LED Recessed Lighting–5 THINGS TO KNOW!! (Can Lights/Downlights/Recessed Lights) | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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LED Recessed Lighting--5 THINGS TO KNOW!! (Can Lights/Downlights/Recessed Lights)

LED Recessed Lighting–5 THINGS TO KNOW!! (Can Lights/Downlights/Recessed Lights) | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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LED lights have changed the recessed/can lighting market. This video from The Honest Carpenter will show you 5 THINGS TO KNOW about LED recessed lights!

We would like to thank Harrison Peacock for helping us make this video. Harrison’s company, CCS TRIANGLE ELECTRICAL SERVICES, is a great electrical company in the Raleigh/Cary/Durham/Chapel Hill area. To contact them, just see their links below:

4501 Rockwood Drive
Raleigh, NC 27612
United States



1. COLOR TEMPERATURE MATTERS–LED lights produce color in a far wider range than incandescent bulbs. When you buy LEDs be sure to check their package Bulbs in the 3000k range produce yellowish light. LED bulbs in the 4000-5000k range produce far whiter or even bluish light. Light color can interact adversely with the paint color on your walls!

2. USE DIMMER SWITCHES–Many people feel that LED recessed lights are too bright. So, it’s often a good idea to install them on dimmer switches. But remember: light is produced differently in an LED bulb, and they work on a far lower wattage. For this reason, they don’t always work well with typical dimmer switches. You’ll most likely want to install them on CL DIMMER SWITCHES.

3. SPACING IS IMPORTANT: Harrison and CCS TRIANGLE ELECTRIC feel that LED recessed lights should rarely be spaced more than 4′ apart in a linear path. This helps blanket the room with light. Also, lights should rarely be closer to a wall than 2′. This helps create Wall Washing–effective light coverage of the wall.

4. INCREASED MOBILITY–With the invention of ultra-thin LED recessed fixtures, can lights can now go almost anywhere, including directly beneath framing obstructions.

5. GADGETS GALORE!–LED recessed lights are now incorporating more gadgets, including built-in blue tooth speakers. These units are pricey, but they are very easy to retrofit.

Thank you for watching the video!

Be sure to visit us at The Honest Carpenter website:

vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas



  1. Ben Zun says:

    Good information but you forgot LED is damaging to eyes

  2. ultraali453 says:

    Thank you for the information

  3. Hocine Ted says:

    Can you help to arrange downlighting in my bedroom ? I will send the plan you on wattsapp

  4. Jasmine Yew says:


  5. Mike Mancini says:

    What's you take on placing led recessed or wafer lights in front of a TV that's across from a bay window and not add glare? Should they go on sides of tv,? Thanks

  6. Sigogglin says:

    How many can Be connected together?

  7. Grafxgrl says:

    It looks like the Raleigh electrical shop is out of business. Is that so?

  8. NY says:

    Very quick and informative. I watched the whole video, great editing!

  9. Jim Bryant says:

    Good info, thanks.

  10. Great information❤️❤️❤️

  11. Flanker234 says:

    Dude, super informative, thank you!

  12. Absolutely excellent. So clear and so informative. Thank you!

  13. F P says:

    Wafer lights are not recessed light simply because a slim portion of it sits in a hole in the ceiling. The word recessed implies that the light source itself is, in fact, recessed into the ceiling. All an LED wafer light is a very thin ceiling fixture light that basically is producing the same light any flush-mounted fixture dome light produces. It does not produce the concentrated effect that a true recessed light provides. Even some of the LED recessed lights, or replacement units that fit into existing recessed cans, are not recessed enough to provide the light that recessed lights were designed to give in the first place. Those wafer lights produce some muddy, and washed out light no matter which color temp you switch it to. The lighting industry has gotten out of control with the LED trend; it's lazy and cheap, and it's also teaching people with horrible taste, that lighting their houses with 5000K lights looks not weird.

  14. Edwin Hesse says:

    Quit calling these LED puck lights “recessed cans”. They are not can lights and they lack many of the benefits of can lights. Can lights actually recess the bulb to create effects that cannot be obtained with these imposters. Yes, the new LED lights are cheap and easy to install and have their own benefits but they really aren’t equal to recessed can lights. I find it ridiculous that designers and remodelers imply they are an equal to recessed cans. It is false advertising. Please do a video explaining how they differ and how they are not a replacement for can lights. And the silly accessory of Bluetooth speakers is also false advertising as many of these lights will still be in operation long after Bluetooth is history. Don’t forget to mention the sound quality of an LED light is going to be quite a disappointment.

  15. Just got quoted $700 to replace two failed Led lights that lasted 4 years. Maybe they saved $100 in electricity of 4 years. Just get normal globes i think.

  16. theonlysuz says:

    I need someone to help me with lighting in Asheville

  17. sbhiggs5 says:

    Excellent video. Thank you for sharing.

  18. A thing to consider is the harmful blue light these things put out.

  19. Alex Mercado says:

    Great topic. I’d love to see something that goes deeper into design considerations, especially with critiques and other examples. For functionality, I’m trying to figure out how to affordably install LED recessed lighting that syncs with the color temperature of the outdoors. I’ve cheap product that can change color with a physical onboard switch and expensive products that can change color in the bulb (e.g., Phillips Hue), but never cheap and automatic in one solution.

  20. Loved this video, getting ready to put in a bunch of these puppies!

  21. Nubian Ra says:

    Can you do a video about outdoor LED light dust to dawn. How certain switches is not compatible I had that change 3 of those lights because The old switches are not compatible with the new lights.

  22. Skiroy says:

    Does having so many holes in you ceiling cause issues with cooling/heating your home? Will you have discoloration from moisture due to hot air in attic mixing with house cold air?

  23. How do I decide between getting a 4" light vs a 6" for the kitchen ?

  24. H V says:

    I'm a flipper and we always put 2700k in the house

  25. Fact Checker says:

    I'll be buying 2 of those speaker LED can lights to put up in my shower now

  26. Thank for this information…now I know how to choose the right color of light.

  27. Every 4 feet you must have stock in the company

  28. Mo B says:

    I have yet to find any led bulbs that are soft and yellowish enough for me. Even the ones that say 2700k. They really need to work on this.

  29. Very informative as always. Keep up the good work.

  30. Love this informative video

  31. Michael G. says:

    Used 4 inch LED lights in my basement ceiling/Man cave and you are spot on….wired in dimmer switches are best especially for mood and movie night! 👍🏽

  32. How'd you have a guy from West Sussex and not let him talk? Lol! 😄

  33. wow recessed light with speakers thats something i havent seen yet

  34. Paul Lucas says:

    Even though the lighting aisle of my local big boxes are stocked with nothing but ultra thin LED you continuosly call them can lights. My confusion remains.

  35. tomgio1 says:

    Much thanks! Am doing kitchen reno right now and will incorporate this helpful knowledge to ensure the best arrangement and avoid any pitfalls. Your channel is excellent!

  36. Daru Dhillon says:

    Blanketing a room is not what contractors like myself do anymore. The stadium light effect or blanketing is most popular with electricians. Electricians charge per unit. Recessed lights are more expensive than a regular ceiling light so they tend to push this method. Your bill will add up fast and your lighting can look sterile especially in larger rooms and bedrooms. Great job on the video, lots of good information and tips in there!

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