AESTHETIC BOHO LUXURY PICNIC SETUP | starting a brand new luxury boho picnic business in San Diego! | picnic table decorating ideas |

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May 22, 2022
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May 22, 2022
AESTHETIC BOHO LUXURY PICNIC SETUP | starting a brand new luxury boho picnic business in San Diego!

AESTHETIC BOHO LUXURY PICNIC SETUP | starting a brand new luxury boho picnic business in San Diego! | picnic table decorating ideas |


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AESTHETIC BOHO LUXURY PICNIC SETUP | launching our new luxury boho picnic business in San Diego, day in the life of a luxury picnic planner

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Today I am taking you all along with me as we celebrate the launch of our new luxury boho picnic business in San Diego!

If you love all things boho, picnic related or D.I.Y videos, then you are my kind of people and this is the channel for you! Be sure to check out my TIKTOK (@thebohoaesthetic) and join our growing fam of 22K!


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+ where did you get your table? – I made it!
+ where are you located? – San Diego!
+ how do I book a picnic? – visit our website!
+ where do you get your decor? – homegoods, tj maxx, marshalls, target, ross, & world market!

Thank you all for your likes, comments, messages and overall support and following along with our picnic business journey!

xx Krysten
picnic table decorating ideas



  1. The display was beautiful. Thank you for sharing the trial and error. It made it more organic. I loved how supportive your boyfriend was in the situation. Best of luck to you both 😉

  2. I think it's time for you to increase the activity of your channel. Perhaps the service u t i f y will help you. Thank you for the video)

  3. Tina Royalty says:

    You did an awesome job!

  4. M.E. Magana says:

    How was the snacks since the sun was on them? Maybe put umbrella a little closer for shade

  5. Definitely not full shih tzus such cute puppies though. Love your videos. My husband and I are getting ready to start a picnic business here in Hawaii! Can't wait. We want to launch by New Years

  6. Sunshine D says:

    I love how positive your boyfriend remains no matter the situation 😌

  7. Paisch says:

    It looks incredible

  8. It was still successful, beautiful, loved it

  9. Wow!!! Love your aesthetic

  10. I just started mine any tips ?

  11. I think it looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL 😍!!! Love your personality. Wishing you all the best. I am planning one for some friends in GA. Did you use sheets under the table?

  12. You lost a viewer, i didn’t come to this video to watch what you do in a day!

  13. If you go through the city to get a permit you can kick people out of your reserved space.

  14. Day byDae says:

    I love it! Where did you get the umbrella from?

  15. Norma Rincon says:

    Super cute 🥰 I love your umbrella, and it’s good like you say trial and error that’s what is all about love your work 🥰

  16. Becky Goody says:

    Americans are so rude! You were clearly setting up a nice scene and they just didn’t care and still did volleyball anyway. Love your video tho

  17. Congratulations on your launch! Can’t wait to hear of your future success!

  18. Crystal says:

    Your set up was beautiful!! Be super proud of yourself for doing this! I’m working on starting my own picnic business and I’m soo nervous!

  19. It looked beautiful!!!

  20. In the process of creating my business plan to start a picnic service here in soflo! I love watching your videos!!! So inspiring

  21. Amazon sells a sand anchor for umbrellas

  22. vivica89 says:

    Love it🧡.. where did you get the table?

  23. MzKinkyCurl says:

    I love it!! I had this same idea last year, but didn’t know it was a THING!!! I’m definitely going to do this

  24. Cindy Lin says:

    So cute! How much did you spend on all the decor? I kinda want to do this for my sister.

  25. Samantha says:

    Hey, love the video. I am thinking about starting a picnic business just like yours in the Philippines and I'm doing a couple of research before I get into it. Just wondering if you need permission to set up these kinds of picnics? Or are they supposed to be done in a public place? Thank you so much!

  26. ! am so excited to start my Business aswell thank you so much your work is amazing!!

  27. Iamu4ea says:

    Just an idea but try making so bean bags or sand bags to put in you vases so the don’t blow over. Thank you for sharing I’m definitely gonna give this a try!

  28. ely g says:

    It looks so good!! 👍😊.
    I want to start a picnic business but there’s not much info that I find. I also live in California, I was wondering, do you need a business license? Food license? If I want to give food like you do? Also is there fees to have a picnic in a beach or park?
    -Thank you

  29. Are all the charcuterie board food items you got from Trader Joe’s?

  30. Rua S says:

    I love it!! can I ask where you got the placemats?

  31. Yes please do a video on the table? Thank u!

  32. Simple Delia says:

    It looks so adorable , i also started a picnic business in mid tenn . Wish me luck!!! Kudos to you and your adorable set ups

  33. Aww you did a great job. Like you said it’s all about trial and error, be gentle with yourself, the presentation was very nice 🙂

  34. O. HOUSER says:

    You did a good job….don't worry.

  35. APPle A Day says:

    How many smoldering looks can a guy give in one video?

  36. Martha H says:

    It looked really nice. Love your boho theme. Sorry to say that a lot of people are rude.

  37. Love Marie says:

    Love it! You did a really good job. Keep up the great work 😊✨

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