How We Framed Our Large Bathroom Mirror (WITHOUT GLUE!) | DIY Power Couple | high ledge decorating ideas |

Trucos para hacer que tu dormitorio PEQUEÑO se vea MAS GRANDE
Trucos para hacer que tu dormitorio PEQUEÑO se vea MAS GRANDE | ideas para decorar habitacion de niña |
June 21, 2022
IDEAS para DECORAR  un BAÑO pequeño☃️NUEVA decoración de INVIERNO 2022☃️WINTER DECOR 2022☃️
IDEAS para DECORAR un BAÑO pequeño☃️NUEVA decoración de INVIERNO 2022☃️WINTER DECOR 2022☃️ | ideas para decorar banos |
June 21, 2022
How We Framed Our Large Bathroom Mirror (WITHOUT GLUE!) | DIY Power Couple

How We Framed Our Large Bathroom Mirror (WITHOUT GLUE!) | DIY Power Couple | high ledge decorating ideas |

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See how we framed a builder grade large bathroom mirror WITHOUT glue. We share our mishaps and tips that may help you on your DIY journey! Check out the supply list below. Overall, we were pleased with the simple, classic style of our new mirror frame! Hope this video provides inspiration for your next home improvement project!!

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Most project supplies can be found at your local home improvement store. Here is a list with a few links for your convenience:
– woodgrain primed window casing moulding
– paint of your choice
– tape measure –
– indoor mounting tape –
– Dremel 200 –
– miter box with saw –
– caulk gun –
– kitchen and bath caulk –

We look forward to connecting with you!

Thanks again for watching and remember…You can DIY too!

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  1. Your little helper is adorable!

  2. Great video. This is exactly what I was looking for to update my mirror. Thanks for including the missteps along the way so we'll know what to lookout for in our project. New fan!

  3. just subscribed. thank you very much for this tip. you made it so easy. excited to do mine now, lol

  4. I love it that this is a mom/daughter project! It also gives beginner's DIY'ers that it can be done!! I especially like that you show how to overcome possible issues that could come up (mirror clips.) Great job!!

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  6. CatHarlem says:

    Great idea and tips!
    New subscriber here!

  7. Wonderful little helper you have. Glad you addressed the mirror clips.

  8. T KLee says:

    Ran across your video and loved it! Not only did it turn out well but you covered some of the problems you can run into and how to fix. And love the idea of double-sided tape! Nice work to both of you!

  9. Jenifer Funk says:

    OMGness!! I love your helper!! 🥰 I’m also wishing I could just hop up onto the countertop like that (the way I used to!)! I totally needed to see this video since I’ve been trying to problem solve a mirror just like this in a listing I have and this totally is the solution! Love your videos!

  10. Aurelia says:

    Your project turned out great. I have two of these large mirrors in my home and would like to try this. You make it look fairly easy 😳 . Just wish I had a cute assistant like you! My husband who gets cranky quickly will have to do I guess! Hope my project turns out to look as nice as yours! Thank you!

  11. Thank you for your video. I have those same clips on my mirror! After watching other videos I researched additional videos for these issues and up you came. Your video will help many people, again, thanks to you both! My only concern is my husband gets water everywhere when he uses the sink and will water get behind the frame at the bottom?

  12. Rose Rowdon says:

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you. 😊

  13. M K says:

    Thank you very much! What a great family project!

  14. Meg Gifford says:

    What is the angle holder for cutting you used?

  15. Gaby R says:

    This video is so adorable and informative! Love that it was a family project. I like how the final project turned out and that the trim was not too thick. Thank you for an easy step by step video!

  16. lovely family doing beautiful things together..

  17. Trixie R says:

    Thanks for showing how to get around the clips and why to paint all the sides of the frame. Fun to watch!

  18. You guys warm my heart. Your little helper is so sweet. I hope she and your son realize how lucky they are. I think she does "Thank you Mommy and Daddy." 💞 what a blessing

  19. Beautifully done!!!

  20. Joe Kar says:

    It was more enjoyable to see your beautiful daughter took part in this
    We should encourage our children to like yours, Thank you for such a great job👌👍🙏

  21. Rogell says:

    I watched your video for reference. I used velcro instead of the 2 sided tape and corner blocks so I wouldn't have to make miter cuts. I loved how you and your daughter worked together to get the job done (even when you made a boo boo). It reminds me of my mom and I. She'd always get me involved in her decorating and renovation schemes lol. She gone now but I cherish the memories. Great job.

  22. ShiningStar says:

    This was an excellent video it showed exactly the issues that I am facing with the bottom clips. What great helpers you had too!. Your mirror came out great. Thank you

  23. Diane Do says:

    This is great cuz I anted to accent builder installed mirror! Thank u sooooooo much! U had a great helper! Kudos….

  24. I’ve wanted to do this project for so many years and never got around to it (was afraid of attempting it is more like it). I actually paused this video to see the “clips” on my huge mirror 🤣🤣🤣. I think I’m going to attempt it. By the way, use non-stick scissors for cutting sticky items. I think I found my mine in the clearance section at target. New sub.

  25. This is the most helpful video on this type of project I've come across; thanks so much! You guys are adorable too – your daughter is a DIY/helping/voiceover pro!

  26. Raoul Miller says:

    Adorable little helper.

  27. I did this after stumbling onto your video. What a cheap way to transform the bathroom! Thanks so much for the inspiration and instructions!

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    Amazing you two.

  29. I finally did this project! It turned out amazing! Thank you for this tutorial! ❤️

  30. jo0mee says:

    How did you get the top piece to stick over the top clips?

  31. Thank you so very much!

  32. Ruth Black says:

    I love this! I have a frame I’m planning to use in my bath diy. Never thought about using the 2 side tape! What a great idea! And your beautiful little helper is learning how to diy! As a woman who does most of the diy in my home, it makes my heart happy to see her helping and learning how to make great decisions and learning from her mom and dad. Great job all the way around!! 😊

  33. The top notches were so smart!!! Great tip! No problems with steam/long hot running water?

  34. What about a mirror 4x this size 😬

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    Great job ladies (and Dad 😁).

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    I love your project. Question, how is it holding up with humility? Nice Job little lady !

  41. Nice Job. How’s the tape holding up? Any issues? Just curious. Thanks.

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    I can see Miss Ayla being a great subcontractor. Somebody has to the foreman. PS: I recently purchased monster tape, its strong, double-sided and removable.

  43. I Love watching your videos. Very cute with your beautiful daughter helping out!

  44. Luvly1angel says:

    Hi new subscriber here. I've been looking for a renter's friendly way to frame my bathroom mirror and i think the double sided tape is a great idea. Im excited to see more from you guys!

  45. Great team and good work.

  46. Robert Lee says:

    Great job! First diy mirror frame that addresses the clips! Very informative. I'll be trying this tomorrow!

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    You are the type of loving mother I wished I had. Your daughter is so blessed. My mother is narcissistic, selfish, and jealous of me…. never does she show me any form of motherly love 😓

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