How to make a standing cross arrangement | diy grave decoration ideas |

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How to make a standing cross arrangement

How to make a standing cross arrangement | diy grave decoration ideas |

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This video will demonstrate how to make a funeral standing cross arrangement with fresh flowers. The instructions are easy to follow with tips, tricks, and trade secrets provided by a professional florist. This floral lesson on how to make a cross from flowers on a stand with your own hands. A professional designer will reveal the secrets of decorating a wreath of roses and orchids in the shape of a cross. You will need a wire frame cross 30” long. Soak the floral oasis and cut into long pieces and fill the frame cavities. Use plastic wrap to secure the oasis to the frame. Instead of ready-made wrapping, you can use ordinary garbage bags cut into strips 10-15 cm wide. Prepare an elegant bow from a stylish braid using the twisting method and fasten in the center of the product. Cut the stems of the roses about 5-7 cm and puncture a hole in the plastic with a knife, insert the roses in the center along the entire cross. Place chrysanthemums and carnations around the roses on the sides. Fill in the gaps between the flowers with gypsophila/ baby’s breath and cover any visible space around the flowers with salal leaves. Place the orchids diagonally on the left side with a slope on the right, 3-4 pieces each. Store in a cool place.
Materials used:
Cross frame 75 cm
25-30 red roses
20-25 carnations
20-25 chrysanthemums
Baby’s breath, salal
Plastic winding
Floral sponge
6-8 dendrobium orchids
Ribbon, floral wire

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  1. Maria Guach says:

    El follaje se pone primero para que las flores no se maltraten,lady.

  2. Hta Moo says:

    Thank you 😊

  3. I love this tutorial and design but having trouble finding a cross frame like this.

  4. Raymond Khan says:

    Beautiful tumbs up 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  5. Would you need to wet if using fake flowers as this

  6. Sue S says:

    Beautiful. I wish I would have found you earlier, Our Beloved Mother passed away a few months ago and I would have loved to make an arrangement by me, from us ti our mom. I would like to create a beautiful arrangement for her bday. Any ideas or vids on an Angel form arrangement? Our mom loved – loves angels. I hope to hear from you. God Bless to you and yours and be safe. Thank you

  7. Elsa Fines says:

    Marvelous! Thank you for teaching me so much!

  8. This was great to watch and seem to be easy to do. I can’t wait to try it

  9. gaby flores says:

    Hi! Do you use a particular brand for the garbage bags? How about the tape, is it regular scotch tape? Do you use special hooks to hanger your arrangements?

  10. It was so beautiful !! ❤️

  11. We're do you buy the cross frame?

  12. TheAmysexy says:

    Thanks for making it so easy to arrange the flowers ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. marie villa says:

    How many days will an arrangement last so I know when to start making one?

  14. beautiful cross planning on making one soon but i will be using live flowers

  15. Also, you can only use strong stemmed flowers. Nothing delicate like tulips, whispy flowers, etc.

  16. If you do what she does, your running a high risk of the arrangement busting.

  17. Buy a cross oasis form. This is a bit ridiculous

  18. Beautiful and looks easy just got to know what flowers go with each other

  19. This is so beautiful

  20. That arangment was so beautiful ❤️

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