How To Make A Wedding Cake At Home | CHELSWEETS | 3 tier stand decorating ideas |

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How To Make A Wedding Cake At Home | CHELSWEETS

How To Make A Wedding Cake At Home | CHELSWEETS | 3 tier stand decorating ideas |

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I’m getting married in a few months, and I want to make my own wedding cake! After speaking with some of you, I learned that a lot of you plan to make your own wedding cake too!

Before I made this decision, I considered a lot of factors! If you want to know if you should make your own wedding cake, I highly recommend reading this:

I figured it would also be helpful to share an in-depth tutorial, showing step by step how to make a four-tiered wedding cake! This cake is made with 10 inch, 8 inch, 6 inch, and 4 inch tiers.

If you want to know how big of a cake you should make based on the number of guests, I highly recommend checking out my cake portion guide:

This wedding cake is decorated with fresh flowers, and is simply frosted with buttercream (no fondant!). I walk through leveling the cake layers, properly supporting each tier, stacking the tiers on a center dowel, and of course how to make an impromptu wedding cake box (thank goodness for Home Depot).

This cake is frosted with my American buttercream, and the recipe can be found here:

If you want to know what cake boards and dowels I used to make this cake, I’ll include the amazon links below:

– 12 inch thick cake base:
– cake boards with holes precut in center:
– center dowel:
– bubble tea straws:
– flower nails:
– serrated knife:

If you want to know what other products/brands I use in my kitchen, head over to my amazon storefront:

If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more, be sure to click the like and subscribe button! You can also see more of my creations here:

3 tier stand decorating ideas



  1. Natalie says:

    How much did this cost you to make?

  2. I don’t have a freezer to will it work if I put the cake 1 night in the fridge ?

  3. Not A Chef says:

    How do you lift the cake off the turntable? Wouldn’t it have been pretty heavy? How do I lift it off and put it in the fridge etc without giving myself a heart attack?

  4. yummy cakes says:

    Hello thank you for sharing
    Can I have cakes recipes plz
    Waiting for your reply 😊

  5. Do you have a recipe of each cake?. Thank you so much

  6. Lilly Blair says:

    My aunt asked me to make her wedding cake since she knows I bake, but it’s my first time making something for an event like that!
    This video was very helpful thank you😋

  7. Christina D says:

    Also, once delivered to venue, do you have them refrigerate until event time? Or is it stable and fine at room temp until event time?

  8. Christina D says:

    When you chill and crust them, prior to stacking, do you leave Uncovered in the fridge overnight??

  9. do people really eat these cake either her using her hand with those rings on it rings are unsanitary 🤢 or these are just demonstrative purposes I hope so

  10. Great video! I’ve done some Wilton classes, & have made some beautiful cakes, but have yet to do a wedding cake. I want to do one just to do one, but I would likely do most of the flowers in buttercream, although the live flowers or artificial flowers are also very pretty. I think I would be worried about possibly getting something dirty or pesticides in the cake w/live flowers! Could you do a video on disassembling & cutting a tiered wedding cake? Also, could you do a video on doing a tiered wedding cake using separators (or point me to it if you already have done one)? I would be so worried about traveling with a large tiered cake! Do you bring extra frosting & tools to fix any mishaps during travel, &/or have someone help to make sure the cake doesn’t turn over? Do you ever wash, sterilize, & reuse any of the straws/dowels?

  11. How big should a bottom tier be to make a cake for 180 guests? Assuming it’s a 5 tier cake ?

  12. Did you keep a cake board on the bottom of each tier?

  13. angela hogan says:

    This should feed 150 ?
    Would you complete this cake and freeze it 2 weeks ahead and then thaw 2 days in fridge add flowers day of ?

  14. This is not how to make a wedding cake, this is how to assemble a cake. You didn't give any instructions on recipes and measurements

  15. Hey what size spatula is this please

  16. How many people does that feed?

  17. zoe says:

    I’m only 4 minutes in but I’m going to subscribe because the way she explains EVERYTHING 🤌🏾👏🏾

  18. Heber Cano says:

    đón chờ những ca khúc tiếp theo của Phúc, càng nghe càng thích giọng ca của Phúc ❤️

  19. V3ry V3ry professional how u sealed and boxed this wedding cake.

  20. I need 2 hire you to make my wedding cake lol.

  21. Lovestolaugh says:

    I am a professional cake decorator and I found many useful tips in this video! Stuff that I wasn't taught in all my years of decorating!

  22. My Smile says:

    Do you usually work with loose hair? Or was it just for the demo in the video? 🇧🇷

  23. Noturne54 says:

    Where's the eggs?

  24. Laufield says:

    Better than expensive cakes from store

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