Hidden Doors – Next Level Finish Carpentry! | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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June 21, 2022
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Hidden Doors - Next Level Finish Carpentry!

Hidden Doors – Next Level Finish Carpentry! | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas | 55designers.com

Matt Risinger,Build Show Network,The Build Show,Build

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Let’s look back at the best hidden doors we’ve installed on our projects. Stay tuned for a future hidden door episode at my house!

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vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas



  1. Important part of these videos is close up of the hinges how they work

  2. Irma Ramos says:

    Wow….this is amazing… I wish I have a hidden door in my basement!

  3. Mike Praed says:

    Excuse me, where is the bathroom!?😬

  4. DavidsonDan says:

    Don't hide the bathrooms.

  5. Bryan T says:

    99% of normal houses don't have room for rooms with hidden doors.

  6. Sicket Mög says:

    The only place where I can understand a hidden door is in a cellar or basement of some sorts where it's covering a corridor/tunnel so you don't know that it continues. Other than that… You can see the places these doors are covering up you just don't know how to get there. Not optimal imho.

  7. will T28 says:

    Hey mat, all those hidden doors looks great,
    can you recommend the
    hinges and the
    push latches
    needed for closet doors. I have 4 closets which I would love to make invisible. Please let me know. Thank you

  8. Morgan N says:

    A commercial for hinges

  9. Steve Pailet says:

    Hey matt you may find this hard to believe Poplar wood is a hard wood though it is a bit softer than some softwood trees.

  10. Burak Yeler says:

    just push any surface under the downstairs lol

  11. Tim Langhans says:

    what did you wrap the mdf edges with on the 3 layer door?

  12. Anvi Patel says:

    I really want to do a hidden door in my house. what companys have the best doors.

  13. Renae Perret says:

    Your hidden doors inspired me to install two while we are remodeling. The company who made the doors used SOSS hinges. I'm having a very hard time getting an expert (master carpenter) to install them correctly! And living in south Louisiana hurricane Ida hit and all the trades are beyond busy as well as fixing their own homes that sustained damage. Any suggestions would be great!
    Also, I would like to find out where to order the Electromagnetic locks from???

  14. Paul Ferrel says:

    What are the best hinges you would suggest??

  15. Steven Banks says:

    Matt, you are looking good these days, slim and trim.

  16. Robin Adams says:

    I love the idea secret ways behind a wall.. If you had a big showie home it would be easier to get around faster.

  17. Who is in demand for this, in the conditions of modern economic reality? I think that most of the world's inhabitants are now in fear of tomorrow, given the environmental threats, climate change, climate migration of the population and the lack of food, the lack of affordable medicine and the lack of security guaranteed by the states of this planet.
    Who can afford to buy such a house? Obviously, the person who moves on the ground in an armored vehicle with security. In any case, it will not help him if they want to deal with him.

  18. Aidan Molloy says:

    I hate when you can clearly see the door you're calling hidden, its not a fcuking hidden door if you can see it.

  19. Poplar is technically a hardwood.. Albeit a soft hardwood but it looses its leaves in the winter and produces a nut.

  20. You said to not use mdf (6:37) but then you used it just a little bit after. (8:27) 🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. narco73 says:

    Are those MDF doors literally just MDF, with no solid timber stiles?

  22. Hey Matt, fantastic video. I am curious where you sourced the music. I really like that beat track. Thanks in advance.

  23. Favorite video yet!

  24. ABM 261 says:

    @Matt Risinger I am moving to Portugal and definitely would want at least 2 hidden doors in my house. Would you happen to know anyone in Portugal that does this same work?

  25. Joel w says:

    I’m a master carpenter and I would work for you in a second. Love your attitude and creative design choices. Run of the mill contractor builds are BORING . I love out of the box projects. Can’t wait to do a hdeen door in my house.

  26. N A says:

    Don’t hide bathrooms 🚽 behind those doors. People want to find them easily, and you too!

  27. Al says:

    Awsome I am going to build one

  28. SteelWolf13 says:

    03:49 "And here is our last fully concealed door." The outline is clearly visible. The previous door also had mismatched wood colors to highlight a door shape. 10:00 You can see light coming out under the black door at the end of the hall. I was hoping there was another hidden door off to the side that was actually hidden.

  29. Aaron Ricci says:

    Only use true plywood, not MDF (6:37)….but let me show you these other doors where we used MDF (8:28 & 9:51) ….

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