Faux Brick Accent Wall | basement wall decor ideas | 55designers.com

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July 14, 2022
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Faux Brick Accent Wall

Faux Brick Accent Wall | basement wall decor ideas | 55designers.com

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How to build a faux brick accent wall using “Faux Panels.” A very realistic and durable option. This particular product is sold by Barron Designs and the style is called “Glacier.” It can be used for both interior or exterior applications. Made from a very durable foam it’s a good choice if you don’t want to use real bricks.
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  1. D P says:

    It's pretty easy to see the panel lines@6:57 – not a bad end-result for a workshop, but for a higher-end home one would have to go with an alternative product

  2. Adam Jones says:

    Looks great but at $128 a panel (47.5" x 32.5"), only the rich can afford to buy that.

  3. barrys says:

    WOW. This is exactly what I have been looking for. So glad I discovered your channel.
    Please tell me where to find the second product you showed, the PVC material that you said is often used on movie sets.
    It'd be perfect for an accent wall I'm working on.
    Thank you.

  4. That's about a $10,000 wall

  5. Joe Malone says:

    Great presentation and fair constructive criticism. The outro was ligit! Nothing like wisdom.

  6. Dat Meme says:

    @6:53 you can really see the panels. Wonder if that's because the panels are overlaying each other pushing the tenon bricks outward a bit or the panels needed to be snugged up together more?

  7. You are so amazing! Thank you for showing us your experience, you're so talented and beautiful

  8. nhung tran says:

    I love your video. It helps a lot. Appreciate! Very helpful.
    I have quick question. What specific name to see products on the website. I would love to buy exactly the same style and color on your video. Could you please give me exact name of panels. Thanks so much

  9. You earned my “subscribe” with that verse at the end!

  10. Great video. I’m looking for a faux brick for my bathroom and thought this was going to be it, but when you panned the whole wall at the end of the install I could totally make out all of the individual panels so it was a no for me. Thanks for showing everything!!

  11. Joe Wallace says:

    cool video Bob… also loved the proverb

  12. What about if you are putting it on a plaster wall any suggestions?

  13. Julie Emily says:

    Question, could I use this outside on my bottom half of the house to cover up my old looking cement. To give it a fresh clean look?

  14. How is this with pet scratches?

  15. Will it be ok to mount a tv over that polyurethane board?

  16. Rupali Shah says:

    Can you please give me the website of the faux brick that you used?

  17. Annie Batway says:

    What’s the name and or style of the panels you bought?

  18. Mareeya Cruz says:

    Literally the best explains video I have seen thank you so much ☺️

  19. Edgar Green says:

    great video and proverb! Blessings sir, we want to use a product like this inside our sanctuary. Thank you

  20. Where can I get these panels

  21. At $115 per panel……a little expensive.

  22. Belinda W says:

    Fantastic! Thx for the details. Can you tell the name of the 2nd foam brick sample you held up? That’s the one I’m looking for at faux panel.com. Thank you.

  23. Theresa says:

    Hello, I have a 70's real stone fireplace floor to ceiling, any suggestions on how to install these panels on top of the old stone and what might be an issue with the panels when using the fireplace, any suggestions?

  24. Fides Roshan says:

    Great video! I love it esp. when in the end there was a Quote in the Bible, keep it up, thank u!

  25. CY T says:

    How were you able to anchor that map of the world picture frame (showing in your video) to the faux brick wall? By nailing it on top of the faux brick?

  26. Colleta says:

    where do you get the pvc product? helps to say where each product can be purchased. The Barron Designs was very pricey

  27. Hi, I looked for a company called Faux Panels… only Barrons come in a search. Would it be that the product is called faux panels but the store/company has a different name? Or can you add links to the places where we can find the panels?

  28. Yoly Sab says:

    Nothing special

  29. chaldeani says:

    Can it be used for exterior use?

  30. - BDL says:

    this could be interesting for a ceiling too!

  31. Mike Artlip says:

    It looks like stamped concrete. What if you'd like a little color to the concrete? Would you paint the mud joint portion one color and the brick portion another color? I know when they paint a brick House, the character is ruined forever. Foam brick panels? I hope you never get a hailstorm.

  32. "We took this block of foam and glued it to some plywood…"

    Why does it seem like more and more American homes are made in China?

  33. Andrea moore says:

    yeah were is name spelled out of the product or link to what it is…..other than i just have to google foam brickboard i guess.

  34. Looks very fake (6:53). Clearly clearly separate panels.

  35. Mercy Shiekh says:

    Hi, Nice tutorial. Where do you get the wall panels? Thank you!

  36. How can I wash bricks tiles

  37. vikings844 says:

    Nice job but the horizontal seem showing is a deal breaker! Shame,looks like a good product.

  38. vikings844 says:

    Could this be used in a bathroom?

  39. K.V. Wong says:

    we have more eco material like this, made by modified clay, 2.5mm.

  40. donflo79 says:

    Agreed with the below comment. Sincere & intelligent. And I loved that little moment at 6:156:21. Question: What's your recommendation for encountering crown molding to the side of the panel on an adjacent wall? (ie there is no crown molding along the top of the wall I am paneling)

  41. If you don't mind me asking, where did you buy these panels from?


  42. M C says:

    yeah these are awesome but at $80-90 a panel its super pricey.

  43. hph081000 says:

    Ha! I am going to take that quote and put it against my garage wall. I was looking for something/quote i can use for an LED Laser light i am working on for over my work bench. Amen! Nice work by the way and the brick wall was for my garage but that quote though…

  44. Hazem Elmahy says:

    wow I was looking for somehow to hide my apartment walls because they are brick walls but I found out there are people trying to make their walls look like if they were in bricks

  45. Can you send the Faux Panels company info? Thank you kindly

  46. Mark Watson says:

    Pull camera back. Also, too many weird angles.

  47. Auggie D says:

    This is one of the best presentations, with the host being a sincere and intelligent person who really explains things well..

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