How To Decorate A Small Man Cave | 5 Decorating Ideas with Sports Artist David Roman | basement wall decor ideas |

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How To Decorate A Small Man Cave | 5 Decorating Ideas with Sports Artist David Roman

How To Decorate A Small Man Cave | 5 Decorating Ideas with Sports Artist David Roman | basement wall decor ideas |

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Epic man caves are cool but most people only have a small room available to turn into a man cave. In this video I’m sharing my opinion on how to decorate a small man cave.


Man Cave Pinterest board:






If you’re thinking of setting up a man cave here are some ideas to help you with it. Whether you’re turning your basement, shed, loft, garage or a small bedroom into the mancave you always wanted, these tips can be helpful. I’m not a certified interior designer, so what I’m sharing is just from the perspective of an artist who spends a lot of time thinking about how my art is best displayed in rooms.

First, you need to decide what the main activity for this room will be and what the non-negotiable items are. Is it a gaming room, a sports bar, a sports and memorabilia display room, cigar room, etc. In most cases, a comfortable seating area and a great TV or projection screen are essential. These are the items you want to go all out on because this will make your man cave most enjoyable. Which is the whole point of this room.

Another way to decorate a small man cave is to include an accent wall. When all the walls are the same colour or even if you have a brick wall all around, that’s what makes is feel more like a shoebox. When you add a feature wall, it breaks up the space and makes it seem bigger.

Decorating with black and white art is another way you can give your man cave a cool vibe. Of course, you can have coloured artwork, but with small rooms, too many colours can make it seem busier than it should be. Black and white artwork goes with any design and even if you decide to change things up later, it will continue to be a good decor piece.

LED lights are pretty much a man cave & gaming room must-have. Lights can completely change the feel of a room and when you’re working with a small space, it can make it seem bigger. The light strips can be placed around the ceiling edges, behind the TV, behind shelves, the bar, etc.

Last tip is to group the sports memorabilia collection you want to display into categories of memorabilia and decorate the room in a more strategic way. This will make your sports collection stand out.

Let me know which one of these decorating tips you found most useful. Also, the images are all from this Pinterest board:

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  1. Def stealing these ideas for my future mancave

  2. Thought this video was awesome! I want to decorate a man cave for my husband and was looking for some ideas. Love this!

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    Cant wait till i'll have my own man cave

  9. Love how light transformed those rooms

  10. I’m saving up for my own place and can’t wait until I’m able to decorate it – thanks for your vid! 🥰

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