Learn How to Make a Tiered Cake | 3 tier stand decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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Learn How to Make a Tiered Cake

Learn How to Make a Tiered Cake | 3 tier stand decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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Learn how to make a tiered cake that’s sturdier than traditional stacked cakes made with dowel rods alone.

How to Stack a Tiered Cake:

Making a tiered wedding cake or large stacked cake can be intimidating, but with the Cake Stacking Construction System, it doesn’t have to be. This new system allows you to easily create a sturdy stacked cake that holds up during travel.

– Center Core Rods:
– Support Rods and Caps:
– Perforated Center Cake Boards:

-Everything you need to know before you stack your cakes:
– Cut a small hole in fondant covered cakes to make it easy for the center core to slide in.
– To determine the number of support straws needed for your individual cake tiers, divide the cake diameter in half.
– Cut support rods 1/16 inch below the cake height, so that the support cap sits flush with the top of the cake.

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3 tier stand decorating ideas



  1. John Helton says:

    I'm pretty sure you can still buy plans with all the details you need on Woodglut.

  2. I love this video! it was very clear and easy to follow– I loved the enthusiasm and the fact that it got right to business.

  3. Nowthen AD says:

    The same thing can be achieved simply with dowel, except that these can all be inserted from above, meaning that you won't get the blowout through the top of the fondant

  4. AngeloR674 says:

    Dont like this system!.. time consuming! And not Efficient!

  5. Can I use this rods for 2 tier sponge cake ?

  6. Farina Waris says:

    Hye.. How can I get it.?

  7. I am calling bs in this because first, off I bought these support rods and center rod kit for a cake for my sisters baby shower. I tried to cut them with scissors like in the video and it would not cut. I even tried a utility knife and a very sharp chef knife and none of them made a dent in the rods. I don't know what kind of scissors you used in the video but they are not regular scissors. Wilton is a good brand I've used other products from them before this tho I'm disappointed

  8. julia louk says:

    Would you recommend us decorating the cake after we stack it with the Dalles

  9. Same for Square tier?

  10. Hola buenos dias, como puedo comprar en cantidad ?

  11. AngeloR674 says:

    Support dowels need to be right under the cake layer to allow proper support.. not half through.. that will create a disaster!

  12. Hi, I need help on how to use the separators plates + their pillars.

  13. Amber Avery says:

    I have LONG struggled with stacking cakes but this video gave me all I needed and I'm happy to say my cake stacking went just as the video said. Thank you so very much!

  14. GiGi says:

    Please provide a video on how to use this system with buttercream frosted cakes. Based on this video, how would you get the top tier if it buttercream without messing up the frosting?

  15. All Jinny says:

    How do the center core rods work if you tier is taller than 4 inches? They come in a set height and can only be made shorter.

  16. Doodles says:

    I know that they are necessary but I really don't like cake support rods in cakes because I feel like it runs the cake and you can't cut into it properly

  17. On my god I've always wanted to make a tiered cake but I don't think I'm ready cuz I'm 12 and I only started baking at 10. I really want to work at Wilton when I'm older

  18. Esh says:

    so helpful…excited to do this wedding cake now

  19. Matteo F says:

    thank you guys sooooo much!!!!!
    now i can make my 2 tier cake wit out having to worry about assembling my cake

  20. if I'm making 2 tierd cake, n its going to be transported I have to use this same method

  21. Sibuna01 says:

    Can you do a tutorial for this for a topsy cake?

  22. Chinelo Awa says:

    how is the bottom tier secured to the board?

  23. Jay Dupard says:

    how many layers in each tier?

  24. Tina Guzman says:

    can i use them for a 5 tier cake?

  25. I used this support system for my niece's wedding cake this weekend. The cake had to travel 1 and a half hours in the car. Also, the wedding was an outdoor wedding!! The cake held up beautifully. I would recommend this system!!!!!

  26. ARIEL RAYE says:

    Does the same technique apply for different shaped cakes like heart and square cakes.

  27. Emily Ciner says:

    here is my biggest question: how do you serve this kind of cake?

  28. Emma Z says:

    This ladies voice irritates me! And that cake was soooo wobbly! Trust me guys, use boba straws! Cheap, and EFFECTIVE!

  29. Bad monke says:

    I'd definitely try these for fondant covered tiered cakes, but I'm leery of trying for only buttercream tiered cakes.

  30. Irma562 Mart says:

    Yeah.. That's easy too do with fondant, but don't think with buttercream!

  31. Can I use these methods for buttercream cakes?

  32. Looks very fiddly to use. We use the sturdy cake stackers system which is a lot easier to use and comes with the boards already pre-drilled and also it goes through the bottom board which makes it safer and stronger. You can also take the sturdy cake stackers out and use it again if you wish to.

  33. It looks messy… She looks so "excited weird"!

  34. Traci White says:

    you speak of perforated cake boards.  I have looked on Wilton.com and online and can't find them.  Where can a person find the circles with the centers pre cut?

  35. Linda Hill says:

    hmmm, this cake was covered with fondant and she had her hands on the side.  Wonder how this works with a buttercream iced cake.  I have some doubts.

  36. L. Kay Boyer says:

    When using this in a Wedding Cake, unless you know the Family. The stacking system will not be returned to you. This will be a loss. Hopefully the stacking system is not expensive.

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