8 ITEMS THAT INSTANTLY MAKE YOUR ROOM COOLER! + GIVEAWAY | baseball room decor ideas | 55designers.com

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8 ITEMS THAT INSTANTLY MAKE YOUR ROOM COOLER! + GIVEAWAY | baseball room decor ideas | 55designers.com

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Giveaway details:
1. Purchase ANY item from using promo code RLE20
2. Screenshot your order and send to RichieLeChannel@gmail.com to be entered
3. Purchase as many items as you’d like, each separate order will account for ONE entry into the giveaway. Please be clear in your e-mail how many orders you have.
4. Subscribe to the channel and follow @RichieLe23 on Instagram
5. 5-10 winners will be announced by April 1st. Good luck!

I am 5’5 150 pounds and wear 30 in all of their denim.

Items I suggest:
Light washed denim:

Lighter wash than above link:

Dark denim with stone fading:

Dark wash with indigo fading:

Distressed light denim:

Cream splattered denim jacket:

Levitating Sneaker Display

Turntable Display

Clear display risers

Gooseneck Phone Clamp

Motion Sensor Closet Lights

Hypebeast Magazine

Replica Jeff Koons Balloon Dog

Canvas Printing Services

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baseball room decor ideas



  1. Soee says:

    Pretty stupid with the phone holder at the bed.. you know?

  2. Bhillz34 says:

    The Kaws prints… where did you find those prints? I couldn’t find them lol

  3. DaddyDickum says:

    Just some feedback: can you calm down a bit?

  4. You gotta LOVE people that decorate with boards who DONT SKATE!!!! Makes me puke a little bit. And putting up FAKES makes you look foolish around real collectors. You make yourself look SLOW.

  5. TTACO says:

    7:30 there's a magnet in the shoe

  6. Shoe looks like it uses Arles at one magnet in the bottom inside of the heel; maybe even the toes

  7. can you show where you download the photos from?

  8. Lance Dickey says:

    Good video. I hope you are succeeding

  9. Dza says:

    literally unaffordable, elon musk: buys a million of them

  10. Frazy FN says:

    Where did u get ur couch from it looks sick

  11. TheKoi! says:

    if u guys wanna know how the sneaker levitator works then there a magnet that connects it

  12. Saner says:

    Man if i ever see this kid in public ima put him in the hospital.

  13. Any idea where I can go to get a kaws image the size of my wall to put on a canvas been looking for a while

  14. Typ.vlasin says:

    Dude I can see the magnet marble in the show the jig is up😭

  15. smeeze says:

    whats the light up shelf tho under the clear display risers??????

  16. Chris Lopez says:

    What the fuck is this? How to decorate like a 12 year old?

  17. The phone stand will come in handy for teen boys if ya know what I mean 😏

  18. Martines says:

    I'm here a little late for the giveaway, right?

  19. Brandon says:

    I mean this video is shit. All of his decor is about shoes and sneakers, I feel like shoes are nice but you don’t need to base your whole personality around them. For me I’d say a pc desk setup, fish tank, tv, led lights, and paintings would make your room cooler, not plastic trinkets and books lol.

  20. in my personal opinion, having skateboards on your wall and not being a skater is extremely corny.

  21. ChumSecret says:

    God bless everyone. Give your life unto Jesus follow God 🙏

  22. Hello, a question, where are the Jordan plates from?

  23. Sam Beaudoin says:

    4:48 ghosts in my closet punching the air after i get these

  24. ourky says:

    this isn’t gta?

  25. floopstuh says:

    WHAT WAS THAT SONG was near the end before the giveaway

  26. Nicola Nimo says:

    Garage sale😂😂

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