Installing the BEST Looking (FAKE) Faux Stone: Versetta Stone by BORAL | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Installing the BEST Looking (FAKE) Faux Stone: Versetta Stone by BORAL

Installing the BEST Looking (FAKE) Faux Stone: Versetta Stone by BORAL | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Installing Versetta Stone by Boral is not only super easy, but it is by far the best looking (fake) faux stone on the market. You can have the Stone Veneer look without all the work! We have been using it on our structures for many years now and I always try to talk our clients into using Versetta Stone. It is so good looking, I have had other masons and concrete guys ask me who I hired to do the Stone work on our project. Just because it is faux stone, doesn’t mean it has to look fake.

If looking for the best faux stone for your next project, check it out. Fake stone that is installed like vinyl siding, but looks like real stone!

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  1. RR Buildings says:

    Versetta Stone is a great cost effective way to enhance the look of your building very simply.

  2. would this be good for flordia tropical weather and hurricane?

  3. What are your thought on using something like a zip water and ice behind the stone to keep moisture away from the siding? Overkill?

  4. How would you recommend installing this on a cinder block house? Is there a different product that you would recommend for a block home?

  5. No way that I would let the compnay that messed up the original product leave without fixing it

  6. Honestly I would call the company out that messed up the work so no one will hire them to do their work to cost them more money. Especially the way price inflation is up at this time in June of 2022

  7. Oh hell yes, seeing how it is made would be amazing. Do it for all the major products you use, people will love it and it will be good for everyone.

  8. Jeff Papin says:

    I’d enjoy seeing how this product is made. The the simplicity of the install.

  9. Hey, it's Prince Harry!

  10. davis2022 says:

    For rips, use the Makita 9" angle grinder with a full vacuum shroud. 198509-5

  11. Dewayne M says:

    Off topic. How's the engineering with post frame vs pole barns. Washington state

  12. Hello- watching your channel got us hooked on versetta stone. We built a steel/metal barndominium and purchased our stone preconstruction to ensure we were set. Unfortunately, our metal building contractor asked for specs but made no allowances for the install. Is there any recommendation on how to apply our stone to the completed building? We are red iron and metal siding exterior, traditional wood interior framing on house portion of structure. We’re thinking we’ll have to cut metal siding, install treated plywood with paper before being able to install stone? Sure wish you were local to us… we’d hire you immediately.

  13. Didi Q says:

    Hi this is a nice video . I want to know what is it made of ? Is it cement ? Or wood ? I’m just curious about the weight and how I would cut it . I only have a circular saw that cuts wood but not a stone . Masonry cutting is pretty intimidating. Also what is that black felt paper u used could u mention the brand and where I could buy it? Wit the versetta stone do they have for edges as well? I’m planning on making outdoor kitchen cabinets . And island thank u so much for sharing

  14. Debra Perez says:

    Excellent coverage on the Versetta Stone installation.

  15. How do you tell if mosaic cladding is fake ?

  16. Hey guys ! Love your work! Really enjoy watching , but most importantly learning from you guys.
    But I would be curious to know what brand tool belt you use and explain your set up. Thanks.! Keep up the good work.
    Also thanks for keeping the language clean and professional. I watch these videos with my 5 year old son so I appreciate that as well.
    God Bless!

  17. Riley Coble says:

    You should not rip a piece of material with a guys fingers that close. They make clamps and saw horses you know!

  18. SS OFFSHORE says:

    Can this be installed over foam insulation board (obviously using longer screws)? Is it still the best looking stuff on the market?

  19. Yes I’d love to see them make them

  20. ann bollmann says:

    James here good to see someone take pride in their work I'm a finish carpenter so i appreciate your attention to detail i bought a house in Clyde Texas and this is something I'm extremely interested in this look along with the metal siding nice job

  21. Stuff is way overpriced

  22. This stuff is awesome.

    Can I use this to Clad a set of Cement Front steps? The sides and risers?

    I plan to use real stone on the runners of course.

  23. For ripping pieces you use table saw

  24. Is Versetta Stone Rosetta's daughter?

  25. Why not just airbrush the stones at the bottom? A lot less work

  26. My husband and I retired, now we are learning to build, because of you. Thank you

  27. CHEECHMUN says:

    How it's made! For Sure!!

  28. how would you do outside or inside corners with this material

  29. earl cash says:

    Masonry not masonary 👌

  30. earl cash says:

    I can tell you are definitely hard to work with

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