Picnic Table Hacks: Built-In Storage | picnic table decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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May 18, 2022
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May 18, 2022
Picnic Table Hacks: Built-In Storage

Picnic Table Hacks: Built-In Storage | picnic table decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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Learn how to hack your picnic table with Monica Mangin from The Weekender. In this episode, Monica shows you how to create a multi-use built-in storage space in your picnic table where you can keep drinks ice cold, create the ultimate s’mores station, or even dress up your table with a decorative planter for herbs or succulents.

Products Used:
Picnic Table:
Valspar Exterior Stain and Sealer:
Valspar Duramax Base 1 Satin Exterior Tintable Paint:
Valspar “Free Wheeling” Paint:
Valspar “Chimney Smoke” Paint:
Minwax Wood Finish Oil-Based Stain “Rustic Beige”:
Purdy XL Paint Brush:
ProLine 12-Pack Cotton Cloth:
Minwax Helmsman Satin Oil-Based Varnish:
USP Stair Angle:

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  1. john garner says:

    Gonna build this today

  2. Bingcholz says:

    wawww! ill try to have this one too.. soon. thanks for this great idea..

  3. maria dasas says:

    Hi Monica! I'm a huge fan of your makeover videos. I watch them over and over again until I fall asleep. Of course, after I did my bedtime prayers :). I love how you make people very happy and satisfied and transform their spaces in just one weekend of work, which I know is not an easy job. I'm really inspired with all your work. How can we (our home) be a candidate for the show? Thank you for all you do. More power to your show.

  4. Love your DIY’s Monica! I am at store #2451 in Huntsville. I am interior designer by trade and currently manage paint/home decor as well as over our local DIY clinics at our store. I have some great ideas & would love to share that might be great DIY videos for you to do! 😊

  5. lovly 2cu says:

    I would line it with a plastic window box. water & wood dont like each other

  6. We miss you Monica!!

  7. Gabriel Wang says:

    I like her personality, she should get her own home improvement show on like YouTube or something

  8. ste auotoex says:

    And you want to put some ice in there? But in less than two months your wooden storage space will have more holes in it than your jeans.

  9. Grumpy718 says:

    Wow stunning I love women working with tools.. im learning alot from these videos.. thank u.. looking forward for more of these videos.

  10. Reggie Gatt says:

    If the top plank was cut a little shorter on both sides, you could use the middle section to return the bench to its normal state. A hole aligned with the drain hole would provide an easy way to take the centre cover out and would also allow the use of a parasol through both holes. Just a thought!

  11. Devkanya RC says:

    love your makeovers and your boundless creativity. may I make a suggestion though- the photo of the finished makeover at the beginning takes away so much from the journey of watching the makeover.. maybe you could show a before and a small corner of the after zoomed in so that the mystery remains. otherwise I find myself struggling not to look at the beginning and fast forwarding to upto 2 mins with my eyes closed, which is not easy 🙃

  12. Wow that’s creative, very nice!!

  13. I would seal the cubby to make it water resistant. Prevent the wood from rotting

  14. MrGreen says:

    Please start your own channel. 🙂

  15. MrGreen says:

    Missed u xoxo

  16. Love your creative thinking!

  17. Sara Nena says:

    Monicaaaa, how many things can you do with a pic nic table?! I am ready to see you turning it into a bed the next time. 😜
    Clever the decision the two different tones

  18. Catie Zamora says:

    Hi Monica and Lowe's, as usual, you are AWESOME!

    I do need help on how to make a sound proof (or at least minimalize background noise for a Work From Home room without breaking the bank. Also would fit a more temporary set up rather than a permanent change. Is that possible?

  19. Sagesse says:

    Stunning as always!!!!

  20. Rena Lin says:

    Creative and talented, as always!

  21. L̺͆.K̺͆. says:

    Yeas, the Boss lady of DIY. We love your design esthetic. More Monica please 🥰👍

  22. As always nice job 👏 hope you get plenty of use out of it this summer

  23. Awesome! Dr ❤️

  24. How many picnic tables do you have!? :)) Just kidding. Great idea(s)!

  25. Rinny Dale says:

    💖💖💖💖💖 GENIUS HACK ! 👍🏻👍🏻

  26. Diced Rice says:

    I want to merge this table design with the elevated picnic table design you did a couple weeks ago and thereby create Picnic Table Extraordinaire!

  27. bigvirgotube says:

    Seems pretty simple.

  28. Genius. You never run out of ideas! Please never stop doing DIYs! Lol

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