How to Make a Grave Marker | diy grave decoration ideas |

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May 12, 2022
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How to Make a Grave Marker

How to Make a Grave Marker | diy grave decoration ideas |

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How to make a grave marker from a granite tile and some concrete.
Design Video:
16” pencil divider:

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diy grave decoration ideas



  1. i wouldn't be caught dead , having one these crap headstones.

  2. Muffin and Button passed same day how terrible for you 😢😢 your very clever

  3. So where did you get the plaques from?

  4. Welp, my dog squishy paws is about to die she got some disease that is uncurable i'll bury her myself

  5. I know this is a video from a while back, but I needed help on a project now and you were there for me. I lost my youngest brother unexpectedly (only 49 years old) just over a year ago and then my mom (82) a few weeks ago. I'm now the only one left of my family. Long story short: My brother was hiding from us that he'd been homeless for the past several years starting a year after his divorce and his ex-wife and minor sons were going to allow him to be put to rest by the county in a pauper's grave. We were able to convince them to let us claim his body and bury him in a simple ceremony in the family plot, but there was no money for a headstone yet. Then "the virus" happened and my mom fell ill. She had a pre-paid plan, but still my brother has no marker. During her graveside service I made a promise to at least mark his grave until I could get a proper headstone. He was a down-to-earth and simple man who always appreciated my limited talents in crafting and woodwork. I know he'd love that I made this for him. It's hard to get through typing this for you because I can't stop crying. A big reason for my tears is from gratitude. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent with the rest of us. You/ve given me the confidence I needed. I can do this and it will be beautifully meaningful. Thank you.

  6. Numa Newbern says:

    SO, what is the TIME STAMP in the presentation about the actual engraving of the plate with info??? Did YOU do that? & what is the black plate material??

  7. J CENTENO says:

    Where did you got the tile

  8. J B says:

    Thank You so much for this Video. I would love to make one for my mom who recently passed.

  9. bobzthecat says:

    any concrete that goes outside needs to be sealed

  10. wheres the first part

  11. Baby Boo says:

    Love it, Great job.

  12. Thank you🤝5/20

  13. Thanks for this video.

  14. Great video. You made it look so easy.

  15. This is very helpful! Thank you!

  16. Dave Notyerb says:

    A sheet of glass would give you a very smooth finish as well. Just something to consider if you don’t have access to a piece of rubber.

  17. what kind of machine was that used to cut out a round imprint on block of wood? Is there a hand held device that one can use to cut out circles or odd shapes of wood?

  18. Wow they are beautiful. The tile with the names on it really make this look amazing. I’m going to watch your other video now where u used the tile. Amazing job tho!!!

  19. M76 P19 says:

    Awesome job 👍🏻

  20. Will Winn says:

    Sorry for your loss ,
    Great tutorial ..

  21. My dog is getting old, and I want to plan ahead. This helps out a lot. Thank you

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