My Beautiful "she shed" | lash room decor ideas |

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July 16, 2022
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July 16, 2022
My Beautiful "she shed"

My Beautiful "she shed" | lash room decor ideas |


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This video is about how i turn a shed in to my beuty room !!
lash room decor ideas



  1. Mr. Neff St. says:

    What size building do you have?

  2. Live Love says:

    Love ❤️ it.

  3. Wwre did you by the shed from and what size did you get thanks in advance 😊

  4. You have given me tunz of inspiration I love the way you decorated yours,

  5. Best looking one, hands down. So neat, organized and beautifully decorated! I’m planning on getting one, I’d pay you to decorate mine. ❤️

  6. Very nice I am so jealous

  7. NaeMichelle says:

    I absolutely love this!! Great job! This is my inspiration for my home office!!❤️

  8. Nancy Siegel says:

    How do you control the temperature?

  9. What size is that shed? beautiful !

  10. Amanda Nixon says:

    Looks too much like a room in the house!

  11. THIS is how one does a She-shed. Beautiful. Luv the sleekness. Mine will be Shabby-Chic.

  12. So beautiful!!!! So very inspiring to me!!!

  13. April Hill says:

    Also, did you change out doors yourself and if so, was the process difficult? My shed is coming with the two barn style doors that were standard but I am going to want something like what you have.

  14. April Hill says:

    Gorgeous! What size is your shed?

  15. Chelsea ReNe says:

    Could u please help me get my go fund me out so I can get me a nail shed? My Instagram is @bhabiemafianails my gofundme is in my bio💞

  16. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

  17. Mat Black says:

    Not my taste, but nice!

  18. Love to know where you found your chandelier

  19. Sarah Perry says:

    Cool, but all that just to have a TV LMFAOAO you know I would’ve had some LED lights and a stripper pole😂💞

  20. Ana Ana says:

    Where did you buy the shed? I am obsessed!!!

  21. Ana Ana says:


  22. beautiful color choices! stunning!

  23. This is gorgeous!! How much did you pay for the shed itself, without renovations?

  24. RKNetwork says:

    I'm not sure what the purpose of this shed is. If you have a house with a bathroom and running water why would you need to go sit outside in a tiny shed? Also, how is heat/AC supplied to it?

  25. Very nice 👍🏿

  26. That chandelier on the ceiling is so elegant!

  27. Who could think “thumbs down?” This is beautiful

  28. Why on earth would anyone give this a thumbs down???….SMH….This is GORGEOUS!!

  29. Thia is absolutely gorgeous. How does it differ with the season changes? Did you insulate the walls?

  30. Momof4 says:

    Is there a video on the process or how much everything was?

  31. Caleb says:

    it gives me vibes of someones small new york apartment walk in closet

  32. Nikki Nicole says:

    Wish it was a detailed voice over 😑 I need that exact wooden shed and would've loved to known the steps

  33. I read in the comments that the guy who did this only charged you 900, is he in Southern California by any chance!?!!!?????

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