vlog: at home lash setup, lashing models & cart tour | lash room decor ideas | 55designers.com

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June 21, 2022
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June 21, 2022
vlog: at home lash setup, lashing models & cart tour

vlog: at home lash setup, lashing models & cart tour | lash room decor ideas | 55designers.com


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hi lovelies!

I haven’t posted in soooo long. i’ll try & be more consistent! in this video I give you guys a little tour of my living room lash studio & show you what I keep in my lash cart. i’m currently just practicing on friends/family until I graduate esthetician school & rent a suite! if you’ve been keeping up with my journey, i appreciate you sooo much! more esthi related content to come!

thank u guys for almost 700 subs!! 💓

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a little bit about me:
my name is hilary, i’m filipino, 23 years old, a mama to a 5 year old named kaiden & I live in minnesota.

what my channel will consist of:
lifestyle content such as day/weekend in my life & productivity vlogs, travel vlogs, hauls, hair & beauty videos, and much more. I would love for you to stay and subscribe to join my little youtube fam 🙂

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lash room decor ideas



  1. Where did you get those after care cards?

  2. I love your set up and tour!!! quick tip, to keep your glue lasting longer, store your remover separately from them. I'm not entirely sure why but when I did my training they told us it was important to keep it separate lol. I hope you're having a great day! your sets are so beautiful 😍

  3. Babie M says:

    Is sealer bonder?

  4. LashyLivin says:

    Did you set up llc before you started lashing at home?

  5. Lucy Mavay says:

    Such a great video thank you for the detailed tour! Xx

  6. Can you leave a link for the massage table

  7. Life Of Asha says:

    What is your favorite lash glue ?

  8. brendaboo318 says:

    Hi what kind of school or degree are you going for? How long is the course for? If you can please guide me in the right direction 🙏. Love your set up💕

  9. Where can I get that pillow?

  10. Cut It says:

    Where did you get the the cart with the drawers? The one closest to the wall x

  11. EVE LA says:

    Can you link your lash bed? 🙂

  12. msdec15 says:

    How do you get so close to the table? the wooden piece get in my way

  13. SweetMace says:

    Hi there!! Do these models count as outside hours? If you did this at a salon while in school, could you put the hours toward the 600? Thanks!!

  14. I’m catching up on your latest videos lol, the lashes you’re doing our looking bomb af 🔥 I’m so excited you’re literally almost done with school and then of course looking at opening a studio too! I feel you on the pricing though Chicago is literally the same but it works it self out as long as you’re marketing yourself and believe in yourself!!

  15. How long do you take on lashing??

  16. I love the Lash on her so beautiful and i love your set up❤

  17. Shelby Lenae says:

    I’m ready for your meet and greet and your merch to come out I am going to be the first buyer but for right now I will be patient and keep waiting and watch your videos ❤️❤️❤️

  18. nice set up boo cant wit to have one like this 😍❤️

  19. Gabi Borja says:

    Yes! You need to keep at it 🙂 Your videos are really good. And the eyelashes look SO good!

  20. MyWorldTV says:

    wow your setup is soo organized and you did such a great job on their lashes!

  21. 3:20 u would need the whole bottle on me lol

  22. Just Alice T says:

    Aw ur lash cart is so neat! U have so many things 😍❤️ wow good luck in ur future studio! I love how it turned out on ur models! Glad to see u bk on YouTube!

  23. Lina Alaeza says:

    I love your videos! Your lash room & organizer looks so cute and neat. 💕 Good luck on finding your suite too!! 🤞🏽

  24. loved this 😍😍

  25. Jordan Faye says:

    love seeing your set up! So cool! 😍💜

  26. Love the tour of tour cart! I like that you offer care packages too! Your clients lashes look so nice!! 🤍

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