How to Stack a Cake | 3 Tiers! | 3 tier stand decorating ideas |

mother day cake decorating  #shorts #mothersday #youtubeshorts #mothersdaystatus  #chocolatecake
mother day cake decorating #shorts #mothersday #youtubeshorts #mothersdaystatus #chocolatecake | mothers day cake decorating ideas |
June 23, 2022
On The Table | S2EP13 | Pull out method | The Contraceptive | Family planning | Viya Collaboration
On The Table | S2EP13 | Pull out method | The Contraceptive | Family planning | Viya Collaboration | mother’s day table decoration ideas |
June 23, 2022
How to Stack a Cake | 3 Tiers!

How to Stack a Cake | 3 Tiers! | 3 tier stand decorating ideas |

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This is a very simple and easy way of how to stack a cake with 3 Tiers! Check out my new online course Stay-At-Home Baker where you’ll learn everything you need to know to thrive on your baking journey!
3 tier stand decorating ideas



  1. How many layers is each tier please?

  2. This was super relaxing to watch

  3. Baby videos says:

    Hi! Is it safe to travel with a stacked cake like this without a dowel going through all the tiers?? I'm making my first 3 tier in a few week and I am petrified

  4. Thank you for this great video! I kept finding videos that required the wooden dowels which seemed so daunting; I’m excited to try it with milkshake straws like you used! Quick question- if I’m making a two tiered cake, I would just use the dowels in the bottom cake? Do you include the cake board on the top cake or remove it before placing on top? Thanks!

  5. How did you get those cakes so smooth! That’s my biggest struggle! They look beautiful

  6. RJsyiyia says:

    I was wondering why you didn't use a center support for such a tall cake?

  7. H. J says:

    I am a LOVER of baking. It’s my happy place. I have never had formal training. This is by far the best channel for beginners. Thank you so much for all your videos. It’s made it less intimidating for me to do cakes.

  8. Very very helpful!! Thank you!! 😀

  9. I have tried the freezer I always fail it starts to sweat what can I do when that happens

  10. I love your videos ❤ You have helped me so much 😁 I have my first 2 tier cake to make next week and I have already baked and frozen my layers but I'm very confused how to stack the cake and use the straws for support if the bottom cake is frozen ? Please help 🙏😅 Very confused baker here 😐

  11. Do you do 2 or 3 layers of cakes on your 6 and 8 in?

  12. I love watching your videos I learned so much! For a 6in and 4in tier cake do you need the straws or dowls in the middle or no ?

  13. Why are the cakes frozen? Will they Taste the same as if Not frozen? Thanks for the awesome video

  14. Joan Santos says:

    Hi guy, Hope you all are doing okay? Well, I’m a new baker. I’ve tried several buttercream recipe but it’s too sweet. I’ll appreciate it if anyone can help me with a butter cream recipe that’s not too sweet🙏🏽

  15. sella M says:

    Hi dear, i am Noor from Malaysia. I just need to know that, why should insert the straw in cake… Because i am a newbIe… Hope you reply me.tqsm

  16. fan flower says:

    what is the nozzle dear?

  17. Haidar says:

    Hi. Could we get the buttercream recipe please

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