Bringing In $15K A Month Throwing Luxury Picnics | On The Side | indoor picnic decorating ideas |

mother day cake decorating  #shorts #mothersday #youtubeshorts #mothersdaystatus  #chocolatecake
mother day cake decorating #shorts #mothersday #youtubeshorts #mothersdaystatus #chocolatecake | mothers day cake decorating ideas |
June 19, 2022
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June 19, 2022
Bringing In $15K A Month Throwing Luxury Picnics | On The Side

Bringing In $15K A Month Throwing Luxury Picnics | On The Side | indoor picnic decorating ideas |

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#Bringing #15K #Month #Throwing #Luxury #Picnics #Side
Jocelyn Chin and Coco Chan started their luxury picnic business, Picnic ‘N Chill, during the pandemic but picked up traction after going viral on TikTok. Now, they are planning up to 60 picnics per month and bringing in up to $15,000 monthly.

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Bringing In $15K A Month Throwing Luxury Picnics | On The Side
indoor picnic decorating ideas



  1. Emily Welsh says:

    This is such an amazing idea! You guys are doing such a good job and it's wonderful that this job makes you so happy!

  2. Maria Ruiz says:

    that’s not a side hustle that’s a whole business

  3. I’m here because I love doing picnics and never thought it could be a business. I’ve always wanted to do event planning but I was convinced I’d have to work nights – this shows me that I could have my own day business

  4. Gina Friend says:

    That's great. Young entrepreneurs! I'm sure they rented a nearby storage unit right away. Where also could you store everything!

  5. Nikki says:

    Hey, do you all provide food w/ your services?

  6. Pocki says:

    I saw the title and knew this had to be California!

  7. vela890713 says:

    People that think outside the box are amazing! I wish I had that type of intelligence!

  8. Jennifer R says:

    Blind looks like lavandaire YouTuber

  9. I guess the parks in your area are nice and clean?

  10. NICOLE LEWIS says:

    I saw someone doing this at a park nearby a couple of times.

  11. Monica Hamm says:

    ok, the picnic set up is really nice…… and lots of pics of the two cute asian girls…… but what about the food? what is it? who is preparing it? etc. a picnic isn't just blankets and flowers….. ultimately…. it's the food and drink. ooooohhhhh….. so you provide the set up for $200-$400 and not the actual food and drink?????? ok. People in LA.

  12. well done ladies ,good on you…

  13. This is so creative and interesting! I’m happy for these girls.

  14. Stan Vanillo says:

    I make 157k USD a week by combing strangers' hair on the street. Can you do a video about me pls?

  15. Kb Decisions says:

    Awesome!!!! Good job ladies👏👏

  16. Franchise would be cool

  17. suncc says:

    this is a cool business. ngl it seems like a lot of work. I'd hire employees to set up the actual picnics and do the take down.

  18. These ladies are amazing! I wish them all the success in the future!

  19. Conner Wayne says:

    Wow what a story between these two beautiful Caucasian ladies.

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