How to Paint Rocks Step by Step || Rock Painting for BEGINNERS || Start Stone Painting Today! | diy grave decoration ideas |

vlog: at home lash setup, lashing models & cart tour
vlog: at home lash setup, lashing models & cart tour | lash room decor ideas |
June 21, 2022
June 21, 2022
How to Paint Rocks Step by Step || Rock Painting for BEGINNERS || Start Stone Painting Today!

How to Paint Rocks Step by Step || Rock Painting for BEGINNERS || Start Stone Painting Today! | diy grave decoration ideas |

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Do you want to start stone painting? Learn how to paint rocks step by step. Painting rocks is a great way to get creative. Hiding painted stones is a fun random act of kindness that anyone can join in on.

I am in so many rock painting groups and the question that I see time and time again is, “I want to start rock painting, but I don’t know where to start!” Well this video will walk you through step by step how to paint rocks. Our channel is focused on rock painting / stone painting for beginners so we have a lot more answers to your questions. Check out the added resources below! -Happy Painting

**Time Stamps**
0:00 Intro
0:50 – Step One: Where to Get Rocks to Paint
Shop for rocks here:
1:27 – Step Two: How to Prep Rocks to Paint
2:12 – Step Three: Painting Rocks
Favorite Supplies for Painting Rocks:
All Supplies:
About Posca Paint Pens on Rocks:
Base Coating Ideas:
4:18 – Step Four: Making Sure to Seal Your Rocks
How To Seal Rocks:
Sealers To Use on Rocks:
4:53 – Getting Rid of Your Rocks
More on Rock Hunting & Hiding:

If you need rock painting supplies please consider using our links below. We will make a small commission at no extra cost to you!
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Shop Rocks:
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  1. Dancs says:

    You're pretty

  2. Art & Paint says:

    This painting is very beautiful, your technique is very unique and very accurate! I also paint on rocks on my YouTube channel and share, but I really like your paintings. Thank you for this beautiful sharing …

  3. My paint starts to bubble when there outside, what varnish would be best to use x

  4. cat bhoy says:

    Thanks for posting this. Simple step by step explanation.

  5. tp63us says:

    Perfect for my learning style! Thanks

  6. Sage Premoe says:

    I have had no success in painting rocks so they look good. The pock marks blur everything. Is here a base coat that will take the tiny dips out and make it smooth for painting?

  7. Carrie S. says:

    Today I bought a rock painting kit and then found your site. I'm so happy to be starting a new craft that will be fun and easy. Thanks for the tips on how to get started. Please don't laugh but my area doesn't have any rocks to be found, so I was wondering how I can get rocks to paint. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated 馃憤馃槉馃馃挅

  8. A coworkers mother painted rocks and coworker "discreetly" put them on our desks at work. She placed the best rock on my desk that has a flower with the word " WELCOME " on it. I flipped the rock over and it had a bible verse. It touched my heart completely, I really enjoy having this rock on my desk as a paper weight! Looking for an idea for my son to give his 2nd grade teacher as school is ending

  9. Carol Cox says:

    Short concise very good advice. Thank you

  10. We cleaned and painted, our paint came off, we did not seal them…try again

  11. Aurins Lady says:

    You can also buy the rocks at a Home Depot. I now know this because my fil just brought a bag home as a suprise for mil.

  12. Wow! I did a search for rock painting for beginners, and this is the first one I clicked! I'm HOOKED! THANK YOU!

  13. Can you use spray polyurethane to seal them?

  14. Amy Zubieta says:

    What is the square rock in the video?

  15. I don鈥檛 have acrylics I have poster paint .

  16. Great tutorial – thanks so much for the simplicity of your directions. Love it!

  17. Great video!
    Just started and you are lovely

  18. 讗驻砖专 转专讙讜诐 诇注讘专讬转 讘讘拽砖讛. 转讜讚讛

  19. pat sprengel says:

    Can you tell me what the difference is between resin and acrylic sealant?

  20. Clear Water says:

    Greetings, I just found your YouTube. I subscribed and liked. Thank you for your YouTubes. Peace to you always.

  21. Thanks for all the information, i will be trying to Paint my first rock with my Daughter today.

  22. That鈥檚 amazing 馃挄馃挄馃

  23. I would like to get a Rock painting Kit .

  24. Hello I won a ultimate Rock painting kit so come on here & found u so thanks for sharing just subscribed to your channel

  25. In the 1970鈥檚 my neice would paint rocks and give to family and friends. Who knew it would eventually be a worldwide Act of Kindness gesture???

  26. A rock says:

    Thank you for showing people how to do make up for rocks.

  27. Butterfly says:

    I just saw a post on someone picking up a painted rock and thought what a way to enjoy painting and making someone鈥檚 day. I must have been living under a rock because I did not know how people leave them around as gifts to others they do not know. Thank you for a starting place.

  28. Never thought of actually cleaning the rock 馃槄 thank you for this video! really keen on getting into all of this

  29. Can i use gouache for this?

  30. Me and my boy have done them since he was around 3 ish so 5 years because he collects them….. always from everywhere every single day. So we've used everything from acrylic to nail polish its a wonderful lil hobby to do and he loves doing them and leaving them for people to find.

  31. Stacey Vargo says:

    Hi Chica! Found you on Pinterest & painted one of my BEST rocks under YOUR tutelage. Finally "spray sealed" the painted rocks as per your advice so they are ready to set free -but not sure what to do with the ever growing pile of K.Rocks.

    Do people mark them w/ #s to see who finds and logs them? Or do we just release them into the wild to be found and enjoyed by strangers who need some random love?
    TY for the inspiration – the little kindnesses truly the BEST. Guess I need to stop painting and google what to do with my little Picassos but DANG GIRL – my flower tree rock that I painted from your video is EPIC!! TYTYTY

  32. tdscott94 says:

    Thanks for the video! I am going to purchase rocks from my local landscaping store. Which type of large rocks do you recommend? Thank you.

  33. Janny Lou says:

    Does all artwork on rocks need to be baked before sealing? Thank you for this video!

  34. JD H says:

    Great guide for a beginner! You're awesome.

  35. Ali's Art says:

    Omg you look like Jess on the Aussie Big Brother 2021…its uncanmy

  36. kellimagine says:

    My town makes these. I work at a few different parks in my area and I find kindness rocks all the time. I wanted to try to make my own since I鈥檝e found so my beautiful ones people made.

  37. My mom suggested to use transparent nail polish to keep the painting permanent

  38. Can you please make a video ideas for panting rocks?

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