IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet Complete Build | MILSBO Houseplant Cabinet | mother’s day table decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet Complete Build | MILSBO Houseplant Cabinet

IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet Complete Build | MILSBO Houseplant Cabinet | mother’s day table decoration ideas | 55designers.com

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#IKEA #Greenhouse #Cabinet #Complete #Build #MILSBO #Houseplant #Cabinet
today i show you how i built an entire living houseplant wall out of a milsbo ikea greenhouse cabinet~

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mother’s day table decoration ideas



  1. Wow!!!!! 💚🌿🌱🪴💚🖼

  2. Maja B says:

    Hi Ashley! I'm not sure if the type of moss you used is the same as the one I'm thinking about but a painted sheet moss can work in a terrarium/palludarium or a similar setting. If you don't mind washing the dye away you can soak the moss in water until it's fully saturated and then gently move it around under water to get rid of debris and any loose pieces. Then lay it out to drain and dry at least a little bit. Do wear gloves tho if you don't want to have green skin for a few days. This should minimise the chances of something rotting or getting moldy but it's natural so there could still be something that'll go bad. If you're planning on using in a very high humidity, the safest option would be to first have the moss somewhere where the humidity is above 45-50%, let it get used to it and then gradually bump up the humidity while keeping an eye on it. If you successfully move the moss into high humidity you have big chances that it'll get back to life and actually grow.
    Most dyes used to paint moss are nontoxic and hypoallergenic so it shouldn't harm any plants or pets/beneficial bugs.
    You can use hot glue on the moss to attach it, it won't hurt the it.
    The best sheet or reindeer moss in my experience comes from Norway.

    Anyway I hope you or someone else finds it helpful or at least interesting😊😅💕

  3. Just watching your latest videos as I've been dealing with some serious health issues this past week, your videos always lift my heart Ashley. You are a very talented and gifted young lady (lol im 43 so to me you are just a babe!!) Honestly Ashley thanks for your content and all your cabinets look amazing. Am in the middle of re doing my plant room, bedroom and hall as soon so pennies are super tight. However i will be treating myself to a Milsbo for my Christmas and i can't wait to build a showstopping planty cabinet, filled with all my favourite babies..and it's thanks to you and your inspirational videos. Hope you are feeling better sweetheart, take time and care for yourself its something ive learnt after years of therapy due to a seriously abusive relationship that took almost 11yrs of my life. Plants saved me and still to this day when i can't leave the house due to my physical or mental health plants are my saving grace, as is the joy i get watching/following some amazing, strong and courageous planty ppl on YT and IG…sending you lots of good vibes keep swinging honey and btw you unboxing video touched my heart. You deserve to be treated with kindness, you deserved they lovely plants/gifts and you are worth it Ashley. You are a very strong, powerful and inspirational voice on YT. Never forget how amazing you are and how many lives your kind, funny and inspiring words have touched…hugs all the way from Scotland 🤗🌱💚

  4. Catching up on your videos (life be crazy yo)

    But I just wanna say;
    "You're killing this plant mommy thing!"
    Also, you've inspired me to find a cabinet!!!

  5. Hey Ashley. I had an old fish tank, with the top lights, that I put my small potted plants in to see if they would grow a bit faster. Well I put some moss around their pots just to make it look better. They started growing so much faster with the lights and looked so healthly. Then just out of the blue I had mold on top of the moss and all around the pots. I took out all the moss and cleaned it off of their pots and it seems to be working for now. I thought so anyway..Nope I just found mold on some pots just a minute ago..So do you recommend using hydrogen proxide and water to keep it away?? Or is there anything else you would recommend?? If there is a way I want to keep these small plants in there for a while but I did not know it could cause a disease on your plants. What do you think I should do with them..Thanks so much!!

  6. ADU Jungle says:

    It's really gorgeous.

  7. Susan Lynn says:

    Can I just say your eyeliner looks incredible ✨

  8. Euro Trav says:

    This cabin actually saves a lot of work needed on each individual plant. Plus, you can go vacation for weeks and they will be fine in the sealed cabin. I think this is a great way making the daily work disappear! Plus, it gives you the freedom to travel.

  9. I love this build so much. Congrats! That's beautiful and the plants look great.

  10. Sarah says:

    As soon I saw the sheet moss, I knew it was a mistake- I had the same issue the first time I made a terrarium- which is was a much, much smaller project. Glad you found a solution that wasn't throwing it out! You're a welcome distraction from the state of our nation right now.

  11. nessin8or says:

    Looks great!! Sila-cone 😜

  12. eldur kaeri says:

    Hey love, I loved the video! So satisfying to see the whole process.
    I'm not seeing the DC link in your video description – can someone comment it or add it? Thank you so much

  13. Anna Hummel says:

    Thanks for showing the side!

  14. Jess T says:

    Another option to cover the back, dollar general's tend to carry contact paper for a cheaper price and it's peel and stick so might be an easier and cheaper option! Painting glass can be a pain because it can scrape off easily. Also of you ever need to buy the gap filler again I work at an ACE and we sell that exact one(most all ACE carries DAP) black can 3in gap filler DAP brand!

  15. Hey girl 👋 I just wanna say love your content and using your builds as inspiration for a build I’m about to do 😊 I also recently just bought a bunch of more rare/uncommon varieties of aroids I think you’d definitely love! I get what you said in your video on not wanting to trade right now, but it’ll take several months to grow out my plants anyhow so if you wanna talk more message me back on instagram 💕

    also I totally get why you never noticed my instagram message 😊 I’m sure you get hundreds of random messages

  16. I have a mIlsbo at home in the box and really want to do this but it really intimidates me. I need some people to talk me into doing it. I definitely am interested in seeing the upkeep for it.

  17. I know you said it, but I can’t find it >.< what kind of wire to pin the moss

  18. jAYNAeh says:

    yes. this video is what i need right now. yes

  19. Linda Holder says:

    I want a milsbo that turned out fantastic Ashley good job My all your babies grow big and strong.

  20. Linda Holder says:

    Yep only the moss

  21. So excited to do mine 😀

  22. This looks amazing!! Love it so much. If you dont end up wanting to paint the back of the Milsbo you could always use reptile enclosure static cling background!! You can do black or even some kind of cool pattern! Just an option if you didn’t want to paint the glass!

  23. Omgggg been waiting for this i have a milsbo and look boring

  24. So, glad I didn't buy the sheet moss at Lowe's!! That really suck about the mold from the sheet moss!!! Love your new cabinet!!! Stunning!!!!❤🥰😍❤🥰😍❤🥰😍❤

  25. Sylvia Bol says:


  26. Hey Ashley, I’m not saying the sheet moss you bought is ok bc the dye part is definitely bad, but i bought dried sheet moss for my terrarium (but it was all natural) and it also got some weird spiderweb like mold and the springtails easily took care of it. Having mold in your terrarium set up is pretty normal in the first month or so as far as i could tell from terrarium groups i’ve been in.
    Anyways i love hove the cabinet looks 💗And stay strong with everything that is happening in the US

  27. Stygelius says:

    ooo HELL yeah I want to do this to my Milsbo!

  28. Madyson says:


  29. Arthur Grey says:

    That sheet moss from Lowe's sounds like a nightmare 😭

  30. Ahh this is goals 💚🌱🌿

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