Kitchen Light Spacing Best Practices, How to Properly Space Ceiling Lights | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

Ideas para Decorar tu Baño  con ¡¡¡piedras de Rìo!!!
Ideas para Decorar tu Baño con ¡¡¡piedras de Rìo!!! | ideas para decorar banos |
June 19, 2022
June 19, 2022
Kitchen Light Spacing Best Practices, How to Properly Space Ceiling Lights

Kitchen Light Spacing Best Practices, How to Properly Space Ceiling Lights | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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Kitchen Light Spacing Best Practices, kitchen lighting tips
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In this DIY video, we cover concepts of Kitchen lighting design ideas, can light spacing, proper placement of recessed lighting in kitchens. Follow our kitchen lighting tips in your kitchen design. Maybe you never considered kitchen recessed lighting spacing, but you should be asking what is the proper placement of recessed lighting in kitchens?

✅ Lithonia LED wafer lights we used for this kitchen lighting project:
✅ Klein Tools 53731 Adjustable Hole Saw cut ceiling holes for the LED wafer lights:

The LED wafer lights we used are Lithonia Lighting WF4 LED 30K MW M6 9.6W Ultra Thin 4″ Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light.

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You don’t just throw a few kitchen lights up on the kitchen ceiling

We’ll show you sample kitchen lighting design, recessed lighting, and how we decide the proper placement of recessed lighting in kitchens.

Kitchen lighting layout for our recessed lighting project

For this kitchen lighting remodel, we have a 1 1/2″ crawl space when we raised the kitchen ceiling, so this kitchen lighting remodel needed something different from standard recessed lighting layout. This is kitchen lighting design at its finest.

Kitchen lighting remodel involves new LED wafer lights

We needed new kitchen light ideas for this project so one idea we had in this kitchen lighting remodel was LED wafer lights. These LED wafer lights look similar to standard kitchen lighting involving traditional recessed lighting layouts.

Instead, this newer type of LED kitchen lighting consists of a surface mount LED wafer disk connected to a small square can. You no longer use kitchen recessed lighting cans, saving you the requirements of a lot of space over your kitchen ceiling, plus the cost of the can and installation.

So how does your recessed lighting layout get affected by the new LED lighting from LED wafer lights? What is the new required can light spacing from the wall for your kitchen lights?

It turns out that kitchen light spacing is the same whether you used recessed lighting cans or newer LED kitchen lighting wafer lights. Your kitchen lighting layout will be no different.

Kitchen lights and recessed lighting layout

We feel that for your kitchen lighting design, the can light spacing from walls should be about 36″, from the wall, so that the can light spacing will be 24″ inn front of the 12″ deep cabinet.

As you’ll see in our video with actual houses that have poor kitchen lighting designs, and poor kitchen light spacing, if the can light spacing is too close to the top of the kitchen cabinets, you will have harsh shadows below on the kitchen counter, and your kitchen counters will be dark underneath the cabinets.

Few builders know about proper can light spacing from walls, frustrating homeowners who live with poor kitchen lighting. Heed our kitchen lighting tips.

Remember with the above LED wafer Lights, there are no more giant recessed lighting cans to buy when installing your new LED kitchen lighting, but you do still have to design your can light spacing from the walls.

We hope you found our kitchen lighting ideas useful, and now you’ll be an expert on LED kitchen lighting design, and now you’ll be able to give kitchen lighting tips to your friends.

Other videos that cover proper placement of LED kitchen recessed lights, and under cabinet kitchen lighting designs:

Be sure to also check out House & Home channel, they have a good video with kitchen lighting layout tips, that covers under cabinet lighting, task lighting, and spacing of recessed lighting layouts, with kitchen recessed lighting spacing.

FTC Required DISCLAIMER: This kitchen lighting design video and description contains affiliate links to amazon for DIY LED kitchen lighting, which means if you click on one of the product links, to buy an LED wafer light or recessed kitchen lighting, we’ll receive a small commission whether you buy that product, or continue on shopping on Amazon once you get there from our links to amazon.
vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas



  1. jeffostroff says:

    ✅ WATCH Our SEQUEL to this: How to Measure LED Kitchen Lighting, Best Design Practices
    ✅ Lithonia LED wafer lights we used for this kitchen lighting remodel design project:

    ✅ Klein Tools 53731 Adjustable Hole Saw we used to cut round ceiling holes for the LED wafer lights:

  2. Ed Hughes says:

    Never Ever turn off kitchen LED lights.
    45 year life LED 45 years
    30-40s maybe 50s you buy your home.
    85 years old before you have to change out the LED lights.
    For 45 years you live in the light not in the dark 45 years of light. Near death you finally have to change out your LED lights
    Once installed kitchen LED light they never turn off and maybe never need a light switch maybe a remote dimmer.
    Never Ever turn off kitchen LED lights.

  3. Deanne Jones says:

    Good info that could have been told in 5 min. Way to much repeat of the same thing! Less is more

  4. 1handyman2u says:

    I install under cabinet lighting so I don't have any Shadows under my cabinets

  5. Steve Klatka says:

    This video gave me the most information that I have been trying to find on YouTube for a long time

  6. Kent Henry says:

    You have layer of concrete in the ceiling? I assume that's for hurricane resistance… is it required by code there or just nice to have?

  7. How far from the end of the wall in a long kitchen?

  8. Hector says:

    does the 36" rule also apply for living room applications?

  9. I need about 1200lm in my room, it is bright enough if i place 4 LED with each one have 500lm?

  10. MAGA MAN says:

    There are a lot of can lights now that are designed to go next to insulation and the good thing about these kinds of lights are that when your light goes out, you just replace the bulb instead of calling an electrician to replace the crappy, chinese made LED light fixture.

  11. Mike Taylor says:

    Shadow from the cabinet or shadow from your head. Undercabinet lights are a must!

  12. F P says:

    The LED wafer lights and LED sealed units are absolutely the laziest invention to come along in a while. Until the industry improves the quality of light, their integrity, and their longevity, which is still unproven since they're only around five years old, I still have conventional recessed units installed on my projects. I'm leaving my clients with option of using screw-in bulbs, LED snap-in units, or hideous wafer snap-in units so at least they can be replaced easily whe they burn out before their claimed 15 year life span (which isn't long enough, btw).

  13. Jim Pintchuk says:

    There is also the issue of balanced lighting in the rest of the kitchen. I’m just getting ready to place my can lights and reviewing recommendations to get the best placement. I think I will go with the 36” recommendation and also have under cabinet lights which I had planned on anyway.
    PS. I see nothing wrong with using full side cans when you have the access. Virtually all the cans are insulation rated anymore especially when using LED’s that don’t degenerate heat. Of course check your specific cam ratings before you install them.
    Good is using. Thanks

  14. Auxified says:

    I'm glad I found this video. I was going to put my "down lights" only 18 from cabinet, but now I will move them out more, thanks !

  15. Norm Miller says:

    What Watt are you using? We bought about 7 for our kitchen that are 60W and it seems dark. Kitchen is about the same as yours maybe a bit longer

  16. equip man says:

    I liked the video, however you said many times "3 feet from the wall" but not once the spacing between the lights.

  17. I think good idea 👍 ✌🤙…

  18. Tlakomez says:

    That’s a bad layout !

  19. xyzct says:

    Perfect … if you want to work in your own shadow.

  20. Mary Breit says:

    Your video helped me a great deal with placing my ceiling lights but, geezee, do you have to repeat everything over and over and over again? Nobody wants to watch for this long.

  21. Body Builder says:

    that music threw me off… i had to check the title for Celine Dion concert live.

  22. I Choo says:

    Doesn’t your 3 feet from the wall depend on the ceiling height. Your video is on an extended ceiling. What is the new height?

  23. Gotenham says:

    18 minutes of dribble to explain what you could have said in a 2 minute concise video

  24. That is incorrect if you use ic rated can lights you do not have to protect them from insulation as they are rated for contact with insulation

  25. CS RH says:

    This is completely wrong. Also, don't leave 3 inches of space between the tops of cabinets and ceilings.

  26. Thanks for the video, great point about shadows. A couple of extra things I noticed. 1) By this logic, the position of the light should depend on the height of the ceiling. Low ceiling should allow to position the lights closer to the cabinet, higher ceiling means the light needs to be further away 2) I really don't like how you positioned that light on the far right. It is too close to the cabinet corner. Not sure how to fix this

  27. Peter Zinia says:

    What is the deal with the one light being so close to the cabinet? I'd say that isn't 24in away. Plus from the first view there is a lot of shadow. Is there a light on the camera? That kills shadows.

  28. Anna D Kart says:

    That light next to the fridge is WRONG!


    Read the full blog here:

  30. I’m a builder, should I put the lights 18” off of the wall so they create hot spots on the cabinet?

  31. Dennis D says:

    Lost my olde account and took a few minutes to find you again. This video is going to help me out on my high ceiling Queen Anne house that I'd like to get my hands on soon.

  32. Janice Smith says:

    Thanks! I learned things!

  33. Guillermo P says:

    we want to see how to wire adding not what u did ,bad video

  34. YourTube says:

    Why 4" vs. 6" lights?

  35. Consider the beam spread of the light. Plan and measure accordingly.

  36. NOOOoooooooooooo not 3' off the wall in a kitchen. When a guy says he's never seen a builder get it right you gotta start questioning him then, never? Really like never ever un huh? Do NOT follow this advice it will be shadow city.

  37. Hi Jeff. I've been watching your very informative video dated 9/29/18 about Kitchen light spacing best practices, How to properly space ceiling lights. My kitchen measures 11' x 13' with an 8' ceiling. The top of my cabinets start 12" lower than the ceiling. Your recommendation for rooms larger than 8'x10' is 6 lights. My question is what size (diameter) light would you recommend 4" or 6" or is it an aesthetic preference? Thanks and stay safe.

  38. freddyoner says:

    the same way you point out the shadow of the cabinets on the counter you will also have a shadow cast by your own head and shoulders when placing the light about 36 inches off the back wall. A lot of people want the light to come from above not behind them when working on the counter and the have under cabinet lighting to deal with the shadow you’re discussing.

  39. Ricky Ho says:

    So when standing at counter you see your own shadow and end up installing under cabinet lighting

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