STOP DOING THIS TO YOUR BEDROOM! | THE WORST BEDROOM DESIGN MISTAKES | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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May 31, 2022
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STOP DOING THIS TO YOUR BEDROOM! | THE WORST BEDROOM DESIGN MISTAKES | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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Nobody asked but you guys LOVED my Stop Doing This To Your House video so much I decided to make it into a series! Today we’re taking a deep dive on the worst bedroom design mistakes. Let me know if you agree or disagree with anything that I’ve said! And don’t forget to let me know which room I should do next in this series LOL.

Today we’re talking about:

1. Painting accent walls
2. Using the color red
3. Calm down on the tufting
4. Buying bedroom sets
5. Headboards that are too high
6. Too many patterns
7. Cluttered pillows
8. Flat hostel bed
9. Nowhere to sit??
10. Floating nightstands

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vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas



  1. Nia Patrick says:

    i was HOPING and PRRAAYING for "too many pillows"!!!!! They are a pain. i have three and they stay mostly on my… yep, chair in my room! great video! ❤️🦋

  2. Ter beja777 says:

    Thank you, I just happen to be decorating my bedroom now and this gave me some neat ideas. Yea!

  3. E RG says:

    Oh yeah. If I don’t make my bed I feel uncomfortable. Same if any door of any closet or cabinet is open.

  4. K F says:

    Ur so funny! Funny🤣🤣

  5. Kayla L says:

    Love your videos!! I just realized I wasn’t subscribed 😨🫢 But I am now! “Thot bed” and “calm the tuft down” had me rolling

  6. Teri says:

    Billy Jean Sally Sue LMAO 🤣 love it

  7. MsQ says:

    Yes it's my room.. I don't have a lot of ppl. In my house. The pillows that me… I need to tone it down thanx 😊

  8. Hey arvin! First time watching you and this was entertaining and informative.
    I agree with a lot of what you are saying! Massive headboards and tufted everything!?? Yuk!!
    Ok I need advice!
    I'm moving into my own rented place but the place has already bedroom furniture and NOTHING matches!!
    Omg! What do I do??
    Grey carpet (the only thing that's plush and nice there!) Black metal bed frame, brown (old fashioned) wood cabinet, and a mirror chest of draws in deep brown!
    How the hell am I supposed to tie this all together!!?
    No option to remove and put my own things so much.
    And I'm much more of a light, airy, pinks, textured white linens and tussles kinda candy boho look!! With red baskets and pretty white throws!
    What do I do??

  9. Being from an Asian country, these tips are not very relatable, simply because most of these stuff aren't sold in my country. However, we have other problems, such as using too much fluorescent lights… when you rent a room in my country, the bedroom comes with a fluorescent lighting that's as bright as day.

  10. nikubitsa says:

    New subscriber here. I love your tips! You seem to know your stuff. Love your channel! Keep going!!❤❤❤❤

  11. Amanda T says:

    U are my new fav person

  12. As usual, you are hilarious and so on point with your design advice.

  13. Aster Nova says:

    literally just a list of your weird personal preferences. people aren't allowed to like certain colors, textures, or matching things now? lol k then. these aren't tips, just random as s judgements.

  14. Thank you Arvin. I am a Interior Design student and your video helped me a lot with my final project. Keep that good vibe!!

  15. My mom has always had a ton of throw pillows on her beds, however she always has a hope chest on the foot of the beds to store them at night.

  16. Very helpful ♥️ thank you

  17. Sharon Basch says:

    Wish you had listed the two headboards shown ( the nice ones)

  18. What we should avoid in our washrooms…
    I like your way very much..your laughing makes me laugh 😃 😀

  19. Yes I wanna tell everybody my bedroom business 😂🤣 to keep it a hunting lmao it ain't like they don't wanna know

  20. When it come down to a beautiful bed set oh I’m going to have it baby. You is tripping them beds is beautiful

  21. I just moved and have this wall in bedroom I want to do something special with. I love the pictures all around the head of the bed you showed, I had never seen that before. I do world 🌎 traveling think I could showcase my pictures there?

  22. I’m sorry y’all! But I really can’t! I am here for one thing and one thing only. The sass 💁🏻‍♀️ I can’t. I just can’t I literally crack uppppp. Oh honey 🙌🏻

  23. Zee says:

    OMG I laughed all the way through this video… Great tips 😄

  24. D J says:

    I make my bed every day

  25. 😆 🤣 he is hilarious Detroit Mamma

  26. JibaraBicha says:

    Thank you for stopping me from buying an entire bed set 😅

  27. LadyjaKeshay says:

    you are hilarious , just subscribed 🥰😘

  28. I seriously get so sad anytime people always put red down for decorating, I seriously am in love with the color and wish I can have it for everything …. But yeah I do agree, it can be a bit much 😭

  29. Whitney says:

    the 10ft headboards had me dead

  30. Rit Adraille says:

    So glad I didn’t make any of these mistakes lmaoo

  31. People should do what they want to their bedrooms it's whatever makes them happy.

  32. Hey thanks for the video. I enjoyed the tips. I would really like to see you do a video on a bedroom that's actually smaller than the ones that you're showing. Many standard rooms are 10×10 and as much as I would like to do certain things it can look very cluttered right away. Same thing with bathrooms my bathroom is really small and that is my master bathroom. So keep doing a great job but don't forget small packages need love too

  33. I make my bed every morning!

  34. Thank god these are only your opinions!! Most of these are actually quite nice. And I have red all over my room because I'm a queen. It's my bedroom, of course I'm having sex in it. Seriously? Stop giving advice. Yours is as bad as that oversized jacket your wearing. O M G the exact opposite of 5 pounds of sugar in a 2 pound sack! That look is never truly meant to leave the runway where heavier models than you show them. Im thinking you need to be trapped in a room filled with all you ugly opinions!!

  35. I’m too poor to buy the entire set of something. I have a corduroy chaise longer, with a faux brown leather couch, and in my bedroom we have one ikea wood nightstand with an Ashley furniture dresser 🤪

  36. Lori Higgins says:

    A "Thot" headboard!??? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Lori Higgins says:


  38. THarrison004 says:

    I know this video was last year and things change ,but i never had a Tufted headboard before and i want one so bad,but i agree with not getting the whole set,i hate the sets they have out in 2022,but i love the Tufted headboards,but i'm getting two small three draw dressers to put next to the bed as night stands,because i need the storage badly. Right now i have a 28 year old bedroom set,the back of it has all storage,and once i get rid of it i have to figure out how i'm going to store all my stuff,i threw a lot away so far,but i still have so much stuff i want to keep(makeup) hint hint,lol and other things,and even tho i have a pretty big closed,it's packed,i can't fit anymore stuff in it,and i have a very long dresser with the mirror,but i want to do something different,maybe get two chests instead of a chest and a long dresser,but i'm not sure how that would look,and i want to make a seating area,and my bedroom isn't that big,it's a master bedroom but i live in a Co Op and the bedrooms aren't that big,and i'm loving the silver gray walls,with satin gray curtains,but the bed i want isn't gray it's like a Tan color,they do sell it in gray,but i didn't want to have everything all gray,so the curtains and area rug with be silver gray,and i'm hoping the tan Tufted headboard and the brown wood floor i have matches. I was thinking of getting either a light tan dresser/night stand and chest,or something that matches the wood around the bed. I want this Sleigh bed,it has Tan tufted material and the sides are all wood,it's a medium wood color,not to dark not to light,i hate the old white wash look,so i think i'm going to go with a medium color wood chest and night stands/dressers,but i'm confused on what to do with the other dresser,i need the room so i don't want a long dresser,i'll have to figure it out.

  39. Vine Sh says:

    I'm new in your channel and thanks for good tips…pleasr make a video about green and blue velbet soffa how to decorate the room..much love from Sweden💜

  40. Henry Cao says:

    this guy is hilarious

  41. drica86 says:

    Where have you been all my life? You are truly hilarious 🤣 I learned so much and I just subscribed. Keep the videos coming. I need to learn how to style my home

  42. Qeiola Dee says:

    I so enjoy watching your content and love your humor and cheerfulness

  43. Yes to make the bed

  44. YouTube AAB says:

    This video made me laugh out LOUD!!! haha such great advice and the humor is amazing.

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