15 Easy Easter Table Decorations | picnic table decorating ideas | 55designers.com

TRANSFORMO MI BAÑO EN 1 DÍA ♡ CÓMO DECORAR SIN GASTAR mucho DINERO! IDEAS & TIPS (pinterest) | ideas para decorar banos | 55designers.com
May 20, 2022
Decorar Sala de Estar Pequena - Decoración de Interiores
Decorar Sala de Estar Pequena – Decoración de Interiores | ideas para decorar salas pequeñas | 55designers.com
May 20, 2022
15 Easy Easter Table Decorations

15 Easy Easter Table Decorations | picnic table decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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Use a blanket, bookends or paper plates to get elegant, but easy Easter table decorations this year. Check out these 15 ideas!

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picnic table decorating ideas



  1. I loved every one of them. Probably the last with all the white is my favorite.

  2. Amalie Bakes says:

    Love the last tip – very lovely table. Here's me sprucing up my napkin into a rose at our restaurant table… https://youtu.be/jMdVcGc4JNU

  3. Michele Ann says:

    "Somebody's been eating my cake!" LOL

  4. Cute stuff no doubt, but can I just put in my 2cents, that if you are using books as a "decor" item, it SCREAMS "I don't read, I've never read these." I mean, would you do a centerpiece using a bible? No, because it is a revered symbol, and one that has USE, and you would never want to get it dirty. The book readers and educated at your table will not see this as a charming accent… they'll see this as a thing that makes you go hm.

  5. I like the last one with the rabbit page.

  6. Robin Nieto says:

    I love the table with the dishes from your wedding. I would love to have that set!

  7. The kids table is unique, love it. Oh, the dessert table is simply beautiful, love that one too. So glad I found you. As always, I appreciate all that you do.

  8. I love your creativity and the sweet demeanor.

  9. Anita Clegg says:

    They were all lovely! My favorite was the dessert table and the cake looked delicious 😋 💖

  10. Kim Truax says:

    These were all lovely. The bee table was so cute. I’m going to try to use a blanket or throw for a table runner…..

  11. Sarah… Could you do a tablescape ideas video for long tables? Mine is 9 feet long… Its ridiculously difficult to find tablecloths long enough and a dead center display looks so blah on such a long table.
    Thank you for all your lovely, totally doable on a budget ideas. And the fact that you speak slowly and clearly. 🤣 I cherish my slow and clear speaking youtubers.

  12. Marie Dilly says:

    Beautiful.. Love Your Style!

  13. Everything was so pretty.

  14. Love this video! I really enjoy seeing different tablescapes. I change mine all the time.

  15. Teresa Ortiz says:

    I love how you are able to use your thrifted finds to style your table in so many different ways. I have collected so many thrifted decor pieces through the years but I forget what I have or can’t find it when I’m looking for it. I’m trying to organize it all but have been struggling on how to do that. How do you organize your decor items? I’m undecided if I should organize by seasons (spring, summer, fall winter) like items (brass, wood, copper) or something else? I’d love to see a video on this topic.

  16. Mel W says:

    love the sets of bookends!

  17. I love that you added books to the tables. I am a book hoarder and would love to show them off. Oh and we are missing the cup of coffee to go with that piece of cake. LOL

  18. Kim M says:

    I love how you incorporated the books! I would have never thought of that! I loved them all!

  19. Janie Porter says:

    Sarah- I love those Pflatzgraff dishes! I have a bunch of those in that style but haven't set on my table yet. Love those Bee glasses! I love anything with bees and garden themes. You have beautiful things.

  20. bev says:

    love your holiday ideas SARAH they are always so unique and very do able thanks for the inspiration.

  21. Lisa Gorman says:

    I love that you added that you go thrifting about once a week. Me too, girl! It's my little gift to myself:)

  22. They were all gorgeous! My very favorite wss the first one with the lily of the valley Damask tablecloth, the place mats, the terrarium, etc.!

  23. Your idea of repeating colors or other accents in threes makes sense on a table scape. Love the color coordinated books and sweet bookends! Your tips were great and doable!

  24. Every single table scape is a winner. I loved them all.

  25. Sunsh1ne says:

    I’m so inspired to add to my table this year! I just love your channel!

  26. These were all so gorgeous and spring filled! I think the 2nd table setting was my favorite, but I loved them all!

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