60 Second Drape Tie for Rectangular Tablecloths | picnic table decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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60 Second Drape Tie for Rectangular Tablecloths

60 Second Drape Tie for Rectangular Tablecloths | picnic table decorating ideas | 55designers.com

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Have you ever had a rectangular tablecloth with pointed corners that you were unsure how to style? Decorate your next event like a pro with our easy, one minute drape tie trick!

Drape tying your rectangular tablecloth will keep those pesky corners away while giving you a tidy look. It’s the perfect alternative to tucking in your tablecloth corners, which can be easily undone during the course of an event. The drape tying method not only gives your table a clean and professional look, but it also keeps your linen cleaner as it’s less likely to be stepped on by guests. This tablecloth hack is especially handy for guest tables, buffet tables, cake tables, or any area that will receive a high amount of traffic during your event.

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0:00 – Intro
0:08 – About the Drape Tie
0:41 – How to Drape Tie Rectangular Tablecloths
1:34 – Outro

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  1. Genius. I can't wait to use this tip.

  2. Fran Busi says:

    What a great fix for a problem I was going to be facing

  3. I would like to know how you drape a plastic table cloths?

  4. Has anyone here ordered from cv linens?

  5. Engraved. says:

    This is brilliant!!!

  6. Jane Smith says:

    I had to watch this more than once! lol

  7. Vibrant 05 says:

    What kind of material is that table cloth?

  8. There is a beautiful Hall to Hire for your event in Coventry


  9. Gostei bastante e vou aplicar ! Muito obrigada por compartilhar!

  10. wow!Now that's very informative.. thanks ♥️

  11. That tablecloth tying was amazing it was so simple and beautiful I will be doing that on my next event which will be coming up in August thank you for that tutorial simple and elegant and beautiful

  12. Toni Stevens says:

    Just in time for my daughter's wedding! Thank u!

  13. M Morris says:

    Wow easy and simple! Thanks

  14. Farah Dina says:

    From where to buy this kind of table cloth XXlarg

  15. Moni Morales says:

    Hola podrias hacer un video indicando las medidas de la mesa y las medidas de la tela a usar? Gracias

  16. Alistair D. says:

    hi CV Linens how long is this table and this cloth?

  17. very creative more imformative

  18. Maria Garcia says:

    I love it! 👍🏻

  19. Anu Bow says:

    What type of cloth this ???

  20. Que grande Ronaldinho ahora se dedica a hacer fiestas de 15

  21. Waaao such a handsome young man. God bless you and continue the beautiful work

  22. arlene sauli says:

    how many yard used on this table

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