Surprising Decorating Trends to Avoid in 2021 | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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May 16, 2022
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Surprising Decorating Trends to Avoid in 2021

Surprising Decorating Trends to Avoid in 2021 | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas |

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SURPRISING DECORATING TRENDS TO AVOID IN 2021! Today I’m talking about the 3 most popular and loved design trends that are OUT in 2020. Let’s all put this year behind us and step into 2021 with a bold new sense of style!

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Hello, I’m Baiyina (pronounced Bye-ee-na). I’m an interior designer & online style coach based in Los Angeles and I believe that every woman has the power to recreate herself into the woman she’s always wanted to be. I work with professional women ready to reinvent themselves from the inside out through mindset, personal style, image and interior design.

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Special thanks to the designers/ sources shown in the video: (good modern barn door example)
Katrina Lee Chambers
Apartment Therapy
Studio McGee
House & Home (Copper Sink)
vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas



  1. Hzleyes708 says:

    Boy, a lot of barn door lovers. Disagree about the all white kitchen especially if you’re into a minamilist style.

  2. Hzleyes708 says:

    All grey everything. I need to get rid of the grey in my hair first

  3. There are warm grays.

  4. fan1.0 says:

    I'm not one that cares what other people are doing. I go with whatever I like.

  5. StopFear says:

    Are these really “trends” when they never were popular in the first place.

  6. S 1214 says:

    I don’t think she’s saying “change your decor”. She’s just acknowledging that the trend is in fact changing. Not that you should change your house. But remember, she’s an interior designer; she has to know these things. And if you’re looking for the next thing, she’s telling you what that next thing is. Everyone in the comments is so triggered. Find where she said “change your house”.

  7. v lanza says:

    The first time I saw a "barn door" was at the Gold Coast casino in Vegas…on the bathroom! I was sharing the room with my daughter, who was just mortified because you could see into the gaps. Hard pass on this stupid idea.

  8. Susan Mena says:

    If you follow trends you will never be finished and your wallet will be empty. It’s just a marketing ploy to keep designers, decorators and furniture and home decor stores in business

  9. jean gray says:

    If we follow every trend, we would keep up. Be happy in our space

  10. mram 77 says:

    Everyone here is like, “I don’t follow trends. I love my own style. It makes me feel at home.”
    -then why are u here

  11. DubVUChyea says:

    Modern farmhouse is cancer

  12. I like you so much. You are like me exactly like me. Intuitive. I am an artist creative who’s design philosophy is very much like yours.

  13. N G says:

    Whatever you do STAY AWAY FROM TRENDS and from interior decorators advice. It is YOUR house, make it YOUR HOME with the things that you love

  14. should be "makeup trends you want to avoid" or did you eat chocolate ?

  15. I loathe grey hardwood flooring. Looks so fake and cheap 🤮

  16. My favorite is a cool color!! Gray is a neutral can work with many colors dont care aboit trends. Painted ktchen cabinets steel blue gray

  17. Breonnick says:

    "All Grey everything" What about all White everything? I been looking up Ikea hack videos to try to spice up my computer work space on a budget and every video White this white that everything is white! Other colors exist people!

  18. Debra Welch says:

    When we were house hunting we found a house we really loved. The deal breaker was the brand new gray hardwood floors! Taking up those new floors and putting down ones we preferred was not an option that we could afford. Realtors need to stop telling people how to update their homes to sell if they do not have a hint of design experience!

  19. C says:

    Gray is neutral. And you can use warm tones with it. My house is gray, whites, but I’ve added navy warm woods, greens.

  20. maria burgos says:

    🤔💭 I don’t follow rules decor , when is about my home , I think that is a personal choice ; i i i f is I . who going to live in that house , I need to decor according to my personality , and the style that choose and I love , has long I am happy in my little nest , I don’t give a five ,, if it’s on Fashion or not , I want to feel comfy and cozy in my own house 🏡 , so … I will be the one ☝️😏 Who decide What is right , and what is not in my beautiful home 🏡 , my house 🏡 is very cozy and comfortable by the way .

  21. I want a barn door. sorry, love them.

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