22. Peggy Mason says:

    Oh yum yum Erin!!

  23. "Flake friends"… "internal drizzle"… I just LOVE your channel!

  24. gina rubino says:

    Erin, you are so fun and energetic. I love how passionate you are about baking!

  25. Elke Wheeler says:

    i see so many chefs using "boar" bristle pastry brushes instead of something like silicone. I've even heard them comment "be sure to use a "boar" bristle brush and not a silicone one" Is there a reason?

  26. Joy Herting says:

    We typically get raspberry blueberry or Apple. I've been known to have a scoop of ice cream with it or use them to make an ice cream sandwich. My friend David and I made our version of them when we wer in culinary school they actually turned out pretty damn close. I'll have to give this a whirl with the help of my mixer and my daughter

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