Cutting Larger than Mat Project Using your Cricut Machine! | diy grave decoration ideas |

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Cutting Larger than Mat Project Using your Cricut Machine!

Cutting Larger than Mat Project Using your Cricut Machine! | diy grave decoration ideas |

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Have you ever wondered if you can cut larger than 12×12 or 12×24 inches using your Cricut?! If so, then this video is for you!

I will show you how to create a design that is “larger than your mat” and teach you how to adjust your design so you can cut it using your cricut machine.

Here’s what you need:


Cricut Maker 3:

Cricut Explore Air 3:



Cricut Explore Air 2:
Compare Prices:

Cricut Maker:
Compare Prices Here:

Other Supplies:
Apricots Font:
Cutting Mat:
Adhesive: After making a few of these, I would recommend using spray adhesive, or double-sided tape! or

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diy grave decoration ideas



  1. Mine worked perfect but it cut it at 75%. Where am I going wrong? Thank you

  2. That was very helpful and Awesome. Thank You on that Tip.

  3. Kevin Scott says:

    You literally skipped the warning that says project incompatible!!!! Thumbs down

  4. Nina Knox says:

    When I click Make It it doesn’t format to be big letters

  5. It’s not letting me click on both to slice what am I doing wrong

  6. Victoria says:

    How do you select multiple things at once

  7. Hi Karley! Thanks for the video. Do you know of any cricut hack to cut larger than the mat, but not slice the paper in sections? I make paper placemats that take foreverrr to cut out by hand, so I'm looking for a way to divide my image up into sections and rotate the mat so that it cuts a section of the image, but doesn't cut "squares" down the middle. Since it's a placemat, I don't want seams and tape on the back. Cricut snap mat possibly???

  8. Wendy Palomo says:

    I’m new to the Cricut world😅 I’m using construction paper and using the “LighGrip” mat, but my paper is still sticking too much an ripping

  9. Mary Kim says:


  10. I have all my squares on my design but it won’t let me grab more the one. Like the design and a square. Do my slice doesn’t light up what am I doing wrong

  11. Bree Lee says:

    Can I use 8.5×11 cardstock?

  12. Love this hack! I make stencil art and this helps me overcome the size limits with my Cricut <3!!

  13. Katja Hansen says:

    How do I select 3 objects (square + 2 word groups) and then slice it? When i select all 3, it wont let me slice. any thoughts?

  14. Linda Lee says:

    Thank you so much! Your video saved me after hours of frustration. Your advice to check the sizes of each slice did the trick!

  15. Literally the most helpful video. I reference this often

  16. Can this method work on the Cricut Explore Air 2?
    Thank you!

  17. Sabrina T says:

    Thank you!! Your video is the only one that made sense and worked for me!!

  18. Can you do this with vinyl sticker?

  19. does this work on wood too?

  20. mariii z says:

    I need this for a backdrop… hanging the name can I use this method and what katsroL would be preferable? Cardstock??

  21. Can I use this method with removable vinyl?

  22. Cricut newbie here! May I ask what setting your grid is on? When I'm on my design space, my grid seems to be quite a large scale compared to yours. Also, great video! Thank you for sharing.

  23. Mine is still doing a 12 by 24 mat and i set them all 11.5 how u did

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