4 Ways To Decorate Above A Sofa | MF Home TV | high ledge decorating ideas | 55designers.com

IDEAS COMO DECORAR EL CUARTO DE UNA NIÑA FACIL Y RAPIDO! EL DORMITORIO DE MI HIJA! | ideas para decorar habitacion de niña | 55designers.com
May 17, 2022
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Como decorar el baño #3 | ideas para decorar banos | 55designers.com
May 17, 2022
4 Ways To Decorate Above A Sofa | MF Home TV

4 Ways To Decorate Above A Sofa | MF Home TV | high ledge decorating ideas | 55designers.com


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Unsure of the decorations above your sofa? Then this is the video for you! Watch this episode as Bianca explains the 4 best ways to decorate above a sofa because sometimes a blank wall space is an interior no-no.

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high ledge decorating ideas



  1. Like nothing bout your decor

  2. Baekelysoo says:

    I thought she's joy of red velvet 😅

  3. Camera Crew says:

    Want some awesome nature photography prints check out: https://www.etsy.com/shop/cameracrewprints

  4. Is it wise to pit a shelf above your sofa and a console behind the sofa? Is that too much for that area?

  5. Yes love the video

  6. Pankaj Ahuja says:

    You can add wall hanging plates …or some paint art

  7. Love it! Such an ideas.👍

  8. I prefer the one single picture frame. Less clutter 👍. Easier to dust one frame 👍. I’d NEVER have a dust collecting shelf up there. 😖

  9. So happy i got my Mandaue Home Card today!!! Yey!

  10. Yalda Sadeq says:

    We have courtains behind our sofa can you do a video about this

  11. Sana manalo ako sa Mandaue Foam

  12. Libra Chua says:


  13. Sammy says:

    Request ko po pano idisplay ang graduation pictures ng magkakapatid sa isang wall / display cabinet.. Thank you

  14. wala po ba kayong product na sofa bed? yung mga available po sa market ay around 6-8k pero madaling masira at lumundo sayang lang kung magagamit lang sa maikling panahon. thank you

  15. Dawn Sabido says:

    Nakakatuwa talaga sa mandaue sobrang daming magaganda at affordable na items mas enjoy lalo pagsale. With warranty pa ang ibang gamit nila. I will be forever loyal to mandaue 🧡❤💛💚💜💙

  16. Joan Maranan says:

    Thank you for sharing, i like shelves i love collecting scented candles.

  17. Nice ideas for our new house

  18. Ryan Caseles says:

    Nice suggestions. We'll remember them. Thanks!

  19. Michelle Ge says:

    Gusto ko po yung gallery wall sa gittna then lagyan din ng mirror sa left side at sa right side shelf na puro mini plants… imagine ko lang haha mandaue foam and products is <3

  20. amazjng 😍 thanks for the idea to decorate our home so love it! thank you mandaue foam ❤

  21. Thank you mandaue foam and ms. Bianca for another tip and advice. Good luck and more power.

  22. Worth it talaga pag nanood ako sa mga video nyo. And dami kong natutunang mga ideas at ways na ma aapply. Thanks Mandaue Foam

  23. Thank you for the great ideas! I love it.

  24. dee vel says:

    What if you have an ugly air conditioner above it? I have no idea how to decorate around it

  25. GhieLins says:

    I like the mirror or photo gallery 🙂

  26. I learn a lot when it comes to decorating. Thanks mfhometv!

  27. Kathryn Myer says:

    How about fabric art? A quilt, a tapestry, or some rustic woven art? If it fell down no one gets hurt!

  28. Ninfa Cubeta says:

    thanks for this giveaway

  29. Leah Mañosa says:

    Such a great ideas talaga on how to decor one of the most important part of our home. ❤️ Plus galing pa ni Ms Bianca, I love the lightning ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Thank you for the tips! ❤️

  31. Can’t get enough of your videos. Been watching since yesterday. I’ve learned a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  32. I would love to add a gallery of frame. Something to look at everyday when I am feeling bored and tired of watching tv. 😊

  33. I love all the ideas! This is great…since I love taking selfies at the sofa. Thanks a lot Ms. Bianca and Mandaue Foam. God Bless!

  34. Hope H says:

    Great idea's 💖

  35. Winner! Love it! 😍 Lahat ng videos ng mandaue foam is very helpful. Nakaka inspire mamili ng gamit at mag make over ng bahay. Very easy and detailed hindi ka mahihirapan gayahin. 🤩👍🏻👏🏻 more videos to come!

  36. Moving in to a new condo next month. Thank you for all the helpful videos.

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