How to make Tombstones 💀 DIY Halloween Props | diy grave decoration ideas |

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How to make Tombstones 💀 DIY Halloween Props

How to make Tombstones 💀 DIY Halloween Props | diy grave decoration ideas |

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Jaimie and Jay make realistic DIY Halloween Tombstones out of foam!



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Halloween is almost here!! 🎃 We make lots of DIY Halloween Props, decorations, and fun stuff this time of year and these foam Halloween Tombstones are the newest thing we’ve added to our DIY Halloween décor.

DIY Halloween Tombstones are CLASSIC! They’re one of the most fun and popular DIY halloween props and there are so many fun ways to make them. This is our first time making tombstones from insulation foam and going through the whole process of texturing and engraving them and we had a blast.

If you’d like to make your very own DIY halloween tombstones for your halloween graveyard, this video will get you a long ways towards being inspired to making your own at home.

2″ Insulation Foam Board
Acrylic Paints (Black, White, Brown, Green, Etc.) –
Gorilla Glue –
Drylock Masonry Sealer (Gray, if you can find it.) –

Utility Knife –
Heat Gun –
Paint Brushes –
Surform Tool –
Rotary Tool –
Sharpie/Marker –
Spray Bottle –

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Who are we?
We’re Jaimie and Jay! We’re a husband and wife team and we make stuff together. Halloween and other awesome props, woodworking, electronics, and whatever we want.

diy grave decoration ideas



  1. Rea Chandler says:

    These are amazing! Just wondering how you stop the wind blowing them away?

  2. Dion Barber says:

    I was watching your videos today. Love y'all's ideas. But I have a suggestion. When making the tombstones it would probably be better to cut the tombstone a little longer then use your rotary tool to cut a pocket in the base about half way through then glue the tombstone down into the pocket in the base. Just my thought. What do you think?

  3. Mbot says:

    How do you get in in the ground that will withstand wind

  4. KING TUT says:

    I am going to make one for myself cheaper than buying one . HAHAhowowow

  5. Dj Gregory says:

    Those look just like Home Depot’s but half the cost! Y’all are so good at making props! And so much fun to watch!

  6. Richard Funk says:



  7. the way you all make such realistic stone .. good team.. peace

  8. Jordy Elize says:

    I don't think I could bear the sound of cutting through the styrofoam for this project despite how cool they turned out 😅

  9. Dig out a little out the base to put the two Pisces to gether.

  10. You could hollow out the base to stand it up in.

  11. In stead of a shape Sahara about coffee.

  12. Could you use a dremel instead of a rotary tool to carve your letters ?

  13. It would be awesome if you guys could make a smooth white marble stone..

  14. Have you ever tried using a pyrography tip pen to cut letters on the foam?

  15. Gregory Liu says:

    At least I know I can buy it! Way too much time!

  16. Nico Tineman says:

    Have you tried doing the heat gun to make the texture as one of the FIRST steps and added the lettering, etc. afterwards?

  17. absolutely bad ass….any thoughts on a wire foam cutter for some of the shaping?

  18. Jessica Burt says:

    How do u keep it straight for the lettering? My letters r not straight at all?!?! And what bit r u using?

  19. I just wrote the words free-hand, then I used regular sytrofoam, so instead of a tool, I used a silver sharpie which melted the foam. Then painted the whole with with flat white latex paint. When it dried, I sprayed it with granite fleck-stone paint. But yours look AMAZING. I'm going to re-do my graveyard this way next summer.

  20. So, once Halloween is over how do you store your tombstones? I think I made my bases larger than most storage bins.

  21. Mari Babette says:

    Need a top coat if they are to survive the weather

  22. Ryan Ashley says:

    So what method would you use to lock the tombstones down when they are in the yard so they dont blow away and fall over?

  23. I loved your video. I was inspired by it to also make two tombs. Halloween is going to be terrible this year. Thank you. Next year i will try the stone portal. Hello from France.

  24. DemonSkylier says:

    When you were done painting, did you put any sealer on it to protect the other paint from coming off in the rain?

  25. Matt Emond says:

    Awesome job and video! The only thing I wished you had was more information on how you created the stencils and how you secured them in your yard.

  26. I'm going to make my own tombstones with my kids using your awesome techniques which were inspired by VanOaksProps. I'm curious as to what font styles you used for the letters and numbers? I have a cricut machine that I plan on using just like you did but can't seem to find a good font.

  27. just4alarc says:

    How can you do the engraving if you don't own/can't afford/can't borrow a rotary tool?

  28. Tammy Case says:

    So we tried this for a 9th Grade School Project..
    Re all Fun to do!

  29. stev0mc says:

    If your like me and forgot to get gray Drylok. A spray can of Krylon fusion textured soapstone after the white Drylock will work pretty good.

  30. I made these this year, only I used a small projector to trace the outline for the lettering and graphics.

  31. Shelley Cook says:

    Great tutorial! What typeface do you use on your cricut to give that authentic tombstone lettering?

  32. Craft&Magic says:

    Look so real, bravo!! 👍😎

  33. when sticking the tombstone to the base….get a couple of old ballpoints or pencils and stab them into the base…remove them put some glue in the hole…stick them back in point up…put glue on the base as normal then offer up the stone press down onto the up turned pens/pencils.

  34. Good job!! But can you see all that detail from the street? 30 or so years ago I had no idea what I was doing and made my graveyard from 1/2 inch expanded foam. The size of the beads made them look old when cutting them out since they would just chip away. I used a black magic marker to letter them then sprayed a light coat of either black or grey krylon on them. The paint ait away the smooth surfaces and aged them. For more aging, I sprayed on more paint. They lasted for a dozen years!!! The front yard of the place I lived looked spooky enough on its own with its trees and shrubs. The tombstones lit by a blue floodlight completed the job and made the yard super eerie and spooky.

  35. What is the paint to water ratio?? I need help with that step. Thanks

  36. I have that gargoyle in the background

  37. FTW1207 says:

    Headstones 🪦

  38. alitlweird says:

    *use wooden dowels to mount the headstone to the base.

  39. Heather A says:

    You can use wooden skewers to hold the tombstones on the base while glue is drying.

  40. Chad Sanborn says:

    The heat gun to bubble the foam to make texture is a genius idea!

  41. Bambam NJ says:

    For your base. What you could do is get some 12" craft dowel rods. pre drill some holes in your top portion of the tombstone (on the bottom) maybe 3 rods (one in the center and then spit the difference between the center rod and the ends) glue one end of the rod and insert into your pre-drilled holes (don't push in too much, you don't want to crack the foam). once all three dowel rods are in the top, lay it onto the foam base and mark the three spots where the dowels will go into the base (remember you want these to be pretty much centered on the base). Now pre-drill the three holes. Cut the dowels to the appropriate depth to go into the base (slightly longer than your pre-drilled holes Glue and insert the rods, lining them up into the holes you made. This should give you a lot of strength between the top and base. You can also glue the top of the base before you push everything together.

  42. Great tutorial on tombstones. I added green moss around the bottom and side. It's in the fake flower section…🎃

  43. Great tutorial. How did you make the vinyl stencils?

  44. totally awesome headstones! but you could go further by making the base heaadstone generic (not words, just blank) and then using a projector to reflect different "deaths". 🙂 love your work!

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