EXTREME Sneaker Room Makeover With Sneaker Throne Display Cases | baseball room decor ideas | 55designers.com

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EXTREME Sneaker Room Makeover With Sneaker Throne Display Cases

EXTREME Sneaker Room Makeover With Sneaker Throne Display Cases | baseball room decor ideas | 55designers.com

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Sneaker Room Makeover With Sneaker Throne Display Cases

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baseball room decor ideas



  1. DNA SHOW says:

    Shoe Containers Use "DNASHOW" for 10% OFF https://sneakerthrone.com/

  2. Jayden Dorma says:

    Hey could u do my room I do t got that much sneakers but I want to do a make over my room

  3. He can do mine lowkey

  4. Jesse Acosta says:

    I have a question Dj the sneaker cases are super Dope! but do you think the lighting that close with the led lights is good for the shoes in the long run?

  5. global joe says:

    Where you get the lil cube tv stand from?

  6. Petty Wap says:

    what about the bed??

  7. Hey man I would like for you to come out to set up my dream sneaker room

  8. skreen647 says:

    For the love of god, hide your cables when mounting your TV. It takes a few minutes and looks way better

  9. What happened to the bed

  10. Mr. Lex says:

    Dope video DJ. I'm hooked!!!😄

  11. Is the bottom cases the throne 2.0?

  12. Bruh where did homies bed go?😂

  13. Im a Packers fan but those raider shoes kinda fire ngl

  14. iqbal dinata says:

    hey, man, great vids!
    quick question, will the light damage the shoes’ color? I mean, light radiates heat, right? is it safe if the light always stays on?
    and I’m planning getting ones with UV light. is it bad for the shoes, for a long period of time?
    really appreciate if your answer this 🙏🏻

  15. I really want a awsome room like that also I love your videos man 🙂

  16. MilkyDubz says:

    The best in the background sounds like a cat rapping

  17. Gioo Savage says:

    bro got nowhere to sleep now 😭

  18. William Ngor says:

    I think the Jordon 1 is fake the green correct me if I'm wrong

  19. JJ says:

    I love dj and I like the room but where did the bed go

  20. SuckaFree RT says:

    What size is that tv

  21. Damn! That's a dope set up 💣🔥💯

  22. PGForceZ says:

    The question is where is he sleeping now

  23. VidsByKal says:

    Damn DJ, that room is fly AF

  24. Tuomach says:

    I want this room ofc NBA2k21

  25. Dex Andrews says:

    mans did the whole intro without looking at the road

  26. Big boy Ben says:

    Where was his bed

  27. that “heyy” at the beginning scared me tf out 😭😭😭

  28. Shout Sacramento and Grant High School. And your mans a Raiders Fan 👊🏼

  29. i was shocked when you driving with no hands

  30. cicijusfly27 says:

    Oh geez do my sons need your help in their lives about 60 pairs and no clear way to organize them besides the storage display totes we cant out anything on the walls and they also have 2 fish tanks so I need to be creative I need ideas

  31. Lilly says:

    This was such a blessing to see.. cant wait to do this for my friends 🙂

  32. Where does he sleep now, the floor? A big shoe box?

  33. V A G U E says:

    ayo the voice audio is on the left side bro jus looking out

  34. @DNASHOW how much do you charge to do a remodel???

  35. J. Skywalkin says:

    This gave me some pimp my ride vibes lol 🔥

  36. Ruzhe says:

    what about his bed

  37. Hasan Perez says:

    Hey brother, I'm in PDX and pretty new to the shoe scene here. I think I just heard you mention Portland so I assume you're from the area. Are there any shops, events, or meets?? I'm a transplant outta Brooklyn NY and I'm just interested in linking up with locals shoe heads to but or trade with.

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