Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen – In Conversation with Paul, Mary and Stella | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen - In Conversation with Paul, Mary and Stella

Linda McCartney's Family Kitchen – In Conversation with Paul, Mary and Stella | mother’s day table decoration ideas |

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Join Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney alongside Romesh Ranganathan as they discuss the recently released cookbook ‘Linda McCartney’s Family Kitchen’. Together they discuss their personal favourite meals, the dishes they cook most at home, and the family memories that these recipes evoke.

Over thirty years ago, Linda McCartney first blazed the trail for meat-free cooking. In Linda McCartney’s Family Kitchen, Paul, Mary and Stella re-invent over 90 of her best-loved recipes for the plant-based cook, alongside their favourite family stories and photographs. Delicious, sustainable food that is not only good for you, but for the planet too.

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For more information and resources on the benefits of a vegetarian diet, visit the Vegetarian Society website:
mother’s day table decoration ideas



  1. Paul says:

    Nice picture at 33:22 . Mary (far right) must have been just under 2 years. And Linda's expecting Stella.

  2. Nan Park says:

    You are a wonderful songwriter, musician, and positive influence for our world! Love you, Sir Paul and thank you!

  3. Nan Park says:

    You are a wonderful songwriter, musician, and positive influence for our world! Love you, Sir Paul and thank you!

  4. Nan Park says:

    You are a wonderful singer, songwriter, musician, and positive influence for citizens of our world! Love you, Sir Paul and thank you!

  5. Dear Stella and Mary: I so want to “go veggie” as your mum would say…but I’m worried I won’t get enough protein and I’ll gain weight for eating too many carbs (pasta, bread, potatoes, etc.) Can you please send me suggestions!? How did you and your sister, and LINDA, stay slim while being vegetarian? Adoringly, Heather

  6. Thank you for the song Silly Love Songs. That's family. Thank you. And this is family. Thank you! Love.

  7. Stella has her dad's style of communicating and mannerisms as well, so cool to watch. And Mary reminds me of Linda's sweetness and gentle voice. Paul's daughters are a gem. He and Lin did a great job raising their kids.

  8. Lou Lou Moon says:

    I love Stella approach towards her mom Legacy. She would be so proud!!!

  9. I love my meat but I do skip it a couple days a week. I also don't eat meat at every meal.

  10. Such an inspiring video, I’m going to try and be more vegetarian in my life! I might also buy the Linda McCartney cookery book because I’ve heard nothing but greatness about it! If more people became vegetarian than there would be more peace and love spreading to the world!!!😃👍☮️❤️

  11. Luna 333 says:

    After all these years, I still think Linda was his soul mate. His eyes still light up.
    No disrespect to his current wife.

  12. Natcharee A says:

    Eat whatever you want!

  13. I've been a Vegetarian for 40+ years an also "wholeheartedly endorse this cookbook"
    * Just bought the original "Linda's Kitchen" from 1995 and the new "Family Kitchen" edition

  14. Ladylovemm says:

    What a wonderful family. They are so removed from Beatles talk. It’s all about family. No wonder Paul could leave that group. He went home to a beautifully loving family.

  15. So glad to see them keeping their mom's memory alive. She added so much to this world. They never get tired of speaking of her.

  16. MegaGenten says:

    In the beginning God made Adam and Eve and all of their descendants to be "vegaterians". It was only after the flood did Our Creator give Noah the commandment to eat animals, but only "clean" animals as long as the blood was drained out., because "life" is in the blood. Before the flood , everyone was vegaterian. I think we should all take a page out of our Bibles and become vegaterian, it is a healthy and nutricious way to live. I remember Linda McCartney saying "If it has a face don't eat it!" I will never forget that slogan of hers! Also , vegaterians dont suffer from obesity do they?!

  17. Cant believe. I read 1001 comments here.

  18. Zabert Sandmann Verlag, Kochen , die große Schule. I took it in the past.

  19. I desperately want to reach in and fix their rugs😂🤣😂

  20. Yo Ya says:

    Romesh is not a good looking guy, which the Beeb prefers in its Asian stars. Given his looks and who he's interviewing, you'd think he could smarten up a bit. He looks like slouchy grunge man. The McCartney's meanwhile are so appropriately dressed, which they always are.

  21. Dtruth says:

    Sometimes I wonder if vegetarian lifestyles contribute to the dropping testosterone levels in western males.

  22. Yo Ya says:

    The McCartney clan is leap years ahead of Romesh, here the girls are on top form, have grown into wise wise people.
    Ahimsa is from my religion and my reason for being veg. As Stell rightly points out it was Linda's reason too, no to animal cruelty. I wish they had equal rights.

  23. Yo Ya says:

    It's strange how we had similar experiences growing up. Comp schools are not easy when you're different for any reason. It was a big mistake sending you to comps. Both at the time, and its long term impact. Public school people are far better at looking good whilst cutting people up. Whilst comp school people are the opposite. Even in the right we can look because of how we come across.
    I'm the same age as Stell and was born and raised vegetarian. I must say I never had any problems at school about being a vegetarian. It was certainly never ridiculed. People were suprised and in awe or perhaps puzzled. On a school camping holiday, our lovely teacher made the most amazing food for me, the only vegetarian. Mostly minced soya in delicious sauces, watching this I bet she used Linda's cook book, the food wasn't bland but perfectly spiced.

  24. In them days ,vegetarians and later ,vegans felt stigmatized and very misunderstood, im glad times have changed for the better, and alot of that thanks and change is due to Linda McCartney foods and recipes, i remember the meatless lasagne she did back in the 80's i bought them, very nice,! It's so lovely to see Paul and his daughters together,still brings tears to my eyes about Linda, Bless all.

  25. BeeRye says:

    I had never thought to use lettuce a as my bagel hole obstructionist; having only ever used the fallible melting cheese slice… 🙂

  26. C W says:

    Good grief! Is all that explanation really necessary about being a vegetarian! Just say I'm a vegetarian and leave it at that. Eat what you want to eat. Who cares? This has got to be the most boring interview I've ever seen!

  27. jstevenj1 says:

    Sir Dad and the 'girls', up close and personal! How nice, it only took me 8 minutes to overcome the family aura (it's strong), well worth the wait…

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