How To Build An Exposed Brick Veneer On An Interior Wall | basement wall decor ideas |

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How To Build An Exposed Brick Veneer On An Interior Wall

How To Build An Exposed Brick Veneer On An Interior Wall | basement wall decor ideas |

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In this video, I’ll show you how to get a cool vintage look inside your space by building a brick veneer wall using reclaimed old Chicago brick. I did this a little differently by cutting the brick in half, which cuts the amount of brick needed by 1/2, while giving you the exact same look of a full brick wall. *NOTE: This was built on a concrete slab on grade. If your floor is elevated or you have a basement, you need to add some support to your floor or it may sag. This veneer weighs around 1,500 pounds so it is heavy.

I spent around $400 for the brick. So with mortar and other minor expenses I probably spent around $500.
basement wall decor ideas



  1. Lovely job but I am sure you could cut those brinks even thinner. They're far to think.

  2. rorythered says:

    Nice job.
    Wall tile adhesive + brick slips is the way to do this more efficiently and safely.

  3. awesome job dude! I wanna do this on a wall about twice the size. looks like fun. gonna be a nice grind.

  4. looks amazing, but with all that weight wouldn't you want to add most security to the wall? Its held to a wall by cement"

  5. your work is very good

  6. good job, congratulations

  7. Me being a mason this just kills me to watch.

  8. Mark Fox says:

    This is awesome! I work at projects in a very similar way. I like the thinking here. The screws being used as ties for the bricks is a great idea

  9. I like how you left your garage door open so the entire neighborhood had to listen to you cut bricks all day.

  10. What type of saw did you use to cut the brick and did you buy or rent the saw ? Great video !

  11. I’ve been looking for an affordable way to DIY a brick wall and this seems to be just the thing I’ve been looking for!
    I’ve got one question though, I was told that applying brick directly to drywall can cause mould/bacteria and a plastic backing should be applied. What are your thoughts on this?

  12. Great job……very meticulous!

  13. WH WH says:

    Looks fantastic brother! Was considering doing this in a similar office space and this confirms it.

  14. Steve Foltz says:

    2 years later…..

  15. That is some truly amazing work. Great job. Thumbs up! 😀💯💯💯💯

  16. Joey Bowles says:

    Looks fantastic. How has it held up 5 years later? I'm building a house and have some reclaimed brick that I'm asking my builder to use.

  17. Do you happen to have the paint name for that room? The color is exactly what I'm looking for!

  18. nobdsc says:

    Very nice!!!!

  19. Didn’t catch in the video how long did it take for you to finish this project

  20. You did a great job sir

  21. David says:

    Does anyone know if the nails in the studs are necessary? I'm thinking about using a brick wall between my neighbor and I to stop getting noise complaints. And I think those nails would defeat the purpose.

  22. Nico Brav says:

    I was expecting another "Great idea" but this was solid work… The backside is the weight of this, so people need to check the foundations of the house beforehand

  23. Day Tripper says:

    14:26 I know that feeling

  24. Day Tripper says:

    13:53 screw it i'll use the claw hammer lol

  25. Beautiful! How long did it take to lay the bricks once they were all cut?

  26. Love Nature says:

    Wonderful project, thanks for sharing 😊

  27. Nice styling for a wall, very creative !! But the 1st thing that crossed my mind was.. damn , thats a heavy load for a wall like that. I mean, bricks glued on an inch thick wooden wall? i dunno..

  28. Excellent finishing

  29. Dingle Berry says:

    The impossible foundation allegedly crack because court eventually welcome into a capable shirt. puzzled, gabby canada

  30. Ron Burgundy 'Rich Mahagony' great video

  31. What should i be aware of if i want to do this and i live in a top floor condo

  32. Liked the video after his opening line 😂

  33. Downtown Hollywood vibe made me crack up.

  34. Carlos Perez says:

    Omg it’s gorgeous!!! I love how it changed the vibe of the room!!! 🤍

  35. The money you save in having double the thickness you’re spending in sweat equity. To me that’s not worth it.

  36. L4stman says:

    How many disc on the tile saw before you got all those cut?

  37. Very very good Tronko.
    Saludos desde Madrid

  38. Melvin Bowen says:

    Im surprised you didn't remove the drywall

  39. Liv Moody says:

    This looks amazing!

  40. Nice wall…How much time it took to complete the work

  41. This commentary is hilarious!

  42. Swoop It says:

    Rough to watch. Looks good though. Being a mason I can find a lot though🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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