AMAZING DIY Patio Decorating Ideas // Umbrella Stand Planter | indoor picnic decorating ideas |

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AMAZING DIY Patio Decorating Ideas // Umbrella Stand Planter

AMAZING DIY Patio Decorating Ideas // Umbrella Stand Planter | indoor picnic decorating ideas |

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Amazing DIY patio decorating ideas for your backyard! See this DIY umbrella stand planter I made for our backyard!
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So thankful you’re here today! Check out a really fun DIY umbrella stand/ planter I made this week. I love the versatility of having a planter and removable umbrella stand in one! I have been working on sprucing up this patio space this past week. I hope this gives you some ideas or inspires you to try a new DIY for your outdoor patio space!

Have you been spending more time outdoors? I’d love to hear how you get ready for Spring and summer! Leave a comment below and let us know! Thanks, friends! Take care!

Inspiration from Jenny @making_highview_home on Instagram

Cermaix Monroe Planter-
2 inch PVC Pipe (Pre-cut)- Home Depot (In Store)
2 inch PVC Pipe Test Cap-
18 inch Saucer-
5 Gallon Bucket-
Forstner Drill Bit-
Quikrete Fast setting Concrete-
Creeping Myrtle Ground cover-
Black/White striped Umbrella –
Outdoor Chairs- Target (Discontinued Years ago)

Cricut Explore Air2 –
Cricut Easy Press2 –
Best power drill –
Best miter saw –
Favorite palm sander –
My circular saw –
Awesome cordless nail gun –
Best jigsaw –


Camera I’m Using-
Favorite Lens-

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  1. Guy Heath says:

    How do you prevent the umbrella from rotating from the wind? Umbrella stands usually have a screw bolt that keeps the pole stable in the shaft. Just wanted to know if you recreated that in your pvc.

  2. Dawn Mendez says:

    Great idea it looks amazing!!! Will be doing this

  3. T R says:

    You are amazing

  4. Robert Carey says:

    Love the idea. Does it matter if the PVC pipe is two inches or could it be smaller and tighter around the umbrella pipe?

  5. Nicely done. Good presentation and inspiration.

  6. Andrene Finn says:

    Great Job!! Sincerely Love it 💞

  7. Hey! I found this Vlog. What a perfect idea! I will try that for my porch! Thank you a million! 😁

  8. Juliankha says:

    Fantastic idea. I'd use the tray for a drink or your phone if you don't want flowers. Or flowers in pots.

  9. BBGigi 7 says:

    It looks very nice, I’m going to have to try it. By the way, was the umbrella stable once you put it in the PVC pipe?

  10. Rob OX says:

    I love that idea but if you want to try something else cut a hole in the bucket lid and put it on top of the bucket and then you can fill your pot with dirt and plant whatever you want.

  11. Kathy Frank says:

    This is so pretty Valerie. I love the creeping myrtle with the pretty greens and the white container. Very calming.

  12. Love this idea. I had to take a tree down on my Patio. This is a great idea for a little shade. This would be great when your Gardening in the hot sun.

  13. yutrum says:

    Wow! Lo voy hacer 🤩🤩🤩

  14. Debbie Ziehm says:

    Love the video but pots have not held up. Purchased two for separate areas. The instructions were wonderful but the pots are not, the surface finish bubbles up and peels. The other split on the side. After checking the Home Depot site for reviews these are common problems with the planters. Great idea but maybe use different planters. 😊

  15. may powis says:

    Hi Valerie, you used a 2 1/2 pipe. Just curious, how wide was your umbrella pole?..because my umbrella pole is 2 1/2, do I buy a 3 inch pvc pipe or will the 2 1/2 fit just right!

  16. may powis says:

    This is an amazing idea
    You did an awesome job! Can I do this with a heavy duty led patio umbrella? Because this umbrella looks like a single standing umbrella that u could fit in a table..ThX

  17. Valla idea más chula

  18. Wow wow Love your ideas🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️

  19. Incredible DIY! I just bought new umbrellas for my back yard.

  20. I love the plant idea. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Thats is so beautiful what a fabulous idea. Thank you for sharing

  22. Ting Zhao says:

    Brilliant! Love the flower planter idea. Nice job!

  23. Great video and creative idea. Love the inspiration you share. It’s amazing how this project all came together. Thanks for sharing your idea and process. 💖

  24. You could also use a deeper saucer on top then it's not as shallow. And will add a bit more weight on top.

  25. Ebony Elle says:

    Plants need bit more root space. I would have probably drilled a few drain holes in the upper part of my planter and just planted my flowers in the planter. Or used a smaller tray or even another bucket with a hole drilled in the middle to fit over the pvc pipe & planted in that. Love the umbrella!!!

  26. Amazing!! Lovely.

  27. mist says:

    how does it do in the wind

  28. Gloria Maggs says:

    Great idea…..thanks for sharing!

  29. Loved watching your vision come together. (I didn't "get it" at first). Very creative…very beautiful…very "do"-able. Thanks, Valerie!

  30. Happy says:

    I finished this last week with a little change. I put battery operated fairy lights in the tray a had a clear plastic top made and it's beautiful!!

  31. Jeremiah 29 says:

    Genius! First time watching. I'm going to subscribe to get some more ideas. Thank you.

  32. Sara Sabus says:

    What an awesome idea. This is beautiful!

  33. Plantastica says:

    How much concrete did you use. I see the bag says 50LB. Thanks

  34. Awesome video! I was looking for help for something just like this and you made it so siple for me. Thank you for sharing!

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