Green Wall With Just One Plant | Wall Decor Ideas | basement wall decor ideas |

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Green Wall With Just One Plant | Wall Decor Ideas

Green Wall With Just One Plant | Wall Decor Ideas | basement wall decor ideas |

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In this video, I will show you how you can create a stunning green wall with just one Pothos plant. Pothos plant is easy to train and take care of. It took just 17 months for this plant to cover the entire wall!!! Simple and beautiful!
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Juliette approved planters and tools:

hooks for the green wall –

self-watering planters –

soil moisture meter –

watering can –

gloves –

best potting mix –

fertilizer –

pruners –

spray bottle –

scissors –


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  1. Dr TaHa says:

    Is that from one plant/vine or multiple vines?

  2. Salesras777 says:

    From where to buy those hooks …?

  3. Harri Hauta says:

    how do you know how far that rotten roots have gone?

  4. Ini tidak bagus, tapi amazing ❤️😍 terimakasih untuk ide nya.

  5. Skinny Chef says:

    Subscribed! Liked! You are just fabulous!!!!

  6. In the start of video I thought she has one hand 🙃

  7. MrBreacher68 says:

    This is a great way to naturally decorate a room. Truly enjoyed it and the idea has been something I’ve been working on for a bit. Thanks for the guidance and making it look so easy. Great content ! Keep up the great work! Спасибо

  8. Tameka Hill says:

    Beautiful I'm training mine up the wall as well.

  9. Michelle C. says:

    My pothos is taking forever to trail. What do you feed them?? How often??

  10. Its very Helpful Video For me 😍i was searching wall Hook for Money plant ☺️ thank you for Sharing the link ☺️

  11. Beautiful wall with pothos spreading and climbing! I'll make like this one soon just to look a bit jungle. 😊👍🌱

  12. Hermoso, muchas gracias por compartir ❤️ saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪

  13. I hate those hooks. Every time I remove them a huge chunk of wall comes off with it.

  14. Great video. Please post an update.

  15. otakusiki says:

    Hi. Really amazing video. I learned a lot. I had some questions. Would really appreciate your input (if you see this 🙈) or if someone else here could answer them. I’m a complete beginner.
    1) is it safe for the walls to let the ivy grow like that? Some people suggested getting trellis.
    2) I live in a rented house. When I move it is okay to trim down the plant so it’s easy enough to move in a box?


  16. kasslove111 says:

    new friend here love that

  17. Very pretty. I wish that I had room to do it. I have too many plants.

  18. Ahna Jenerou says:

    I can cut my plants roots? Can I on any plant?

  19. Varsha Patel says:

    They dig my wall, what is the solution for that?

  20. (LOVE your hair/ haircut!)
    Hmmm what an interesting idea; you're not drilling any holes!! Perfect for those who live in an apartment!!

  21. What are these hooks and where do you get them? Thank you.

  22. Abeer Jehan says:

    How it can be washed , doesn't walls get water marks?

  23. Svet Lana says:

    This video helped a lot, didnt know about hooks! Thanks!

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