Decorating Large Walls with Panel Moulding (tips) – Renee Romeo | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Decorating Large Walls with Panel Moulding (tips) - Renee Romeo

Decorating Large Walls with Panel Moulding (tips) – Renee Romeo | high ledge decorating ideas |

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Decorating Large Walls with Panel Moulding (tips) – Renee Romeo
Do you have large bare walls in need of something? No more!

If you’re looking for an idea for decorating large walls with panel moulding, this week’s Pearl of Wisdom has you covered! I will show you how the process is done. My project has been finished for a few years but there’s still plenty to take away from this mini tutorial. I show you how to make cuts for perfect picture frame corners and chair rail corners. Panel moldings make a huge impact in the largest of rooms – just think of Versailles! this isn’t a complete project video but it will teach you everything necessary to get your project done.

You will furnish your large wall spaces so inexpensively!

A few hundred dollars is all it takes. Panel and chair rail mouldings can be found in unpainted pine (the least expensive wood species). You can prime and paint them to match your wall color or paint them a contrasting color to make them stand out. If you don’t own power tools, you can cut all your angles in a hand-held miter box and nail the moulding directly to your walls with a hammer.  I’m also giving you the best tip on how to install the molding ANYWHERE on the wall! That’s right, NO need to use a temperamental stud finding tool.

Still struggling with what to do with your large wall space?

I call this wall treatment ‘instant architecture’. Chair rail and panel mouldings have a way of catching light and adding dimension to spaces. It’s pretty to look at with sunshine casting shadows on it or candlelight flickering over it. I think this treatment is appropriate in every room in the house and elevates the way you feel in that that space. It just makes the space feel rich!

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  1. Maravilloso trabajo. Sencillo y elegante. Felicitaciones.

  2. Do not operate a chop saw with a scarf lol smh

  3. Tommy Suan says:

    Love this video. You’re in nice clothes, scarf, no gloves or safety glasses and just casually did a great job. All the guys like myself would have had $30,000 of power tools, F350 truck, and taken 5 times as long to do the same thing.

  4. Thank you for this video. I'm just starting and came across this. Did you use chair rail and a base cap to design your wall?

  5. claucantu100 says:

    Thank you for this wonderful video and excellent explanation of every single step!! <3

  6. Do you think panel molding looks good in the living room?

  7. No Name says:

    That scarf near that power tool is hilarious.

  8. Fantastic, thank you so much.

  9. DJRC DJRC says:

    Amazing job! I always wanted to learn how to cut the frame edges. I will buy the tools to do my walls. Thank you!

  10. Jay Vamsi says:

    Ma’am could u please let me know the material with which the panel is made up of?

  11. agent784 says:

    It doesn’t look right. Chair rail gaps should be half of what it is and the spacers in between the boxes need to be 50-100% wider.

  12. marcb379 says:

    Did you do semi-gloss on the panel molding or same as wall?

  13. MrBababuwi says:

    My wife will never let me dress up like you do when I do woodwork.

  14. Thank you!! loved how you explained everything ❤ I have been really confused about caulking and what kind of paint goes with which type of caulk, been reading different comments of people saying you need a combination of acrylic/latex/silicon for flat paint to go on otherwise only oil based paint will work, some say acrylic caulk. Could you explain which type of caulk would adhere best to flat paints and gloss paints?

  15. Jie Chen says:

    What’s your wall paint color? It looks great! Thank you.

  16. Irena Yu says:

    Thank you for your tutorial. I also have a large wall that I wanted to do what you have done. Would you let me know if panel boards are necessary before installing the moldings? And did you painted the wall and the moulding with flat or simi-gloss paint?

  17. Great job! It was a pleasure to watch this! thanks 🙂 <3

  18. G O says:

    Thanks for your video, but isn't it dangerous to use these electronic tools with your scarf hanging and without a hat to protect your hair?

  19. Very nice!!! good explaining, question? How much can charge for 3panels each panel have 3 x7 thanks Renee !

  20. Floyd Norris says:

    Now can you show me how to keep my work space this clean my goodness Mrs Romeo.

  21. Maria Brewer says:

    You are a real Boss! I love it that you so effortlessly used the power tools! I’m so inspired!!!

  22. Rina Hovden says:

    Looks like a million!

  23. You were so wonderful explaining everything. Thank you.

  24. M. Prieto says:

    You are a great teacher! Thanks for this, it will transform my space.

  25. Vel cranell says:

    that is very nice! 🙂 i want to make it a combo with some Versailles furniture tho

  26. cjay says:

    TFS. This was great.

  27. Nancy Staggs says:

    Renee, Thank you for thinking of me and my little cookie monster. I made two batches lots of cookies for the family. They came out great! I never had a recipe come out so well for the first time. Hunter loved them and they were fun to make I believe the adults enjoyed them as much as the children. We also used your buttercream recipe for the frosting, wow a lot of sugar, they were delicious and soft. you need to the patient this recipe. My granddaughter brought me a cold so I have been sick with the cold and have not been feeling well. Any whoo Thank you so much for your help and some wonderful cookies for Christmas.

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