How to Decorate a Basement Living Room | 15 Ideas for Family Friendly Decor in a Family Room | basement wall decor ideas |

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May 20, 2022
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How to Decorate a Basement Living Room | 15 Ideas for Family Friendly Decor in a Family Room

How to Decorate a Basement Living Room | 15 Ideas for Family Friendly Decor in a Family Room | basement wall decor ideas |

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Come decorate with me! Today we’ll talk about how to decorate a basement living room. Often basements can be hard to decorate due to odd layouts, poor lighting, or simply untapped potential. I’m sharing the behind the scenes of my thought process as I decided how to decorate a family room in our basement. We have a large family room, but the same principles apply to any size space!

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  1. Throwing a shawl over the TV is super economical, you can change the fabric (!), AND placing and removing the shawl both makes use of television more intentional… And DUSTS it!!!!

  2. P.S. Koger says:

    Easy fix for the pictures…. change pics and hang 4 horizontally. No money.

  3. Hi Sarah. Here from Andrea's channel. Love your beautiful home and style.

  4. Your videos are so enjoyable to watch, full of ideas and inspiration and so full of grace. Your channel is going to grow leaps and bounds and I’m glad I’ll have a front row seat to it all 🙂

  5. Love everything you have done. We are going to be redoing our basement and I appreicate all the inspriation! Can you share where you found your sweater? Love it!

  6. Love your basement. Such great ideas.

  7. Sherry Jones says:

    Beautiful space. Where are the candles from?

  8. You have just blown my mind with hanging blankets….you’re a genius!

  9. Lena Freeze says:

    My first thought starting the video…love you hairdo! So cute! 😌

  10. Gina Maria says:

    I too have a problem, it’s ok 😂🤗💕

  11. Love the look, well done!

  12. Nilsa Kruse says:

    Thank You !
    I appreciate that you seem to have such a balance in how you plan, decorate, teach (love the Heart Chats and Devotionals). It is a blessing to watch your videos. Don’t know you personally but I “see” a testimony of a Godly person.

  13. Irma Yorke says:

    I really like the painted TV wall it's a great idea. Yes I love cushions as well , I probably have a issue too, lol!!!

  14. SuBi says:

    Beautiful room. I love the color scheme you have used. What is the brand and name of the paint color you used?

  15. Love this! My next project is our basement. We have 4 small kiddos and trying to make it more cozy. It’s the playroom and trying to make it feel more like a family room for all of us.

  16. Martha Yoder says:

    Lots of great advice and lots of inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Great information both on your decor and parenting style. Your transformation of this space makes this area light, bright and comfy looking.

  18. Hello new subscriber here I absolutely love your channel I watched all of your videos so far they have great information and I can tell you’re very passionate about interior design your home is also so stunningly beautiful and I love the way you laid out your basement I will be watching every episode!!!

  19. Very pretty and cozy.

  20. Your hair looks pretty.❤️

    Also, I Love your “gallery wall.” I am putting together a tiny one for my bathroom makeover.

    The basket is pretty too.🤎

  21. Anita Barker says:

    Beautiful den, love the plants!

  22. Allen Beachy says:

    I love all your house plants! Where do you look for pillow covers with zippers? Thanks, Anne

  23. "I mean, I might have a problem…it's okay!" Haha, I do as well! I love your tips and decor style!

  24. Lynn Bennett says:

    Great tips, love the wall moulding and black accent wall, well done!

  25. DF1556 says:

    Great transformation. Love the colors you used.

  26. clc says:

    I totally agree with you about a parent’s role in teaching children what is a toy and what is off limits. It isn’t pleasant to be around children who think everything within reach is something they can play with.

  27. Taborl826 says:

    Love the baskets!

  28. Saida Swift says:

    Beautiful space….love the moulding.

  29. bobby todd says:

    Basement looks nice.

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