6 Ways To Display Houseplants On Your Walls | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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May 15, 2022
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6 Ways To Display Houseplants On Your Walls

6 Ways To Display Houseplants On Your Walls | vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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Running out of surface space to display your favorite plants? Today we discuss 6 ways to display your houseplants on your walls. Thanks for watching!


1) Wall shelf
2) Trellis
3) Wall planter
4) Wall mount
5) Basket
5) Macrame wall hanging

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vaulted ceiling ledge decorating ideas



  1. Where did you purchase that corner shelf?


  3. Kris Pavlish says:

    Nick, I love you and your ideas!! I have a plant emergency I’m hoping you can help direct me. My parents are moving into assisted living and they have a pot of golden pothos and Ivy that have trailed up the door and up onto a shelf. They want to take it with, cause it the least detriment and have it climb (or not) at their apartment. Help please!!!! I have pics if you want to see them.

  4. RisksAndHope says:

    Do not recommend command hooks for plants 👍i used three to support one plant, broke the beautiful pot I had and took a small chunk out of the floor.

  5. Michelle C. says:

    Have you tried to make a trailing rope for plants??

  6. Sharon Brown says:

    I love the ideas but I think the macrame are my favorite then the trellis

  7. Wierdo2 says:

    Why are Americans so scared of hanging things on the walls? Why do your landlords have such a problem with screw holes?

  8. anastasia z says:

    More videos like this please!

  9. Aurora Hill says:

    Your macrame hangers are beautiful! You should definitely do a video of making one!

  10. xaiuon says:

    Nike..you are a very smart guy.. I went to Lowe’s and bought a white trellis just like the one you have on this video for my potho plant 🌱, it looks great on my wall with the plants climbing on it. Super cool 😎. Thanks my smart guy.

  11. S says:

    Love the wall mount! Thanks for the idea.

  12. Alex says:

    i want to get on the plant train, i just need a job first

  13. 8:48, "I loveth macrame"

  14. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing – I will definitely try these.

  15. That disclaimer is perfect. Lol

  16. Declan1205 says:

    Eyebrows on point. Luv it!

  17. My Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma started firmly attaching itself to the wall on its own after a year and now all the other climbers use it as a climbing support.

  18. 2:25 ha! A friend just gave me THAT SHELF!!

  19. Crystal says:

    Great video Nick, renters put all the holes in your wall and as long as they are filled in and sanded flush with the wall when you move out they can’t charge you any extra money on your deposit for that because the walls are paint ready and they have to paint anyways when someone moves out, I own a lot of rental properties trust me! If the hole is too big use drywall mesh, it’s not difficult.

  20. Link to the video that you talked about. I can't find it, and want to make it

  21. Nick you are so much fun to watch, love your videos, and absolutely, love your wall hanging I think you should do a video showing how you make your beautiful macrame hanging display please. I think you would do a AWESOME job! I'm from Perth Western Australia the lucky country lol

  22. hamsa says:

    I have that same circle shelf! Am I misunderstanding that there’s a video about actually making some of the wall mounts because I can’t find them?

  23. It's soooo pleasing ,just the way u talk n pass on all the information with so much fun… Good job👍

  24. pinkwooll says:

    Your eyebrows are fabulous

  25. Aline L says:

    I looooove the way you displayed your orchid!

  26. Tri Trinh says:

    your eyebrows are on point!!!! and that stache!!!!

  27. How do you attach the climbing plants up the trellis?

  28. Love your videos, I have my raphidaphora tetrasperma on a coco coir pole I made but will transfer it to a trellis soon 😊

  29. "My macrame hangers have a little bit more character" lol meaning they have charming imperfections

  30. Apps Account says:

    Hi Nick, I have been binge watching your videos since discovered your channel less than 24 hours ago.
    Do you have a recommendation for creepers in the bathroom ? I have a bathroom without a window and I am looking for creepers that can grow fully in artificial light. Perhaps that could be a topic for a whole episode ? 🙃

  31. Very nice beautiful plants dear friend thanks 🤗🤗👌🙏🏿

  32. THANK YOU NICK! I cannot wait to try these out! Love love LOVE your videos, you make me laugh!

  33. Ooooh I love the trellis!! Fantastic ideas, thank you so much!!! 💋💖🦋

  34. Thank you, Nick! I still love the Tetrasperma on the trellis! I love the ceramic pockets on the wall. Thank you for the tips! I still say you are in a conundrum with being 'at capacity'; there is always a plant out there that you will have to have! Love the video!

  35. Patti N says:

    I love all those plants in front of your windows. No need for shades or curtains. Yes, the hard part is the hardware to hold all of that weight. Inspiring. Those mounted on wood in moss plants are just beautiful!

  36. I am so glad I found your Channel ! Love the info to be a better plant daddy . And you are cute as well 😁

  37. Sandy G says:

    Hi Nick! This was another fun video! I always enjoy your facial expressions, just so cute! Also, you seemed to be having fun making this video. I like all of your ways to display houseplants on walls. Do you still have your Wally Grow planters? Our house was built in 1925 and has lathe and plaster walls, so I'm always nervous driving a nail in them for fear a big chunk of the wall will come off. LOL! I do have a lot of wood window frames and plan on adding the planter rings, or wall hangers on them. I agree, your macrame hangers are so much better than the store bought one. I did macrame years ago and may need to try it again. I have a couple of wall pocket planters, but they're not big enough to put a plant in so I use them for dried flowers. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us!

  38. Maria Ge says:

    Hi Nick!! Love your videos I wanted to tell you that I would really love to watch a video about what you do with your houseplants when you leave for holidays and which houseplants you still have since you firstly started collecting them😍🌱🌺🌿

  39. Deborah Lobo says:

    Simply awesome and amazing Nick, so so beautiful 😊

  40. What are your thoughts on the money tree plant?

  41. David Candia says:

    Loving this video. Just what i needed. Btw: looking good. Good for you. Thanks 🌿🍀🌿

  42. I'm loving the beard!!! Another amazing video!

  43. Siv S says:

    Just discovered your channel. I’m really enjoying the content and education. Keep up the great work!

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