Set Up A LUXURY PICNIC With Us | Luxury BOHO Picnics | BOHO Aesthetics | Pink Rose' Theme | picnic table decorating ideas |

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Set Up A LUXURY PICNIC With Us | Luxury BOHO Picnics | BOHO Aesthetics | Pink Rose' Theme

Set Up A LUXURY PICNIC With Us | Luxury BOHO Picnics | BOHO Aesthetics | Pink Rose' Theme | picnic table decorating ideas |

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Hey everyone, today we are inviting you to come Set up a luxury picnic with us! We are so happy that you all are loving our Luxury Picnic Business series and wanted to show you the behind the scenes process of how we set up our luxury boho picnics. We wanted this video to be more of a vlog style video however, our detachable mic and wind muffler thought today would be a perfect day to malfunction on us. It wasn’t until after we stopped filming that we noticed some parts had no audio. Hopefully the aesthetic of the video will be enjoyable for you all! Thank you for all your questions and support! We’re sending a huge welcome to all of our new subscribers, welcome to the fam! We hope you enjoy the video!


White wood chalkboard –

Blue waterproof tarp –

Vigoro garden staples to secure tarp – or Home Depot

White king sized throw blanket –

White lack table –

Beige square floor pillow –

Pink sheer tale runner –

White textured ceramic vase –

Flower bouquet – Hobby Lobby floral section

White pillar candle holders – Hobby Lobby

Pink pillar candles –

Gold tape candle holders –

Pink metallic taper candles – Hobby Lobby

Braided flower placemat – or ( to purchase individually)

Pink plastic dinner plates –

White table napkins –

White and Gold utensils –

Sanitizer/Soap dispenser – HomeGoods

Gold and Glass pyramid candle holder – HomeGoods

Pink stemmed glass cup with gold rim –

Picnic Basket and Throw – Marshalls

Letterboard –

Musibaby Bluetooth speaker –
Angie’s Instagram: @_angelinagabrielle
James’ Instagram: @_jamestownsley
Angie & James Instagram: @lifeasangieandjames

Angie: 25
James: 29
Sony ZV-1 (Camera):
Handheld tripod:
South Florida 🌴
Business Inquiries ONLY:

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  1. Hey everyone! The links/source for all products used in today's video have been listed in the description box. All items are listed in the order that it was displayed so everything should be easy to identify and find. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  2. So excited to start my business! Thank you for sharing

  3. Thank you for not overly speeding up this video 🙏

  4. Just a thought…when you 2 do your mock picnics, why don't you take a mkment and bask in the pleadures of your business yourself. It may also give you new ideas as you experience the greatness of your business for yourself. Much love to you both.

  5. BIT OF BEACH says:

    Do you supply the food too? or just decor

  6. Rae Talks says:

    Love this! Well done!

  7. Dutch V. says:

    You guys do an amazing job together, congrats! I'm (somewhat doing the same business) I say, somewhat bcuz, Vegas is scorching bloody hot!!! The heat is too hazardous to be in. Therefore, I can't wait for September… I did a few mock setups, I thought I'd literally die it was do hot.
    Enjoy & thanks for the info. Instagram is, dutch4cakes.

  8. I was a serious customer that wanted to book them. I was told to call & leave a message & they would call me back. After 3 attempts I was like let me buy the stuff & do it myself for my anniversay. So it's August 29 so I been watching YouTube videos to prepare & look what pop up? Lol the universe is too funny.

  9. Love your channel!!! As well what’s the measurement for your blanket y’all lay down at the bottom?

  10. Hiraeth Days says:

    Two questions how long do you guys have in between when you set these up and when people arrive to them. Do you just tell them where it's set up at?
    Second question what do you do if people light your decorative candles and get wax all over the stuff?

  11. I absolutely love this setup girl!! 🥰🥰🥰

  12. Stephanie R. says:

    I love y’all! Your step by step videos have been so helpful. I hope you don’t mind if DM you with specific questions. Please keep sharing. God Bless this beautiful couple!

  13. Beautiful setup! Would love for you to source where you got all the items for this setup please?

    I like the screw on table. I noticed you all have different tables. Where did you get them? And I couldn’t tell what you used to secure the tarp in time stamp 0.37 seconds.

  14. May God bless your business!!! Starting my journey in this business also . Thank you for all the informative videos. Beautiful setups and beautiful watching y’all work together.

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