Basement Ceiling Ideas (Planning Your way Around the Obstacles) | basement wall decor ideas |

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May 22, 2022
May 22, 2022
Basement Ceiling Ideas (Planning  Your way Around the Obstacles)

Basement Ceiling Ideas (Planning Your way Around the Obstacles) | basement wall decor ideas |

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Finishing your basement ceiling can be a really confusing and frustrating task for a lot of us! In this video I will take some of the mystery and hopefully a lot of the “guess-work” out of your basement ceiling design phase.

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basement wall decor ideas



  1. Nice work! I'm a bit cautious of drywall for my basement I'm finishing. I want easy access for any needed repairs (leaks etc.), So I was thinking drop-ceiling or open, painted. What are your thougts on this?

  2. Best video. I spent month redoing a ceiling with obstacles just like this. I lost my shirt on the job.

  3. Thank you for the video. Answered all my questions

  4. Billy Jack says:

    Nice work! I hope your PEX doesn’t leak, EVER! You can tell I had that experience! That’ll screw up a finished ceiling like no ones business! I was so pissed that I tore out drywall, ceilings, and every damn piece of PEX I could and replumbed everything with copper! Of course, it’s not like I had a mental health episode and I have an anger issue when it happened one time, the problem was I had to screw with PEX probably seven or eight times in two years of a brand new house because of leaks! That crap should be outlawed!

  5. Manolotech1 says:

    Great balance and symmetry in the juxtaposition of your soffits and ceilings. Great work.

  6. Hi, if there is a 3-feet distance between the duct and the main beam without obstacles, is it a better way to keep the higher ceiling or keep the same height with the duct? Thanks.

  7. I wish you would have shown us more about how you performed the construction. Not a good video

  8. Hi do u remodel people basement . I need my unfinished basement to be completel

  9. Binod Gurung says:

    How much this would cost estimate

  10. anibal payan says:

    What the fuck didn't you show how that job was done 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. K. L-S says:

    Wow this looms fantastic!

  12. Not Me says:

    I am actually 7' 5" So thanks for considering my trip down. I see all that plastic, people ask why does everyone have so much plastic in their blood. Pex.

  13. How much to hire you to remodel my basement

  14. Bucket Head says:

    No lie it looks good. God forbid if there's a leak. Had it happen. Ripped out all of the drywall ceiling and will never have one again.

  15. David Robins says:

    You did a great job. Thanks for the good clear video with clear sound. I wish you had shown us HOW you did each section.

  16. Earthgirl7 says:

    Very impressive!

  17. Travis Jones says:

    Ya had me until the end when you convinced yourself adding 2 foot of ceiling space “wouldn’t be worth the aggravation.” Then contradicted yourself in your final comments when you stated that “you should maximize space anywhere you can.”

  18. I’m surprised they ram the hot and cold pex right on top of each other. We always keep them apart to avoid heat and cool transfer.

  19. What colour of blue / grey paint did you use on the walls. Looks good

  20. A K says:

    This video is a huge waste of time. It shows only before and after and doesn’t tell you how it’s done!

  21. Who puts hot and cold lines together.

  22. Marc C says:

    Keep the steel beam as an architectural detail and now the ceiling was dropped low. Steel is an expensive material and serves a structural function. Form follows function show it off. What was the purpose of hiding the beam the ceiling is now void of anything interesting

  23. Dave Leblanc says:

    What's the clearance needed around hot air ducts?

  24. Starpartyguy says:

    I've watched a lot of home improvement shows and unless I'm mistaken, you covered up a lot of areas that should remain accessible with drywall. If you need any work done through the ceiling I can't see you you would do it without tearing out your brand new ceiling. I would think a drop ceiling would be a better choice. But all the best.

  25. Jared Reviea says:

    If the low ceiling is 8', it would have looked way cleaner to stick with that height throughout.

  26. Excellent video thanks for making this

  27. Handbag Diva says:

    Why do Americans say “ acrost “ instead of across? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  28. Tony Moran says:

    Beautiful work. Thanks for the ideas.

  29. Tom Nicol says:

    If you are looking for a way to hang panels on walls check out The only tool made specifically for one person to transport, lift and hold panels on walls. Never have to lift a panel again. Ceiling lifts were made to hang ceilings, not walls. Get the right tool for the job.

  30. Cost=Too Much, Paint Flat Black=Cheap, Full Access to all mechanicals

  31. did you just make a vent hole right in the duct work to have heat for the basement over by the gas lines step up?

  32. How do I hide a bath tub drain pipe that is angling ? I can't drop the ceiling to that level.

  33. MCNDC now says:

    Why would you install the smoke detector in the lowest section if the ceiling?

  34. Wow, I have so many obstacles it is going to be very hard. I was wondering how you did your exterior walls? I am going to have mine spray foamed. Lots of work to do. Great job!

  35. Peter V says:

    Excellent video – thank you!

  36. Brandan M650 says:

    At 7:00 as an electrician, the can lights in the soffit being off centered from the windows drives me crazy. Always try and center if by a window for cosmetics. Most untrained eye wouldn’t pay attention to it, nor will they ever. But it is just a personal thing.

  37. Pfff, cry me a river! I wish I had your house! My ductwork and plumbing are so messy, I'm looking at 7ft high ceilings in most areas fml


  39. Abbey Moore says:

    Hi there! I'd be honored to get your advice. I am a first time homeowner of an early 80's house. In the basement, there is not that sleek style of ductwork as shown in this video. It is the big soft round type, with a much lower clearance. What can I do to maximize ceiling height when finished?

  40. How much was this $ job for materials? & Labor too? Thanks

  41. Cam says:

    all that only took 3 weeks? damn!

  42. My comment did not come across the right way it was not in anyway meant to offend…
    For that I apologize to you.

  43. Good video
    But don’t talk SO much and get your message across faster. People have more common sense than you think.

  44. Strider Wolf says:

    We’ve been watching all of your videos as we are looking at finishing our basement. Great filming, description and instructions!

    I was curious on building sofits as you’ve shown with 2×4 as to what the maximum width/span of it can be? In other words, when the two parallel vertical short walls are built, what is the max length a flat 2×4 can be toe nailed between them without issues of sagging or structural?

    Thanks again!

  45. How much did it cost you?

  46. san mac says:

    Good work, but u have all interior pipes in one place I have all pipes randomly fixed at basement ceiling…. Now it's hard for me to hide them one by one….. Right now i m in that project. anyways u could have decorated your 3 feet ceiling with wooden finish

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