DIY BRICK WALKWAY : HOW TO INSTALL ACCENT PAVERS | diy grave decoration ideas |

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June 18, 2022
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June 18, 2022

DIY BRICK WALKWAY : HOW TO INSTALL ACCENT PAVERS | diy grave decoration ideas |

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This BYOT DIY project is a step by step tutorial on how to install a brick walkway. Brick or pavers can be used on this outdoor walkway landscaping project. Perfect for patios as well to add outdoor accent. Create something more eye catching by installing a brick accent along the sides of the walkway. Bring Your Own Tools (BYOTools #9)

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-Wheel Barrel
-Narrow Shovel

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diy grave decoration ideas



  1. chevyhs says:

    How much was it?

  2. That was AMAZING!!! I have been waniting to do this with my driveway

  3. Memphis Korz says:

    thanks brother, i wanted to do this for my walkway to my little townhouse..

  4. wetting the bricks first, helps adhesion💪💪💪😆❤️

  5. Sometime later now. Do you still like it, and is there anything you would do differently? Nice job, and thanks for posting. 💋

  6. I says:

    It looks very cheap. These tiles are awful

  7. Jamie Bond says:

    Could you have it done it without the sub base?

  8. Roh Michael says:

    Great job! Thanks

  9. Great video and it was an inspiration for a similar project I undertook. What climate zone are you located?

  10. This is really my favourite Channel!
    Thanks for your nice Videos,
    it is very enlightening,
    Waiting for your latest update.

    Dean Park Walkway

  11. Amee M says:

    I’m sure glad I came across this video. I’m doing my backyard by myself 😅. Great tips! Thanks!

  12. You are awesome very informative thank you 🙏🏻

  13. did you put cement mix ontop of landscape fabric

  14. CS_FL says:

    I would have completely cut through the brick with a skill saw and masonry blade… even if I had to turn it over to do the other side. Makes a nice edge.

  15. alsidneio says:

    Why did you need the concrete?

  16. eSzY x says:

    doing all this nice work in those nice suit shoes lol

  17. Robert Botta says:

    Great video but you forgot to show how you finished the lawn side. If you left it as you showed in video grass would never flush up to sidewalk.

  18. misspandesal says:

    That was sooooo cooll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Nat says:

    What a sexy good looking handyman. I need a man in my life🤦‍♀️ and if he is handy it's a PLUS🤷‍♀️

  20. Dinner Lady says:

    Good luck growing grass next to the pavers with the mound of concrete at the back, you never heard of edging restraint ? A quick tip, switch the hose head to fine spray when activating the joint sand otherwise you blow the sand out of the joints 👍

  21. Claribel TN says:

    This is awesome 👏 I love it love it 🥰

  22. Mark Bennett says:

    That lovely front path was spoiled by that ugly, old scrapper vehicle opposite… Suggest getting that towed away… 😂

  23. This video should work well for my home project. I will use the idea to create a single path walkway from my front door to the end of my yard. Thanks so much.

  24. ladyamba1 says:

    hey, where do I get the black fabric thing-y?What's it called? What's the purpose of it?

  25. Thank you so much man this is awesome!!

  26. Genologic says:

    Using a diamond blade instead of a grinding wheel. It’ll make cutting way easier.

  27. The water main. You did not plan something for it? You just left it like that? Why not design the project with it in mind, so the whole thing didn’t end up wrong after all that work?

  28. CYPHERX says:

    Can I use lime stone as base

  29. RowdyHoo says:

    Nice video! If you would wet the side of the brick that will contact the concrete, and maybe, if you are anal as this engineer, brush on some cement on the brick to ensure it is all the crooks and crannies of the the brick, your bricks “never” break bond and come loose.

  30. Great stuff any ideas on my natural rockery that I've put together for my flower bed in Swansea UK? Just to keep it intact and solid and in place ? Permasand?

  31. Inquisitive1 says:

    Super video!! Thanks. Love from Scotland, X

  32. First time watching your video, like n sub. Thank you guys really neat work!

  33. "beat it into submission: …….., those words spoiled the video for me. I work with people who have unfortunately experienced abuse at the hands of those who think this is how you treat others. Hopefully, that was not the intention, but I believe there could have been a better choice of words to illustrate your point.

  34. YazDawg says:

    Why did you use polymer sand to fill the gaps instead of the concrete?

  35. Haris M says:

    6:46 lol omg thought that car went into a ditch

  36. I was looking for how to repair half a dozen blocks that have come loose from the adhesive below. Is there a tube adhesive or glue alternative that can reattach the pavers to the concrete sub base? Cheers. Nice job by the way.

  37. Simple and easy to understand explanations. Great job.

  38. nashvillan76 says:

    Nice video. Using a circular saw (or even a chop saw) with a masonry blade will give you smoother 45 degree angels for those corners. I prefer the chop saw since it cuts in precise angles and I don't have to worry about marking the angles.

  39. Lang Dao says:

    Thanks it help me for my project this weekend

  40. Would this process hold up to the weight of a car? I need to enlarge my driveway.

  41. Elevate 08 says:

    Do a Paver patio 👍

    * * * * * a true 5 star keeper Bud !!

    Not to mention boosting property value & save on Water(($$$)) + Edging !!!
    S. W. E. E. T. !!!!👍🇵🇷🗽🐬🙋

  43. Great ideas, feel free to visit our gallery to see more examples:

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