DIY BOHO BEACH PICNIC! | HomeGoods, IKEA, Amazon – Davina Donkor | picnic table decorating ideas |

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May 25, 2022
🌸🌿DECORACIÓN de SALA pequeña 2021🌿🌸IDEAS  sencillas PARA decorar  SALA reutilizando #decoración2021
🌸🌿DECORACIÓN de SALA pequeña 2021🌿🌸IDEAS sencillas PARA decorar SALA reutilizando #decoración2021 | ideas para decorar salas pequeñas |
May 25, 2022
DIY BOHO BEACH PICNIC! | HomeGoods, IKEA, Amazon - Davina Donkor

DIY BOHO BEACH PICNIC! | HomeGoods, IKEA, Amazon – Davina Donkor | picnic table decorating ideas |

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Hey guys! My birthday was on the 23rd, and all I wanted to do was have an extraaaa boho beach picnic! My sister and best friends helped me make that dream come true, and I brought y’all along with me! I LOVE the idea of a picnic so much, especially during covid times, because it adds a whole new level of excitement to normal plans, which we could all use during this time. This may look extra, but you best believe it’s also super affordable! I purchased a lot of these things because my house in San Diego didn’t have anything I could use, but just grab some cute blankets, steal wine glasses from your house, grab some dinner, and this could be you too!

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Battle of the Sweatpants:
Cheap Amazon Workout Clothes Haul:
DIY Tie-Dye Sweatsuit Under $15:

Wooden Pallet: FREE at Petco (you can also call any local grocery store, etc to pick them up for free!)
Ikea Blanket:
Ikea Table Cloth:
Ikea Glass Vases:
Amazon Blanket:
Bunny Tail Flowers: (Use code 20MADEBYYOU for 20% off!)
Bamboo Sticks: (Use code 20MADEBYYOU for 20% off!)
String Lights: (comes in a pack of 2!)
(Similar) Lantern Options:
(Similar) Cutting Board:
(Similar) Chair Cushions:

Dinner: BEST build your own mediterranean bowls 🙂
$5.99 Trader Joe’s Rose: La Ferme Julien Rosé
Seltzer- Oskar Blues Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water:
Beer – Mango Cart: (they also make Watermelon too!)


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  1. lex says:

    This is super super nice, what beach did you guys go to?

  2. A Saeed says:

    may i ask how you carried the pallet down to the beach was it heavy??

  3. Vanessa Rose says:

    How you put the poles/wooden sticks like that? Wouldn’t they fall? I would love to know please 🥰💕

  4. I want to start my own picnic setup business but I'm not sure what I need to start

  5. How did you do the pole set up? Did they stay up in the wind?

  6. ashley778909 says:

    My birthday is July 4th and this is what I want my setup to look like lol!! <3 <3 so cuteeee

  7. MBB604 says:

    What size rug works best?

  8. Hey do you think 7.5 ft lights would give you the same look?

  9. Dahtyah says:

    Such a dazzling 🧺. I’m in love with this🤩🤩Going to do a date night with hubby. Can’t wait to set this up. Thanks so much for sharing 🤗

  10. im scared of those damn 🦅 that be at the beach robbing me for my food! 😬😬😬

  11. Janel Rozay says:

    Who do u ask for the palettes

  12. This was absolutely beautiful!! Did the wooden palette fit in your car? How did you carry it?

  13. How did you all transport the pallet? Does it fit into a car?

  14. vivica89 says:

    Beautiful job🧡

  15. Did you need permission to do it on beach sand instead of in a picnic shelter???

  16. LifeWithBre says:

    Where’s the table from

  17. Jess Bellows says:

    Beach drinking is illegal in Cali where are you??

  18. so so so beautiful!! love it babes!

  19. Looks amazing!! Love that wine! You gotta try the Delicious Monster!

  20. Viribambam says:

    mentioned this was LA but what beach spot is that , anyone know ??

  21. Hi, love the setup. One question in regards to the lights, where did you plugged them?

  22. Lav says:

    Where is the sunset 🥲🥲🥲🥲

  23. This is so cute!!!!

  24. Tony says:

    this is my dream with someone I really like just for the fun of it to have this but I rather do this in a beach where theres almost no people where I can just hear me and my future gf and the natural beach sounds

  25. Eli says:

    Loved it…. happy birthday to you sweet girl. 🥂🍾💥🌹

  26. Eneh Ruth says:

    I love the aesthetics of this picnic…Its PERFECT!!!

  27. nora says:

    I bought some wood pallets online and they are SO heavy..any suggestions?

  28. Tie My Apron says:

    It came out so beautiful!!!

  29. S M says:

    This looks like a dream!!

  30. Tonya Allen says:

    This is absolutely beautiful ❤❤❤

  31. Tyla Hoc says:

    omg I'm so gonna do this for valentines day! its summer in New Zealand so itll be perfect for watching the sun set 🙂

  32. Can I just contact you guys so you could do me a picnic like that so I can surprise my boyfriend

  33. Where did you get the table from?? I’m thinking of during this for my bday!! So cute!!

  34. YH says:

    Love this

  35. Rose says:

    y’all did the most!! And I love it! Looks absolutely stunning ✨✨

  36. How was the clean up? Any tips?

  37. Alessia says:

    I'm planning a picnic for my bday too so I came here on youtube for inspo and damn! Most aesthetic picnic ever!

  38. Thank you for making this video!! My birthday is this weekend and I'm planning to do a picnic like this 🙂

  39. Fi Aifos says:

    How did you get the bamboo stick to stand without falling in the sand ?

  40. Thank you for the inspiration I love everything! 🙂 I'm recreating this for my anniversary! <3

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