Explained | Why Women Are Paid Less | FULL EPISODE | Netflix | mother’s day table decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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Explained | Why Women Are Paid Less | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

Explained | Why Women Are Paid Less | FULL EPISODE | Netflix | mother’s day table decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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In this episode: Hillary Clinton and Anne-Marie Slaughter discuss the cultural norms at the center of the worldwide gender pay gap, including the “motherhood penalty.”

US Rating: TV-MA. This show is designed for for mature audiences only.

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Explained | Why Women Are Paid Less | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

mother’s day table decoration ideas



  1. JTRaptor says:

    The question is how expensive is the job

  2. If you can't understand why women are paid less for millions of jobs worldwide, You need a reality check!

  3. they make it seem like being told to get a full time job is a desirable thing

  4. Poogie Bear says:

    0:40 Oh yes they do. 100% Discount on dates. They also get a hard work discount. I've never heard someone say…….. send me 2 strong girls to move these heavy boxes.

  5. The main topic why men get paid more than women. But my question is does race get play a part in how much a individual get paid

  6. Nick S says:

    Only professional victims think this

  7. Devin Brooks says:

    We not gonna mention the fact that men are 25 percent less likely to get a job just for being men?

  8. Ramòn says:

    People should be put in positions based on skill. Yes or no?

  9. So many comments from people who would rather just ignore the problem or blame it on women's "choices." It's super easy to tell yourself, "women have lower pay because they just choose lower-paying jobs, so we aren't being sexist if we ignore the problem." Because sure, that's exactly how it works. It's because of individual people's choices that people of one sex or one race end up doing certain jobs. All your grocery cashiers are women, and all the grocery managers are men? That's not structural sexism, it's just that women don't want those jobs! Yet I personally know more than one woman with a lot of grocery experience who has applied for management jobs only to see them give the position to a man with virtually zero experience in the business. Or "all the managers are men, but that's only because women with family responsibilities can't meet the demands of the job. We like our tradition of supporting structural sexism by designing jobs that can only be done by people without family responsibilities. So goodbye to you, if you have to spend time taking care of children or disabled family members! Only the selfish need apply!"

  10. RAJAS says:

    If the women are getting paid less then try n work more better and more than the men.
    Then and there you might see some enhanced results about the pay gaps!!

  11. himanshu says:

    Plot twist – This video is actually a social experiment to see 'HOW GULLIABLE ARE U'?

  12. Yall work lower paying Jobs that's why

  13. NO NAME says:

    Incentivize men to stay home to watch the kids, in a world where people shouldn't have kids.

  14. NO NAME says:

    This is the crux of so many problems. My single male friends are penalized thru taxes for not being married, not having kids.
    The gap needs to exist because mothers do not put in the same effort. I have seen this many times over and over. Mothers get to leave work early to pick up kids from school, sick kid, etc….

  15. NO NAME says:

    So if pay gap is 80% then I hire only women and make a 20% profit over my competitors. Big companies like GE considered 12% profit a good year. So my company has a 32% profit margin just by hiring only women. All women companies would become monopolies of women only.
    Equal work for 80% pay. But this is not our reality.

  16. So where are all these employers willing to pay men more money to do the same job as women? Someone needs to get them onto this. They could save a fortune on their wage bills hiring an all-female workforce.

  17. this is also why every kid says that he or she likes his/her mom more

  18. Scott Heaton says:

    They have just started admitting that both Gen Z and millenial women make more than their male counterparts in Canada.

  19. The term "gender pay gap" is being used to describe the claim that women are paid less than men, so what do women have to do with gender? Aren't we being told now that these are two different things? Please define "woman" and "gender", and then explain how there's a "gender pay gap" since men can identify as a woman and vice-versa. Take all the time you need. I'll wait. 😅

  20. Biea Teofan says:

    It is nothing wrong with a family in which a man earns more. Woman want hard working man that make bank. Why is it bad to be a mother and take care of the child and have a husband that loves you both and want's to make everything for you?
    Woman can also do most of the office work man can do (less on sports/physical jobs), they are great. But still, there is nothing wrong on being a mother.
    In a family you don't need to mothers or two fathers. You need one of both. There are not both for the same roles. I'm pretty sure woman don't want that as well.

  21. People need to be honest about the reasons women make certain choices. Of course successful women could arrange with their husbands to keep working and for the men to stay home looking after their child. But the fact is there is nothing women find nearly as unattractive as when men need to be taken care of by them.

    By and large, and this is even more true for women with feminine temperaments, women don't want to win in their careers. They want to be with a winner. And a million years of women's sexual selection proves this beyond reasonable doubt.

  22. Pequeña says:

    Props to Ruanda and Iceland!
    Really, a great documentary!

  23. FumbleKin says:

    Ever thought how men could work different jobs as women which explains how they can be paid less. Men tend to work more dangerous jobs that pay more over safer jobs that pay less. Also the pay gap for the same job is absolute nonsense. Mostly cause it does not exist. Also feminism is supposed to be equality. Nowadays they are canceling national men's day. Also maybe full time jobs pay more is because they're full time jobs. That's the point of it.

  24. cirrx cirrx says:

    wrong women are paid 7 cents MORE average GLOBALLY

  25. jah sir says:

    I'm gonna start a business. And only hire black women. Why don't more people do that? You'd save like 50%

  26. DomnulSarb says:

    Let me spare you 18 minutes with the short answer: they're not.

  27. Bo Duholm says:

    When comparing a male and a female lawyer who has a child, I would imagine that the man would compartmentalize, and the woman could not if the child is sick. In Rowanda, the men was killed, fyi, not the woman.

  28. Irina Rose says:

    I guess I don't understand why any woman wants to go to work right after she had a child? As a woman I take a pride for staying home with my kids and take care for my family. If you want to work and have a career, don't have kids. Child needs mothers love and attention.

  29. CurtisCT says:

    I've been intensely interested in the gender pay gap for the past few years now, and decided to do my own research in order to come to my own conclusions. This involved a lot of reading and talking to people more knowledgeable on the issue than I was.

    My first conversation was with a family friend, she's the HR-director of a major museum. She explained the gender pay gap this way: whenever there's some new position to be filled, she's usually the one that conducts all the interviews. When interviewing for managerial positions, each candidate, male or female, always gets asked if they're okay with business travel, if they're okay putting in overtime, how well they work in high-stress environments, etc. And every single time, all the male candidates answer with an enthusiastic "yes, no problem!", while all the female candidates answer with "no, I'm afraid not". What's she supposed to do? She'd love to hire more female managers, but they always come off as inflexible in their job interviews. She's a divorced single mom herself, so she's well aware WHY women don't want to work overtime or go on business trips, however that's the nature of managerial positions. As a manager you don't get to go home at 5pm and you are sometimes required to take week-long business trips. As a consequence, most managers at her organization are men, despite her best efforts to hire more women. As to the gender gap, she insists that it doesn't exist. First of all it's extremely bad PR for a company to pay women less than men for the same work, and secondly, what's the added value for the company? The company doesn't gain anything by paying a woman a few hundred dollars less for the same job, and the cost is so insignificant that it's not even worth the bad publicity or potential lawsuit. Furthermore, if women were paid less for the same work, companies would simply only hire female employees. Businesses exist to make money, so if there's a group of similarly qualified candidates that come with a cheaper price tag, then businesses will exploit this market in order to save personnel costs.

    I thought all of this was eye-opening, until I had a chat with one of my best friend's mom. He comes from a VERY religious family and has 10 siblings. His mother was a stay-at-home mom while his father was a lawyer. After trying for almost an hour to get me to join her church, she then shared with me her opinion on the gender pay gap and society at large. According to her, society fell apart because women left their sacred duty in the home when they selfishly decided to pursue careers. My mouth dropped to the floor! I thought that line of thinking died out years ago along with the dinosaurs! She saw the look of shock on my face, but continued. The problem with your liberals, she said, is that you devalue the work of women in the home by classifying it as menial labor – nothing could be further from the truth. The job of the housewife is THE most fundamental and valuable job in the history of mankind. It is we women that bear and nourish the children, we then raise them and instill in them the values and tools they'll need to function as adults. This requires a long list of special skills that housewives have traditionally exercised but seldom given credit for, e.g. leadership and managerial ability, fiscal management, time management, judge/jury/executioner, purchasing manager, etc. In a nutshell, she took her job as housewife VERY seriously and was proud of the fact that all her 11 children were decent, well-adjusted adults with their own successful careers and families. Her husband's job was to work and bring home a paycheck. Her job was to turn that paycheck into a home and family. When women left the home to start a career, children either had to raise themselves or find someone on the streets to act as parent. This resulted in developmentally and socially stunted kids, lacking direction and purpose. These kids then take out their anger on society, which is how we end up with delinquent and criminal young adults.

    I was speechless, especially since I was a product of a single-mom. I remember how hard she had to struggle, but I still think I turned out okay. Would it have been better growing up with a mother at home and a father at work? Maybe, but it makes no sense crying over spilled milk. Anyway, my friend's mom had no problem with the gender pay gap. And if she had her way, there would be a 100% gender pay gap, with women staying home to take care of the kids while men go to work. Funny enough though, every single poll on this issue shows the same result: when asked if given the choice, would women prefer to be stay at home moms or have a career, women overwhelmingly say they would prefer to be stay at home moms. The most shocking results were from gender-equal Scandinavia, where the vast majority of women said they would prefer to be stay at home moms.

    I've come to the conclusion that the gender pay gap will NEVER close, because it's based on biology and not society. As long as women continue to bear children, it will be possible for them to reach pay parity with men. What's needed is a new compensation paradigm that recognizes that the role of the woman in the household is just as valuable, or perhaps even more valuable, than the role of a multinational CEO.

  30. IDK I've always thought, correct me if I'm wrong, parenting should be a shared responsibility, but IDK everything.

  31. I see… Now roe v Wade when will it stop

  32. Some women don’t see motherhood as a problem ? Wtf kinda bs

  33. * says:

    Do the same work if you want the same pay. Go on a cold water fishing boat. Work on an oil rig. Fly airplanes. Don't think you get to do daycare and get paid like an engineer.

  34. * says:

    So sick of feminists thinking they get all that and yet don't have to serve in the army. Or step on the spider. You want equal rights, sacrifice equally.

  35. Men have to work more. Most people who make the buildings and roads and that are men. And they get paid dirt cheap. Most homeless people are men, "Oh but the millionaires" the millionaires were smart and created their own path.

    Many death professions are done by men. "We need more women as CEOs we need more women as this and that" God damn is this propaganda terrible. I wonder if this is about sociology

  36. I only watched this because my Leftist Lecturer forced me to.
    And by forced, she had assignments for us based on this.

  37. And just like that peoples eyes were opened to the fact that different jobs pay different wages….

    Speaking on behalf of the United States of America, because I’m not from nor have I worked in other countries… we have this thing that was passed like 50 years ago or something like that, and it kinda made it so we didn’t write wages likes this:
    Job: $16/hr for men or $14/hr women

    It’s almost like they pay the same wages regardless of what you are… and don’t get me started on if nowadays you “identify “ as one or the other or switch genders etc.
    this world 😂

  38. Thomas Sowell. If anyone here has the decency to watch the brilliant minded black professor… you’ll thank me later.

  39. Discussion is so far
    1st so many men has no jobs in india
    No money
    Only problems
    Started doing crimes criminal businesses ,goons etc

  40. Slushys says:

    Set the speed to 1.5x
    you're welcome

  41. Michplay says:

    The downside is that in the countries where woman are higher educated. Birth count decreased

  42. Rwandan genocide (a "punching up" genocide) kills so many men that they're only a 3rd of the population afterwards. Netflix (paraphrased): 'One of the world's best case studies in female empowerment.' Imagine something like that happening in Israel, and then all these woke corporations celebrating increased Palestinian representation in government and businesses. It's a little weird. That's all I'm saying.

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