DIY FREE PALLET WOOD WALL | basement wall decor ideas |

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June 8, 2022
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June 8, 2022

DIY FREE PALLET WOOD WALL | basement wall decor ideas |


Let’s DIY a High End Accent Wall for FREE using Pallet Boards from Home Depot! Who is ready to make a DIY Pallet Wood Wall for Free together?

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basement wall decor ideas



  1. Watch our White Washed Pallet Wood Wall Here –

  2. Adam Shield says:

    Should have pulled the base trim first

  3. I absolutely love this! However, we had a problem with termites a couple years ago and I think I would be concerned about termites getting in that wood. Could that happen you think?

  4. how did u stick pallets on wall… plz share

  5. child labor is going on there…… 911 should be dialled ….

  6. Gilbnado says:

    Looks awesome, i have been collecting pallets for the same thing but my big concern is that a lot of the nice looking discoloration is actually black mould from the pallets being out in the elements, did you treat the boards? thanks

  7. Marking where the studs are is actually genius! 仁

  8. Aj Scott says:

    Yeah you guys did a good job! Something I noticed from your video is in the very beginning when you guys were about two or three rows up your husband ran into an issue of the pallet board being a different width size. To keep everything running straight I think it's important to make sure the run of pallet board is all the same with in that run That way they don't stagger off kind of if that makes sense. Like I said great job I'm doing mine today did you guys just mount your electrical plugs to the pallet I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the I have two plugs and I also have a light switch I have to either just leave it and cut around it or pull it out and mount it to the pallets curious to see what you guys are doing about halfway through the video.

  9. C Kay says:

    Great job! Looks good! What kind of nails did you use??

  10. John Boy says:

    I did this for my forever home waste of time we got divorced a few months later , I hope you don't get divorced so quickly

  11. Stephen says:

    Because of the pain of future proofing and having maybe to deal with that black paint down the line I think I would have bought somekind of black material or PVC sheet to cover the wall.

  12. Hi says:

    Bless, Was nice of letting your children help.. I couldn't wait for me children went to sleep… Because Al be there for ever… It looks absolutely amazing

  13. Tom Flagg says:

    My wife and I have lots of photos from 30 years ago of our kids "helping" do home restoration projects with us. Treasure the moments. Good for you Mom and Dad.

  14. Hi, I just got my 20 pallets and Im ready to tackle the family room. Can you please tell me if you treated the wood in any way? Maybe a wash or some cuts? Thank you

  15. Rachel King says:

    Did you prep the wood like sand them down?

  16. Rachel King says:

    Where did you get your pallets from? How many did you collect? I wish you showed how you separated the pieces. I love this idea and plan to do this in my master bedroom one day.

  17. Does Home Depot give you pallets?

  18. Jimmy Baits says:

    How did you obtain your pallet wood form Home Depot? Did you have to order it? Or simply ask an employee to have some left over ones for free? Or did you just snatch leftover pallets from the back of the store?

  19. Daygo guy says:

    Can't you just use wood glue or Gorilla glue to hang each individual panel on the wall?

  20. Luca Callini says:

    Could you add a comment on what to do around outlets once you've added the thickness of the planks? How to you mount the outlet and faceplate?

  21. bugs and mildew in the wood

  22. so beautiful i had that idea for my recording studio desk wall

  23. Should have left a message on the black back wall. In 100 years from now someone will discover it

  24. Jenny alphs says:

    Hillbilly high class

  25. How many pallets did you use?

  26. Looks great. How many pallets did it take to do this wall

  27. Kato Joshua says:

    Was the wall concrete

  28. Looks awesome. Nice to see the kids helping. My kids are older. We included them when they were young. They still help now as adults. Doing a pallet wall soon. Great tip painting the wall black first!

  29. Studs should be 16 on center

  30. Hey there, my husband and I are about to build a pallet wall, my question is about how many pallets did you have to complete project?

  31. I think burning the individual pieces to seal the wood and then staining them or just putting them up after burning them would be cool too. Thanks for the video so I can show my hubby what Im wanting to do. 歹

  32. the ends of your boards should line up on half stud

  33. Awesome job !

    Starting a corner alcove for a pellet stove and searching for ideas. Using barn aluminum to 4 foot, steel chair rail strip, then pallet wood to the ceiling.

    Thanks for the inexpensive inspiration !!!

  34. Where did you get that specific color pallet wood?

  35. How awesome.hey,how many pallets was needed for that one wall?

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