How To Perfectly Style Shelves | STYLE YOUR BOOKCASE LIKE AN EXPERT in 2020 | NINA TAKESH | high ledge decorating ideas |

Manualidades Para decorar el Cuarto del BEBE (Organizador de pañales)
Manualidades Para decorar el Cuarto del BEBE (Organizador de pañales) | ideas para decorar habitacion de niña |
May 18, 2022
LOS MEJORES 50 DISEÑOS DE BAÑOS MODERNOS DEL 2022🚽🚿🛁 como decorar el Baño, Living bethroom‼️#BAÑOS
LOS MEJORES 50 DISEÑOS DE BAÑOS MODERNOS DEL 2022🚽🚿🛁 como decorar el Baño, Living bethroom‼️#BAÑOS | ideas para decorar banos |
May 18, 2022
How To Perfectly Style Shelves | STYLE YOUR BOOKCASE LIKE AN EXPERT in 2020 | NINA TAKESH

How To Perfectly Style Shelves | STYLE YOUR BOOKCASE LIKE AN EXPERT in 2020 | NINA TAKESH | high ledge decorating ideas |

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So many homes have large built-in cabinets and open bookshelves these days, and styling them well is critical. Many of you ask me how to style your shelves beautifully and what items to buy, Well in this video I do just that. I will show you what items to use in your bookcase and how to display them like an expert. I will also show you how to position your items and how to find balance and create a beautiful aesthetic. You don’t need to buy all new items, you just need to know what to choose and how to position them correctly. Thank you again for watching and making it so fun for me to share my joy of designing with you!


About Nina
Nina Takesh was Founder, CEO and creative force behind the Luxury Brand Petit Tresor. A brand that was recognized in the baby world by clients such as Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna among many others. With her experience in retail, interior design and having worked in Paris at Fashion house Guy Laroche it was only a matter a time before Nina branched into the world of Interior Design. With her experience in home staging, furniture design and set-design, Nina’s passion for interiors comes across in her meticulous attention to detail and her inspiring sense of balance and aesthetics.

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high ledge decorating ideas



  1. Nina Takesh says:

    Don't forget to follow me on Instagram!

  2. Ann Pender says:

    How do I display blue/white ceramics, Ming vases/jars etc.transfer plates?

  3. D Roberts says:

    Ahhh….where are the books?!

  4. Hey, great video. Meanwhile, I came across this interior designing video and thought of sharing this with you. Hope you like it too!

  5. Wait what? What if you have a ton of books? I could totally fill up at least 2/3rds of those shelves with actual books.

  6. I guess? Feel like you need more books. Space feels kind of empty.

  7. David sposo says:

    oh I hate this american style accumulation of non useful objects and make the space look chic/"expensive" for no reason. Why don't you be… yourself instead?

  8. It’s Me says:

    Nice job. I love it

  9. My favorites are the white coral and the two gold bowls!

  10. Edward B says:

    Very informative. I will change my habit of just piling up things on shelves and try to be a bit more artistic. Thanks.

  11. 968th like and 78th comment

  12. Fe B says:

    I wish there was a pop of color like turquoise or orange , the wall was white and the items were too pale in my opinion 🙁

  13. Kelly says:

    I love the chic sophisticated look. The gold and copper pop the wicker baskets and balalances so beautifully. I also love how you popped with green for the farmhouse element. So inspiring and what a gorgeous job you did as always. Thank you for the tips. My favorite was the gold vases and coral! Stunning!

  14. I have a Built-in Bookshelf was wondering if placing wallpaper on the wall a good idea. I'm planning on painting the shelves as well

  15. Alla Pico says:

    Where are the books?

  16. emily c says:

    If you want to skip to the whole point of the video start at 2:45

  17. would be useful to know how much $$$ did you spend on that decorative items. That big coral alone would be like 100$.

  18. I just came across your vlogs and I had to subscribe. Thanks for the beautiful tours and decoration tips and ideas. I look forward to your uploads.

  19. Fabulous! Another great tip is to remove the book covers, sometimes the actual book itself is gorgeous and much nicer than the cover:) Thanks for sharing!

  20. BE PROUD !!! says:

    where are the books🤷🏾‍♀️😆

  21. Kamal Singh says:

    Hi how often u switch or move around things

  22. You are my best interior designer so far, you really explain why you do something and all the technics. I have just joined but I have learned alot. Thanks alot.

  23. Sarah Ofer says:

    Have you used a set color palette?

  24. J C says:

    Nina I really get inspired each time I Watch your videos … Thank you.

  25. Nina Tang says:

    I appreciate that you explain your reasoning behind your arrangement, thanks!

  26. I love the wonderful ideas. Everything is gorgeous. How tall is the bookshelf floor to ceiling?

  27. Looks great! Love the black tall odd shaped vases!

  28. Great, but not any good for a real home with people who need to display normal things amongst items that are being used. I have hundreds of books and ornaments.

  29. G Phillips says:

    How do you decorate a living room with fire place on one wall & a tall/2 story wall on the other side of the room?

  30. M Heather says:

    Book shelves aren't just for books. It's a personal choice. I love her ideas so elegant and simple.

  31. M Heather says:

    Love love love it so elegant

  32. I did not see links for products in comments section, and how can I reach to you amazon store

  33. kelly51757 says:

    We travel a lot because my husband is an expat so we accumulated a lot of souvenirs from all over the world I can’t wait to display them once our house is done thank you for your tips on how to display them. 😍

  34. JainDao says:

    How can you call that a bookcase when there are more accessories than books? For me a real bookcase should showcase your book collection accentuated by your favorite accessories not the other way around.

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